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Avatar f tn Safely losing 25 pounds by December is impossible. I'm not sure how you've lost the 35, so far, but if you're stuck, try changing your routine. Increase/decrease your exercise and calorie intake. If you continually do the exact same thing, your body gets used to it and simply expects that. Changing your routine every few days will keep things more "upset", so your body won't have a chance to get used to it.
Avatar n tn Is anyone intererested in quickly and safely losing weight? I can help with HCG treatment in the San Antonio area. Please contact me if you want further information. Thanks, Joy M.
Avatar f tn If you're losing weight unintentionally, you need to see your doctor. There are some very serious medical issues that cause weight loss/inability to gain. One is hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid). You need to have some simple thyroid function tests done... those are Free T3, Free T4 and TSH. Another is diabetes. Blood sugar tests are needed to diagnose that. Both of these conditions can be present for a while before symptoms show up, so you should get tested asap...
10286987 tn?1410261849 Birth control pills can cause weight gain. You should talk to your parents about getting a different type of birth control.
Avatar f tn Losing weight isn't about silly ideas or having it fall off fast. You probably didn't gain it fast, so you can't expect to lose it fast either. 15 lbs is too much to expect to lose safely in one month, but you can get started and lose as much as possible. The 3 areas that are the most important for weight loss, seem to be the 3 areas in which you're the least flexible. Those are diet, exercise and sleep.
2061268 tn?1330821019 Hi guys i'm yesenia, i am trying to lose weight safely but also fast i am 5'5 & weigh 168 i want to lose about 40 pounds but i want to do it the healthy way i gave myself until December which means i will be losing it in nine months. Is that healthy? Can i lose it any faster?
Avatar n tn 7 kg is too much to lose in one month... the most you should plan to lose safely is 2.7-3.6 kg in one month. Your ideal weight depends on your age and frame size. In order to lose weight, eliminate sodas and other sugary drinks, along with chips and other snack foods from your diet. Concentrate on veggies, fruits, lean protein, whole grains, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. Make sure you keep portion sizes in check. Be sure to get some exercise every day, even if just for a few minutes.
Avatar n tn I started trying to lose weight then SURPRISE. so i looked up how to safely lose weight and it said to know how much you need to gain... My question is how can you tell how much weight you are gaining if you are loosing weight?
Avatar n tn My target for losing weight is 58-52kg , in a month . How can i get more losing weight in the fast way ? I really do want to lose weight . Please do give me a benefit comment and some response . Thank you .
Avatar f tn The first thing you can safely cut out of your diet is all fast food. Stop eating fast food. That means no burgers, fries , pizza ect. If you go out to eat, select a restaurant with a salad bar & do not eat dressing. Just get used to it. Vegetables are usually a safe bet. Providing the vegetables aren't swimming in rich cheese or butter sauce. MedHelp offers Tools & Trackers to keep you motivated.
Avatar f tn Hi im 23 n increased my weight about89 sujust me how to loose fast in proper diet
Avatar f tn Before i was pregnant i could lose weight extremely fast, but now im worried if weight loss well be an issue after baby is here. How did you guys lose weight ?
9765511 tn?1405769853 exercise is good, but if u don't eat lesser calories u wont shed those weight as fast.
Avatar f tn Fasting will slow down you metabolism where as eating small amounts often will keep it working. So I agree religious reasons fine but for losing weight a very temporary fix that could cause gain later when you try eating normal again. But it also depends how long and how often when it comes to negative effects.
Avatar f tn Hi i weigh 12 stones I was 12.
Avatar f tn I am losing large amounts of weight very quickly I cant keep anything including most liquids down for over a month now. I was not big to begin with about 130 and currently almost down to 100.suffered for years with an eating disorder and it resurfaced recently worse than ever. was hospitalized with vomiting blood recently and after released I have no choice but to vomit after every little sip or bite of anything because even if I wamted to keep it down my body forces it out.