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Avatar n tn Pain moves around ribs and abdomen-lower right and back-sometimes shoulder then lower flank. Pain in rib first started about 1 yr ago - sometimes stabbing, stinging, burning, or ache. Pain in abdomen is sometimes stabbing, sometimes spasmodic sometimes just hurts. Recently, started experiencing nausea, anorexia and quick fullness when I do eat. Often experience a wave of nausea upon awakening. Having difficult time maintaining weight.
Avatar f tn i have pain in my left lower back area just below the bottom of my ribcage what could this be?
Avatar n tn The first time she was given herceptin and vinorelbine she experienced severe back pain and was given a concoction of very strong pain killers. Ever since that treatment she has been having lower back pains. She is currently not on any continuous medication except for the chemotherapy drugs and the occasional pain killer. Currently she also has 2 ureteral stents in place for slight hydronephrosis. However the urine did not contain any traces of blood or wbc.
168348 tn?1379360675 Thought it was from starting Vit D but looking back(today is sun 2/1 now as I enter this) it is not related and probably a small kidney stone passing. Nice, huh?
21352 tn?1196466338 I hope someone might have some kind of suggestion. I woke up Saturday morning with what seem to be an "ache" in my left hip/back. I thought maybe I slept on it funny. It proceeded to "ache" all day in the left back area and the pain wraps around to the lower left front side. (low pelvic area) It does goes down my left leg some. It is very uncomfortable and I STILL have it. I BELIEVE it does originate in the back, I'm getting stabbing pain off and on as well.
Avatar m tn I having lower back pain. It feel like it in the joints of the lower back. The pain isn't bad when I walk stand straight of sit but when I bend or trun it's bad. My doctor told me my back was weak and I needed to excerse. I'm doing that now. Could this be a sign of kidney problems.
Avatar n tn I just expierienced some intense pain on the lower left side of my back about where my kidney would be, it just happened suddenly and it hurt so bad that i couldnt move. I also felt like I was going to throw up right after it hit. it only lasted about 10 minutes or so and i decided to look it up because i thought it could be appendicitis. any ideas what it could be? if so, what actions should i take?
Avatar m tn Hello. My girlfriend has been experiencing sharp, throbbing pain in her lower right back around her ribcage for the last two days. This pain radiates to her stomach, causing nausea. The pain isn’t constant, it’s sporadic. She feels fine when the pain isn’t occurring. Lying down versus sitting up seems to make no difference. This pain is something she hasn’t experienced before and she’s not pregnant. It’s not as bad today as it was yesterday.
Avatar m tn Hello. My girlfriend has been experiencing sharp, throbbing pain in her lower right back around her ribcage for the last two days. This pain radiates to her stomach, causing nausea. The pain isn’t constant, it’s sporadic. She feels fine when the pain isn’t occurring. Lying down versus sitting up seems to make no difference. This pain is something she hasn’t experienced before and she’s not pregnant. It’s not as bad today as it was yesterday.
Avatar n tn I don't have any health problems, except that I get from time to time really bad lower back pain. I always tend to have pain just in one particular are of my back, which is the lower left part. It feels like a sharp pain and sometimes will "lock" my back, making it hurt really badly if i move to quickly or move in a certain position.
727992 tn?1281623876 Have they done a screen for a Kidney infection. With Kidney infections you get extreme pain in the lower back. You can also experience nausea, fatigue, chills, and a fever. I would call your Dr. back and tell them you want to know what is going on as this is definitely not normal. This may have nothing to do with your meds, or disorder.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing lower back pain with pain at front on my upper legs when I sit down. This pain is sometimes accompanied by nausea and dizziness. The pain recently was so severe that I could not sit or even lay down without being in intense pain. This is strange, but the only thing that seems to ease the pain slightly is a bowel movement. This is what leads me to believe that it is gastro- intestinal. I have discussed this with my doctor but he looks at me like I have lost it.
Avatar f tn About three weeks ago I started having terrible lower back pain, which caused nausea. I went to the ER 4 days after the pain started because the pain became unbearable and i had a rising temperature of 101. The hospital also did a pelvic exam and a UA and said my cervix was extremely inflamed and the pain during the exam was unbearable for me. They treated me for a UTI and PID with oral antibiotics and tested me for an kind of STD (which i am clear of) .
Avatar n tn Hi, At 13 weeks I have lower back pain, just at the bottom of my spine, in the middle of my lower back.... Its very sore and stiff when I am still and then when I bend is pulls and is very sharp and tight and sore. Can anyone say that they experienced the same lower back pain at this stage of pregnancy? I've seen my OB just in the last few days - the scan was OK - but the pain in my lower back seems worse since and I didnt meantion anything to him on the day.
280369 tn?1316705641 I was wondering if anyone knew the difference between lower back pain or a kidney problem?? For the last 2 days, I have had this annoying ache in my back. It's the lower right side and radiates straight up a few inches as well. I usually get sciatic nerve pain pretty bad during pregnancy and have had some this time around and I know what that feels like. But this is different.
403156 tn?1290153618 Out of nowhere today, I got an extreme pain in my lower back. I cannot stand up straight and it hurts to walk, particularly when I take a step with my left leg. I am kind of leaning to the right and people at work commented this - I ultimately had to go home early. I took 1000mg of motrin, I know that is excessive, but even that has not done anything for the pain. I tried lying down and I could barely get up out of bed - it took me a few minutes.
Avatar f tn Nausea with dizziness, stomach protruding, neck pain, weak, and cold legs and hands. Any idea?
428266 tn?1295648380 I was confused about that, and so was the pain managment dr. So what I'm dealing with now is pain all over basically. My legs hurt from my lower back. I have carpol tunnel in both hands and neck and head pain sometimes, especially the last couple days I have had nausea with neck pain. Last night I experienced a lot of pain in the middle part of my spine and I had nausea. I have been having stomach problems lately, I'm eating lots of Tums.
Avatar f tn Im extremely sick at my stomach this morning. Im having lower back pain and lower back twinges that come and go every few minutes. But im not sure when to go in?! Almost 3 cm (she said i could stretch to 3 cm yesterday i was that close to a 3) as of 430 yesterday before i walked for 30 minutes. I dont want to drive 2 hours to be told im still at a 3 and to go home. But i dont want to wait too long either because i dont want to deliver on the side of the highway while on the way!
Avatar f tn I have bouts of lower left abdomen pain accompanied by lower back pain, cramping, constipation and nausea. I can't even eat sometimes bc I get so nauseous. Doc determined it's IBS but I am wondering if anyone has similar symptoms with a different diagnosis?
Avatar n tn He states that it started about two weeks ago right below his shoulder blade then began moving down to his lower right back. The pain the extends through his right side (below his rib cage) and down into his groin. He describes the pain as the worst he has ever had. It is accompanied by some nausea and loss of appetite. He has had no trauma to any part of his body. We went to the ER yesterday his blood work and urinanalysis came back fine.
Avatar f tn I have been having headaches for a month, lower back and abdominal pain for two weeks. Along with these I have a nausea feeling. the lower back pains are unbearable. I don't have uti cause I know what that is and I am wondering what could it be. I took a 800 mg ibuprofen and it took the pain a little but not completely. To explain the pain better it feels like I am going into labor but I'm not pregnant. Does anyone know what it could be?
Avatar f tn I just tested positive and think I'm about 3 to 4 weeks. Very early. My question is that I've been having lower back pain all day today - has anyone else experienced this? It's been constant all day.....and I'm a little concerned. Would appreciate some input.
Avatar n tn For several days, I have been experiencing a dull pain in my lower left back - I would say at the hip or pelvis line - definitely lower than the kidneys. It is in the back rather than the abdominal area, but does not feel like standard back pain (which I also have from time to time) - I mean, it does not feel like muscular or joint pain - it feels like abdominal pain - it's just located in the back. The pain is dull but gets sharper when I stand and walk.
Avatar f tn Then I wait a bit then the pain got worse I decide to go to the Hospital after 3 week's of no bowel movement,having pain in my abdomen nausea,back pain,they took other ex-ray and I was still full but with alot of air,they decide to send me for CT-scan and again nothing could not understand what was wrong with me,send me back home.