Lump above outer ankle bone

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Avatar n tn i have a big lump on my top pubic vagina bone the lump is about a two piece big and it moves when touched what shall i do has anyone else had this please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Without any further description, the EMT put his finger right on the lump and told me I had arthritis of the hyoid bone. He gave me some anti-inflamaty drugs. While I was relieved that the EMT recognized my symptoms, I have occasional doubts that something more serious is going on. It really helps me to have you all reporting the same symptoms and concluding its the hyoid bone. I never had any trauma to the neck.
Avatar n tn On my right shin about 6 inches above my ankle. It is on the left outer side of my shin bone. My lump is about the size of a half dollar, and it is soft. I have had it for a little over a month, and it just started aching this week. Like you stated, I feel like I am having shin splint pains. Let me know if you find anything out. I am going to the doctor tomorrow because it has become pretty painful.
Avatar n tn My concern now is that I still have some ankle pain I also damaged the Talus bone which is the ankle bone. It's a sharp pain at times and the swelling still comes and goes. I went back to work this week and it was rough. It felt good untill I got home and put my feet up at the end of the day it stiffened right up! I'm afarid that there is something else tissue related that's messed up in there I'm going to wait it out before I persue other avenues.
Avatar f tn Hi. Since April I have had pain above my left breast. It's not constantly there, but it comes and goes. Sometimes it feels like a burning pain, other times it feels like a cramp. I've also felt it in my armpit at times and it will also creep up over my shoulder. Although I VERY RARELY feel it on the right side, it DOES happen once in awhile. But for the most part it's been my left side.
Avatar n tn After I had finished reading the other post, I decided that I had held this long enough, when I took the cloth from the lump I noticed that there was a lot of brown puss coming from the lump. I am so glad that I found this site and that you all have had the same problem, being that I don't have any insurance I haven't been to the doctor for this. Now I am wondering how long it will be before the lump is completely gone since the puss has begun. Please help me.
1524304 tn?1326400574 At home I looked at it and there wasn't big bruise, just really tiny purple-ish spot right above outer ankle bone of my right foot. It was bit painful to walk and move the foot. Next day the bruising was nearly disappeared but mild pain and sensitiveness to that area stayed. Then I noticed a tiny lump on that spot, I think there is some tendons on that area. Now almost four weeks later I still feel tender spot, where I hit the ankle, when I touch it.
471354 tn?1221065794 1st MVA 1988 - fracture cervical chip failed, severe tissue tears neck, lumbar, L shoulder. 3mo hospital - full Somi brace, rigid collar 6mo+. 9mo off work.1993 fusion C3-C6, breathing stopped post-op. [eventually 1995 Spinal Unit did reconstructive CT, showed fusion failure, marked opacity, upper screws out - surgery at time too risky.
Avatar n tn It happens about 2x a day, lasts a few seconds and it has moved around my body. Started in the left wrist, went to the left knee, then ankle, and the over to the right knee. Now it's been happening behind my right thigh for about 2 weeks. Very strange.
Avatar n tn All was going well till new physio decidedlast week to do very painful strong massage to 'get rid of all the fluid' in my ankle/leg!!! Straight away cold water feeling going down outer calf to ankle/foot and this has stayed all week. So I see the ankle specialist again tomorrow and will be very interested to see what his opinion is as he referred me to the physio!
Avatar f tn A very intense, sharp, brief pain just as said above (glass,nails,screws,chipped bone,knife) it knocked me on my back as I lied clueless on the floor. This pain was so sudden and intense that you could almost visualize the penetration of a foreign objet into the knee, but to my surprise there was nothing there, and the pain had gone away as fast as it had come.
Avatar n tn Numbness and burning and itchy. It started out the size of a quarter just above my knee cap during my last pregnancy. Docs said it would go away after I delivered because most likely a nerve was being pressed on...Needless to say it did not go away, and has only been progressivley getting worse. It now starts just above the knee cap and covers almost the whole upper thigh in numbness or anything on the back of my leg.
Avatar n tn tearing in the outside of my left foot, real close to the ankle bone. This is always in pain since I bend my foot to move and walk. The pain has begun moving into my calf. I found this forum quite by chance. I'll keep my fingers crossed that somebody will be properly diagnosed and will post their prognosis.
Avatar n tn The pain is deep, achy, and at times throbbing, except for the on the cheeks, which can sometimes feel like a stabbing at the top of my cheek bone or the bottom of my eye socket, can't tell which it would be. I also feel twitching sensations at the tip of my nose and sometimes in my eyelid. Occasionally my cheek will just go numb, as if it's gone asleep. It will stay like that for about 5 minutes, and I can still move my face when it happens.
Avatar n tn Then 2 days later it disappeared and I was fine for a full 24 hours. The day after that, the arch of my feet and each ankle had the same exact feeling. It hurt to touch but even when I wasn't touching it, there was still a pain. But it felt like I had either pulled something or i had bruised myself (which Im not ruling out either, because Im quiet clumsy). The next day It was my right shoulder and 3 days later (now) its my left wrist and thumb. Its driving me crazy.
Avatar n tn Most recent dr noticed decreased strength in my right ankle as well, I cannont flex my right foot for very long or very high. Other problems maybe related or not: chronic constipation, decreased feeling but not numbness in right finger tips and toes. Sometimes I feel "cold splashes of water" like a spray bottle of cold water on my legs. Sometimes on front of thighs, sometimes on back. Not pins and needles, but just brief feeling of cold water spray.
Avatar n tn I started having slight back pains and now I am having pains in my left side and my lower pelvic bone seems to be hurting it seems to bother me more when I sit and the pain goes into my back and my left leg will hurt also and here lately my left upper part of my back into my neck is hurting,,,,I did fall back in oct. while I was walking and then about 3 weeks ago I fell down my steps go to my basement and it seems like my left side took most of the hit...
Avatar n tn front spinal fusion with a chip from my right hip and a cadavor bone too and have been in pain ever since. About a week after I was sent home, I ended up back in the hospital in extreme pain in my back and legs. They fed me morphine (which was the time) but then nothing else was done. The tests showed nothing and they sent me home a few days after Christmas 2005.
Avatar n tn I had cervical surgery on August 28th. 8 screws, 2 pins and bone fusion on 5 of my 7 cervical discs. I am on no meds but I have this really strange feeling that I might be having a reaction to the titanium. At no certain times, during no certain functions I get like this brain fuzz/fog (sort of electrical buzz) that lasts for only a second or two. During some of them there is a chemical/metal type smell that only I smell. Has ANYONE else had this.
Avatar n tn At this point, I am reasonably sure that a nerve is spasming for some reason and the possible causes of the spasms are brain farts (epileptic like events or migrain like events) of some sort, a bone spur, muscle tension, a blood clot that acts like a bone spur by impinging the nerve somehow. I notice that there are micro muscle movements when I am at rest that could trigger the nerve. If I think of skiing, for example, I may trigger a micromuscle movement and thus the nerve pain.
Avatar f tn said) i hit my upper ankle on a stool 2 times same place ended up with a hard lump bruise. hurt for months then got an itchy small rash on it and it went in an upside down triangle. itched for a few days then no itching but i still have the rash and the bruise is still there just not as dark as it was when first got it. the rash isn't as bad as it was before. just small red dots. glad i am not alone in bruising with a rash.
Avatar n tn A chiro is not good , you need to see one of them bone setter . it really works folks! Also ask somebody to use their elbo and to massage the area by pressing and stretching this muscle.
Avatar n tn Mine happens always at night and wakes me up. It happens in a small section of the lower back just above the tail bone. The first couple times it happened it scared the **** out of me and it actually felt like I was laying on my cell phone and it starting to ring on vibrate. This was not just a small twinge of vibration but strong, strong enough to wake me up.
Avatar n tn bone heales in 6-8 weeks. u dont think ur tendon healed yet? u dont need a brace. use ur leg. its gona take a year about to get 90-100% better. u keep wearing a brace and baby ur leg. ur never gona return full use/motion in ur leg. or at least not any time soon. if u want, take ur time gettin better. hey, its ur body.
798555 tn?1292791151 Referred pain simply means pain felt in a different area from its true origin. Knee, ankle and shoulder pain is usually from tight muscles (nearby or far) pulling on a joint, so that's where you feel it. Loosening the muscle (if it wont stretch) via acupressure or trigger point release can relieve joint and muscle pain. What brings this up was a recent experience of "burning feet" (new to me and very wierd) from FT4 under the range (totally off) which resulted in a 58 tsh.
251991 tn?1239299630 Muscle fasciculations are constant (only present during rest) muscle/joint pain and numbenss has subsided some but flares and is intense for short periods in my legs mostly. Also having hard time swallowing (lump in my throat feeling) and my voice is hoarse/weak with an occasional sore throat. Also experiencing facial tingling and numbness that comes and goes. My endo swears nothing is wrong with my thyroid because blood work would show it. Since MS has been ruled out ...
Avatar f tn Also common side effects of Lexapro, as well as other anti-depressants, which can cause muscular and joint tension. Also could be caused by something else, as mentioned above, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Or not. But yes, they can all be caused by anxiety as well.
Avatar n tn i just started experiencing this and it is exactly like a cell phone vibrating just above my pubic bone. mine is quite regular, happens about every 10-15 seconds for about 1-3 seconds. I am 46, have 3 kids and have had a mirena for 2 years. i have never used a vibrator or had an std. because im one of those who keep my cell phone either in my back pocket or coat pocket, im really wondering if it is related to the phone.