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Avatar m tn 54yr old female,have had this chronic lower back pain that radiates to hip area.I do have arthritis in lower back and hip,but the meds for it does nothing.I stretch every night before bed and every morning before getting out to no avail.I look like I'm 90 yrs old after a pain full ten minutes of trying to get out of bed.I have to inhale to stand up straight(omg the pain) but once I pee and get into kitchen for coffee I'm fine.The only doctor I haven't seen is a nerve doctor.
Avatar f tn About 6 months ago I started waking up at silly hours of the night with my lower back all tight and very uncomfortable and sore the only was to stop this was to get up and walk around for half an our, then it was as if I had nothing wrong with me and my day would be normal apart from tiredness as I'd been up since silly o'clock, at first was every now and then, now it's everyday. I thought may be bed but come to realise its not as happens where ever I sleep ie sofer, friends bed.
Avatar f tn Then try to slowly lift back starting from lower back, but let ur upper back still touching the bed. It should relieve pressure of lower back. A massage therapist taught me that...also get a good prenatal massage...
Avatar f tn OK I'm 6 weeks and already experiencing lower back pain. Mainly when I lay down in bed, or on the couch. I can sort if feel it when sitting up, and if I stretch a way. Is this normal at such an early stage? Is anyone else experiencing this?? I have a prenatal massage on Saturday and can't wait!
Avatar f tn I ended up getting a pregnancy pillow which I like but it makes it hard getting in and out of bed!! Try to put a pillow between your knees if you can to alleviate the pain, hopefully this helps!
Avatar f tn I'm a ftm and I'm 7 weeks 5 days I went to bed lastnight with quite bad back pain which felt better when I was laying down but this morning I have woke up in agony with it I can't get up out if bed without being in pain and I can't bend down at all. I don't no weather to phone my gp or not as I have never been in so much agony with my back.
403156 tn?1290150018 My foot has been sore for several months and I figured I was probably walking on it strangely and that might have caused the pain in my back. Out of nowhere today, I got an extreme pain in my lower back. I cannot stand up straight and it hurts to walk, particularly when I take a step with my left leg. I am kind of leaning to the right and people at work commented this - I ultimately had to go home early.
Avatar f tn i had that and everyone told me it was the baby and to drink water so i put it off and it kept getting worse i let it get so bad i could not get out of bed i had a kidney infection its bad for the baby and i was in the hospital for 3 days cause of it i would highly recomend going to a doc. drink water and cranbery juice it also helps prevint uti's if the juice tastes bad try using half juice and half water.
Avatar f tn After a day or so resting a managed to walk on it but since coming home i have contant lower back pain,shooting pains down both my buttocks ,legs &tingling in my toes. I can move my legs fine when no weight on them but after walking for a few miniutes or going up or down hills or stairs i am in terrible pain in my lower back.When in bed i can lay on my right side but after a short while i get a burning sensation in my hip so i am not sleeping to well...
Avatar f tn 33wks & I cannot sleep tonight due to terrible lower back pain, I can't tell if it's because my hips hurt because they need to pop (laying in the same positions at night are wearing on them) it's going into my lower back tho, it's that or if it's the position of the baby but boy am I over it. My husband is sleeping because he has to be up early for work so I got up for a while and it feels better to be in a siting position. Anyone else having this same issue?
Avatar n tn Take a long warm bath before going to bed and when you get to bed ask your partner to rub it for you if its bad through the day have it rubbed too im 25w and have terrible back pain due to medical reasons I cantttake my medication because of the pregnancy some days I cant get out of bed or move through pain its just one of those things we have to deal with im afraid
7891785 tn?1397532007 Im having SERIOUS lower back pain.. lets see if i can describe this and it make sence. Keep in mind im only 11 wks, so obviously not any type of labor pains. But it kind of feel like knots and a TIGHT feeling. I guess kind of like it needs to be popped. Ive tried "popping" my lower back, but its just not happening. It hurts the worst when i lay on my back and when i go from lying down to sitting up. Is there anything i can do or anyone would suggest? Ive tried ice and heat aslo.
Avatar f tn I was diagnose with Hashi, I've been increasingly getting bad lower back pain and lately even worse, I wake up from it.
Avatar f tn hello I was just wondering if it was normal to have extremly bad lower back pain due to spinal stenosis? It seems to hurt the worst when I walk or sit on the floor for more than 5 minutes. The pain is almost unbarable even with percocet 10/325 in my system. The pain meds seem to wear off about an 2 hours after I take them. I just want to know if the pain i am experiencing is normal for my condition.
Avatar f tn Well, about a week ago, my right leg has had a sharp pain from my lower back, all the down my right side, into my lower thigh. It hurts to bear weigh on it, it hurts to lift my leg onto my bed, it hurts to do anything. I had said something to my Dr about this pain and she brushed it off and told me exercise or I can get on my hands and needs and rock back and forth.... Yeah f'ing right.. I'm a salesfloor manager for Walmart..
Avatar n tn Hey ladies..im 5.month pregnant. .and im Getting lower pain it.comes and go ..no bleeding or nothing..it happens mostly when i go to bed.any one experienceing the same..and.
Avatar m tn I just observed, after sex, I have lower back pain... Most sex I do from the back with left hand on d bed... What best position do I take to avoid back pain?
1807132 tn?1318743597 I have managed the pain in my back when it gets thrown out but I have never had the numbness and tingling outside of exercise and I have never almost passed out because of it so I have become a bit concerned about it. I do not have great insurance at the moment and i know back surgery does not always help so I have been trying to avoid it but wonder if these new symptoms mean I need to seek medical help.
Avatar f tn We went to the emergency room and they took some x-rays and she has a few cracks in her ribs (not exactly fractures but cracks)... She now has excruciating pain getting into bed and getting out of bed and the pain feels like stabbing, drawing, and poking with a knife. The pain goes down her legs and thighs... If she sits and does not move then it is okay.... Please advise.
Avatar f tn It hurts the worst when I change my sleeping positions in the middle of the night and especially when getting out of bed first thing in the morning. I've read it could have to do with the baby pushing down on something or laying on something a certain way which causes the labia pain? It also hurts when I walk alot. Is anyone else having this kind of pain or have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I posted earlier about having lower right back pain. I have a cyst on my right ovary and multiple cysts on my right kidney as well. and after my lower right part of my stomach stopped hurting is when my back started hurting I decided to wait it out to see if it would go away on it's on, but now it's starting to get worse, the pain is getting sharper and more frequent. I'm 6 weeks and 5 days.
Avatar f tn My back pains started very early n so far a heating pad does me well while relaxing n before bed.
Avatar f tn 37 weeks and when I get out of bed at night to use the bathroom or wateva... My back is killing me to were I can't even move or walk... It lasts like a min... Does this happen to Anybody else??!
Avatar f tn I got a lot of back pain too in my second trimester, I had to sleep propped up with pillows and a heat pack. Now I'm 2 days off 40wks and the little guy is giving me more back pain...and a whole lot of other pain with it!
1981214 tn?1327949140 This happens every now and again, and it happens when I first lie down in bed I get an uncomfortable pain inside my lower back, it usually goes after a few minutes of me stretching my back, then I wake up in the morning and its back and sometimes occurs also in the front of my abdomen in the morning too.