Lower back pain while sleeping

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Avatar f tn 33wks & I cannot sleep tonight due to terrible lower back pain, I can't tell if it's because my hips hurt because they need to pop (laying in the same positions at night are wearing on them) it's going into my lower back tho, it's that or if it's the position of the baby but boy am I over it. My husband is sleeping because he has to be up early for work so I got up for a while and it feels better to be in a siting position. Anyone else having this same issue?
Avatar f tn Poor posture while sleeping, sitting on computers or jobs for a long time, uneven bed, exposure of back to cold air while sleeping can cause a discomfort for a few days. Take a multivitamin, plenty of fluids, and an OTC analgesic. Apply a local analgesic and apply a heating pad and see if it helps. If this does not help, consult a neurologist. A MRI of the spine will be definitely required. The treatment is to remove the compression.
503444 tn?1210341950 I suffer from lower back pain occassionally and I was trying to find out if it was kidney related. However, I noticed that after drinking plenty of water it goes away. I do not feel pain sitting down but it is mostly when I try to get up that I can not not get my back straight quickly. I came to conclude that some allergy to some foods causes the tendons or ligaments to stiffen up causing disconfort. Tolerance to some foods may be limited and the symptons can come in different forms.
Avatar f tn After a day or so resting a managed to walk on it but since coming home i have contant lower back pain,shooting pains down both my buttocks ,legs &tingling in my toes. I can move my legs fine when no weight on them but after walking for a few miniutes or going up or down hills or stairs i am in terrible pain in my lower back.When in bed i can lay on my right side but after a short while i get a burning sensation in my hip so i am not sleeping to well...
Avatar n tn Poor posture while sleeping, sitting on computers or jobs for a long time, uneven bed, exposure of back to cold air while sleeping can cause a discomfort for a few days. Please consult a neurologist. A MRI of the spine is definitely required. When you go to ER, get this assessed too. A slipped disc if present needs prompt treatment. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Ive been having horrible lower back pain. Any cheap way to relieve it? Already have a brace, sleep on my left side, have a pregnancy pillow and a wedge.
Avatar m tn m having pain in my Thoracic region as well. My lower back pain could be the result of my regular exercises in past as I used to do gymnastics but now the pain in the upper region has surprised me a lot. I don't know if it's just because of the unusual sleeping patterns or something else. I would reallly appreciate it if you can give me a hint about it being just a regular pain or a symptom to some kind of disease. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I am a 40 year old female. I have constant lower back pain on my left side when I am sleeping, and am able to get temporary relief, sometimes, after I urinate. It is severe enough to interrupt my sleep and recently is causing me to have night sweats. I have a doctors appointment in a month, and the general belief is that I might have urine backing up into my kidney. I have had these symptoms for a while and have been told that I do not have an infection, or a stone.
Avatar f tn Since reuniting in I have experienced severe lower back pain that comes and goes. Also am having more discharge than normal. Have been treated for a "suspected UTI" and he is also having very severe lower back pain. I was also diagnosed with strain B strep about a month ago and took medicine accordingly (probably unrelated). However he and I both are also experiencing headaches, and he (Ive noticed) pees more often? And I recently have discomfort while having sex.
Avatar n tn Hey ladies..im 5.month pregnant. .and im Getting lower pain it.comes and go ..no bleeding or nothing..it happens mostly when i go to bed.any one experienceing the same..and.
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy/child and the back pain is out of control! The first pregnancy was good, easy,no problems and now this time around I'm having horrible lower back pain. Does anyone else have this or have experienced this? Does it last long? I'm already exhausted and now I'm not sleeping? Any ideas remedies suggestions to help? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have really bad lower back pain just went for a massage to make it better now I feel worse im 12 weeks 6 days what should.I do ?
9597762 tn?1413209025 But now that im 39 weeks its uncomfortable baby is to big she hurts my lower back when I lay on my back so now I sleep on my side with pillow between my knees and ankles
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do for lower back pain besides a heating pad(I don't have one yet) I can barely walk it hurts so bad. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn I was then diagnosed with overian cysyts which were removed 7 weeks ago but am still getting this pain. it is also in my lower back and across my hips my right buttock, top of my right thigh and sore on the outside of both hips. pain gets so bad that my right leg gives way at times. I had an injection into my right thigh for the pain a week ago but made the pain worse in my right buttock causing pain to sit down, its bad enough that I cant stand for long periods of time.
344397 tn?1235577228 I am at 26 weeks and have terrible back pain especially when sleeping. I use a pregnancy pillow and other pillows but that is not helping. I switch from left to right side through out the night. During the day I feel throbing in my lower back and at night I have this sharp pain in my side that is just unbearable...The throbbing I feel like if I cough, go to the bathroom or sometimes just sitting...
977540 tn?1248378757 when i stand still for about 10-15 mins my back starts to hurt and makes it feel that its hard to breath i touch my spine and when i push gently on it my back feels bruised and hurts for a while after touching i also have problems sleeping because it hurts what could be causing the back problems please let me know
6562593 tn?1391182775 I have extreme pain in my back and hip area mostly while I sleep. (or try to ). I am a side sleeper and can not sleep on my back. I have tried, by wake myself up with my snoring :) During the day the pain in my back is not so bad and the hips don't bother me too much either. It seems to me that the pressure of laying on my sides is causing this pain. I have gone to my Dr. and he has ordered a x-ray of my lumbar spine. I will get results on Monday.
Avatar m tn For the last two years or so I have had back pain before and after sleeping. My back is fine throughout the day but 30 seconds or so after lying down in bed, I feel a very uncomfortable 'nipping' in my lower thoracic spine. After changing position several times the pain subsides and allows me to fall asleep however 6 hours later I wake up with worse pain in the same area and cannot fall back asleep without having to get up and stretch my back for 5-10 minutes.
Avatar f tn The curve of the lower back gets extended unduly and there is stress on the neck muscles as well, for those that like to rest on their stomach, thus triggering off back pain while sleeping. The ideal sleeping position to be maintained for all suffering from back pain is one that allows the natural curves of the spine to be supported while sleeping. Although I understand you have a very nice mattress, it may require you to purchase a different type like that of memory foam.
Avatar f tn I too am experiencing back pain, esp in the lower region. I thought it was a little strange as well. It's uncomfortable to sleep. What works for me is not sleeping on soft mattresses. My bed is a memory foam bed, I sleep on the couch now it's a lot more firm and it really helps.
Avatar f tn However i expected lower back pain. Im haveing really strong pain in my upper.back right between my sholder blades. Im trying to figure out how to sleep to relieve it.
Avatar f tn I'm going on 27 weeks and its my first pregnancy, starting a couple weeks ago I've had lower back pain almost near my tailbone and pain in my left labia. It hurts the worst when I change my sleeping positions in the middle of the night and especially when getting out of bed first thing in the morning. I've read it could have to do with the baby pushing down on something or laying on something a certain way which causes the labia pain? It also hurts when I walk alot.
Avatar f tn I was having real bad lower back pain at 10weeks. Make sure you're sleeping comfortably. Also rest your back as much as possible.