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Avatar f tn I think I found an answer to my question on the COBRA web site: "Pre-existing conditionsSome health insurance companies cut their costs by invoking something called a "pre-existing condition" clause. The notion of a pre-existing condition makes sense when you're talking about car insurance: your windshield was cracked before you bought your coverage, so you can't expect the insurance company to replace it once your policy is in force.
Avatar f tn I have healrh, dental and vision insurance through work but I was still approved for Medicaid. It goes by income, not current coverage so that's expecially helpful if you're like me and are having a really hard time working because of fatigue and such. They will access or request your pay stubs to go off of what you are really making in a pay period.
Avatar n tn I don't about others but [url=http://www.mnui.
Avatar f tn Oh it is and it comes with health insurance complete dental, medical,vision, 401k, vacation days! Major plus with the vacation days cuz i am due in 38 days! It feels real good to know that living pay check to pay check and stretching that to max is over!
714288 tn?1243254191 I went to the medical trials site and for me it is hard to tell where they are and what I qualify for. I know so far I am genotype 1A and that is about it. I had a ultra sound which came back normal, if that means anything. I have just been having so many symptoms that I thought was fibromyalgia but now I find out it is probably the hep. Stomach discomfort, pain in joints, itchy skin, headache shooting pains. IT is just so much to comprehend and learn about.
Avatar f tn This probably an absurd question but I was wondering if something like this is covered on my insurance if I didn’t treat it? Not medical insurance but life and disability? I have not been to the doctor.
Avatar n tn care for your teeth/gums is usually considered dental care and will be covered by you detnal insurance only, regardless of other systemic conditions one may have. You are right when you say gingivitis and diabetes are related, but just because you have diabetes does not mean your gingivitis stems from it. most adults have gingivitis, which is a mild inflammation of the gum tissue. It should be able to be addressed within the parameters of your $1000 maximum. treatment is not that involved.
Avatar f tn If your insurance asks you if you have a condition and you said nothing it is fraud. Medical never comes up with my car insurance. Heck my mom had the same insurance and drove with her right hand 90% disabled, cataracts, a bad hip, on oxygen, and loaded on pain killers. She had accidents all the time and the insurance covered her. I was amazed when she could barely make it into DMV and they did not bat an eye renewing her license. No eye or road test.
Avatar m tn I recently broke a molar in my lower right quadrant, my dentist is recommending a root canal and a crown. My insurance company called me today to say it will not be approved because I'm over 21 yrs. I'm 56 year old female with no other dental issues. Doctors, what gives with this company? Is this normal and what can I do about it? Anyone else who have been through this issue and can offer some insight, I would appreciate your comments.
Avatar f tn s actually a luxury to have dental and medical needs met. Insurance is so expensive and not many can afford it and medicaid is so limited. What's a person to do??? It is cruel to keep proper treatment from patients who can't afford it.
743063 tn?1232667064 I had my wisdom teeth pulled about 10 years ago and , the bottom right one has kept swelling up and hurting over the years and the other day I felt a little somthing sticking out of it and pulled it out with tweezers and now there is a huge hole there and it hurts like the day it was pulled ! What could this be ? And what should I do ? I still feel like somthing is in there but I am afraid to poke around .
Avatar f tn What state do you live ?
649848 tn?1534633700 This was genuine, full-on universal medical, dental, and nursing home care, to be paid for through a dedicated income tax. President Roosevelt was believed to be supportive but his death in April 1945 derailed the legislation for a time, and support in Congress weakened. The Wagner-Murray-Dingell bill's prospects brightened considerably in 1949, however, when President Truman threw his full support behind it after his 1948 election. And that's when the Lenin quote surfaced.
Avatar n tn it covers everything my baby, me, dental and vision..and all i had to do was send in 2 months worth of pay stubs and fill out a paper..good luck to all of you!
2063887 tn?1337829746 The oral surgeon did a dental implant for me almost two weeks ago. Since then my left arm has been completely tingly, my balance is off and my vision is also off. It's not nearly as bad as my last flare was in October 2011, but I had just had my second Tysabri infusion and was feeling pretty darn good. I'm not sure if I should call my neuro or just try to ride it out. I have acupuncture on Saturday and that usually helps my symptoms a little. I'm just not sure what to do.
Avatar n tn I think that your history of tooth decay dictates the amount and frequency of x-rays that are needed. That being said it is vitaly important that your periodondal condition must be monitored regularly. In my practice I take a full mouth series every 5 years. I don't think you can treat your health that being both medical and dental by the insurance you have or don't have. You are doing yourself a disservice.The least expensive dentistry is preventive dentistry.
Avatar f tn and now is ready to have something permanent done. I am a single parent that works full time I have dental and medical insurance but still cannot afford this.
Avatar n tn So i been 3 day with a toothache. my whole left side is swollen i can't eat i can't talk i cabt eveb turn my head to the side cause it hurts me I'm 15 wks pregnant and i have a problem w my insurance is from.NY and in the state that i live now the doc don't accept it cause is out of state i have and appoitment to chanqe it on November 6 with out that i can't have a prenatal care.
Avatar n tn Your request will be sent to a staff member who specializes in helping people who are seeking insurance help. He is a wealth of information and may have some info on help in your local area (you will have to give him the name of your city and state in your request).
Avatar m tn Hello. I am a physician in a singapore hospital and yesterday i received a man that i will treat for a state mental impairment. Without health insurance this patient will die. Unfortunaltly he doesn't have a medical insurance. Do you have some advices to give about which health insurance will be the best for him?
Avatar f tn ve been on subxone for 3 years its very expensive and i do not have insurance. For 2 years i paid a doctor 200$ a month plus another 100$ for the script. Me and my boyfriend are on it so that's a grand total of 600$ a month. I could not afford it no more but it works and was keeping up clean so what i did to fix this problem was drop my self from the program and now my boyfriend just goes and we share his script i know its bad but i don't want to go back to using again.
620877 tn?1282764097 I work for a small company and I do not have those benefits, medical, dental, etc. I am fortunate that my husbands medical insurance is so comprehensive. I spoke to an insurance broker about my situation: not diagnosed, but being investigated and that my neuro is highly suspicious that I have MS.