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Avatar n tn Right now we are on cobra GHI( extension from my previous work place) but they are asking me to change to EMPIRE PPO or EPO since they will not have GHI. I did not have dental and vision coverage previously but even if I want it they are saying they cannot add it. They are also asking for a one year committment. My questions: Is there any individualized plans with not very high premium and good coverage in NY?
Avatar f tn I have healrh, dental and vision insurance through work but I was still approved for Medicaid. It goes by income, not current coverage so that's expecially helpful if you're like me and are having a really hard time working because of fatigue and such. They will access or request your pay stubs to go off of what you are really making in a pay period.
Avatar n tn ll be able to see a mobile dental service for low-income or people without dental insurance. So, if I get accepted, I'll be able to get my teeth checked until then I'm out of luck.
Avatar m tn I am so far a healthy 43 year old/m in pa. I am trying to decide which health insurance plan will be good for my situation and I am looking for some opinions here. This Month my group plan ends and I can take cobra but there is no financial benefit to taking my same PPO plan which gives me to price break for being unemployed. So I am trying to look at this at a meaningful way. Since my PPO was $475/m plue $29 dental I just cant be paying that on my own now.
Avatar f tn Also, see if there is a birth center near you. I know our local BC has options for families with no insurance. The total out of pocket to deliver there and be seen throughout the pregnancy is about $4500 compared to 3x that amount about the hospital.
1530342 tn?1405016490 com/id/48000032/ns/health-health_care/ The Supreme Court Thursday upheld the 2010 federal health care law, dismissing the challenge by states to the law’s requirement that individuals get insurance. The justices, however, did give states the right to opt out of a critical provision requiring them to expand Medicaid programs for the poor and disabled.
Avatar n tn it covers everything my baby, me, dental and vision..and all i had to do was send in 2 months worth of pay stubs and fill out a paper..good luck to all of you!
Avatar f tn Today many dental implants are safe for use in individuals suffering from autoimmune disorders. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar m tn the biggest thing I see Ive wondered continuously about is when are they going to acknowledge everyone as individuals and not drug addicts. I cant understand how difficult this can be. but maybe its just me seeing this?
Avatar n tn hi, i don't have any dental insurance so I need to pick and choose which tests and procedures at the dentist are really needed. I ask you this because I hope to find unbiased opinion. Last time I skipped the peridontal xray, but got the cavity xray and cleaning...he found 2 tiny cavities that ran me $400 out of my pocket but later a hygenist said maybe that wasn't necessary as the decay could have been reversed... So what do I "really" need..
Avatar f tn Oh it is and it comes with health insurance complete dental, medical,vision, 401k, vacation days! Major plus with the vacation days cuz i am due in 38 days! It feels real good to know that living pay check to pay check and stretching that to max is over!
Avatar n tn I have dental insurance but as we all know the coverage has been less and less over the past few years so I looked into dental discount programs. Did you know that some dental providers will accept both insurance and a dental discount plan togeather? It took me about 5 phone calls but I know it was worth it. On my first visit I had 3-cavitys filled. The cost after my insurance was $144. factor in the dental discount plan and my out of pocket cost was only $14!!! Check it out at http://www.
Avatar n tn I am disabled on Original Medicare, have no intent to buy private insurance... I am wondering, is it possible for an individual to get real, stand alone dental insurance? Everything I've looked at caps yearly benefits at $1,000 or so which is completely insulting considering the premiums are close to half of that. Where can you buy dental insurance that gives you "REAL" coverage?
2063887 tn?1337829746 The oral surgeon did a dental implant for me almost two weeks ago. Since then my left arm has been completely tingly, my balance is off and my vision is also off. It's not nearly as bad as my last flare was in October 2011, but I had just had my second Tysabri infusion and was feeling pretty darn good. I'm not sure if I should call my neuro or just try to ride it out. I have acupuncture on Saturday and that usually helps my symptoms a little. I'm just not sure what to do.
Avatar f tn I think I found an answer to my question on the COBRA web site: "Pre-existing conditionsSome health insurance companies cut their costs by invoking something called a "pre-existing condition" clause. The notion of a pre-existing condition makes sense when you're talking about car insurance: your windshield was cracked before you bought your coverage, so you can't expect the insurance company to replace it once your policy is in force.
Avatar f tn ( i feel for you guys in the us of a. Haven't got any insurance issues here.
Avatar n tn t qualify for government sponsored health/dental insurance you can get a low cost dental from I just signed up so I can't tell you if they're good. But they have many dentists under their plan. See this link: $22.20 a month. Not bad.
Avatar f tn It depends on the state that you live... in Arizona Medicaid doesn't cover any vision or dental work for adults unless it is an emergency (like something going to make a person blind or an abscess tooth)... other states cover more.. but it all depends on the state and a persons age.
Avatar m tn Hello, I can't remember the last time I was at the dentist but at the time the dentist said I had no cavities. Now I'm 21 and I have a cavity in on of my top molars. I don't know what to do, I don't have dental insurance and I really don't have the money to get it fixed. I don't want to wait any longer and have it get any worse but I don't have the extra arm and a leg the dentists charge.
Avatar f tn I did go to the SS office when I received a notice that I had Medicare Part A, which they automatically enroll you in after 24 mths. of Cobra, but I elected not to pick up Part B, as my Cobra covered Dental, Vision and Health. At this time again, I was not told that I had to sign up for Part B. My Insurance Company received and cashed all of my payments. Obviously someone dropped the ball and I assume that it was my Ins. Co.~~or possibly, Medicare just found it.
Avatar m tn This is a discount plan, not dental insurance. Unfortunately many dentists choose not to participate in it.
Avatar f tn Hey Sarah I too am a college student looking for health insurance, I was curios to know what you chose and what worked for you. Also did you add dental to your health insurance, I cant find many quotes with both to know how much together they would cost.