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Losing weight fast food

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Avatar f tn I am losing large amounts of weight very quickly I cant keep anything including most liquids down for over a month now. I was not big to begin with about 130 and currently almost down to 100.suffered for years with an eating disorder and it resurfaced recently worse than ever. was hospitalized with vomiting blood recently and after released I have no choice but to vomit after every little sip or bite of anything because even if I wamted to keep it down my body forces it out.
10286987 tn?1410261849 Drink 4-5 bottles of water a day and cut out fast food, eating late at night and junk food. that is it for now. Write me in a month and we will do this together OK. Use your Food Journal to log everything you eat, don't lie you will hurt yourself only. Remember you are too young to have this weight and yes it will come off but it's going to take work..... I wish you the best...
1577478 tn?1296177497 There is no really fast, way to lose weight healthily. I agree with using the food tracker to see how many calories you are eating each day, then start making small changes, like drinking water instead of soda (including diet soda), or snacking on raw veggies, rather than a candy bar, yogurt in place of ice cream, etc. Exercise is essential to losing weight AND being healthy. There are exercises you can do that should not bother your asthma.
4270856 tn?1355798754 i am a small person and ive never gained weight ive always had a fast motabolism but i work at burger king and on my lunch i eat a chicken sandwich everyday i am in perfect weight gain range but i wanted to know if fast food makes your baby bigger!?
Avatar n tn Most people can improve the quality of the food they eat and lose weight. The first thing to do is switch from soft drinks to water. Soda should be a rare treat once or twice a month, not every day. Avoid fast food and eat home-cooked, well-balance meals focusing on a variety of vegetables as well as poultry, fish, and lean meats. Whole fruits are fine, and better than juices because they have more fiber you need. Don't fry food. Use healthier methods and healthy oils.
Avatar f tn there are tons of websites out there that can help you determine how many calories you need to reach a particular weight goal. oh, also remember that losing weight is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix overnight deal. so stay positive, keep at it and good luck! you'll get there.
594189 tn?1386916607 Well... the recommended amount of weight per week is 1-2 pounds. Just wanting to ask, do you exercise and follow a healthy meal plan?
6520484 tn?1399082398 But I still have 20lbs of fat that I put on during the pregnancy. Just wondering if anyone had success in losing the baby weight? I could use some pointers. I already eat healthy and all I drink is water and milk, no juice or pop or anything. I'm too tired to exercise (with Two week old baby and all). Anyone do anything to lose the weight that really worked?
Avatar n tn The way to lose weight and keep it off is to change your eating habits, not rely on a quick will power diet. That means you have to learn something about how your mind works, because eating too much of the wrong foods is a psychological decision that has many meanings...You can go to the library and find my book on the subject, Shrink Yourself...or go to the website of that name and read the free articles and use some of the free tools.
Avatar f tn I eat fast food more now that I'm pregnant ..
Avatar n tn Is there a type of food that i should switch her to? Maybe a puppy food so she can gain more weight back? Also she has never handled wet food very well, would it be a good idea to mix in a small amount of wet food into her dry food?
Avatar m tn my 16 month malamute is losing weight fast, her hair is getting brittle, she has rock hard stools some days and then I get her on mineral oil and the stools straighten out. she has reasonable appetite and her energy is great, she loves to run and run when we take them out for their daily runs, she is only 40 pounds and her litter mates are all at 80 lbs or better. could this be a impacted colon that needs surgery/?
Avatar f tn i have been eating way too fast . after i eat i set back and think did i really just fnish that so quickly ( my gosh ) i started at 136 pounds and already im 140_143 ish 11 weeks i know we gain during pregnancy but no joke ppl think im about 4 months. i don't eat fast food i just eat fast and im extremely picky all i want are veggies especially tomatoes. ps i also drink a gallon of V8 a day.
Avatar n tn Milk isn't good for you anyway, so that's no loss, and it doesn't really add weight all that much unless you eat a ton of it. But here's the thing -- unless you have a physiological condition that prevents you from absorbing the food you eat, and that is a condition that exists, eating more of anything will help you gain weight. The more food you eat that metabolizes quickly into sugar or contains high fat will likely help you to gain weight.
Avatar n tn t act like they are supportive of me losing weight (they tease me) and we eat lots of fast food. I want to completely cut out fast/fried food and sweets in general. My goal is to be 115 pounds and overall happy in my body. Any tips for healthy eating and exercise (I'm in school and have no gym account) is needed!
Avatar m tn I have the same issue and have found its easier to bring my own food to avoid junk food places. You are worth it and deserve to be the weight u want and feel good about yourself ..never give up and take one meal at a time. I usually beat myself up over failing my diet and really mess it up so i understand struggling i think most important is doing it for u and remember in how good u felt about yourself when u lost the weight..
Avatar f tn Well I just devoured Taco Bell after my hair appointment, lol. I know it's not the BEST way to eat but in moderation I think it's fine. Otherwise I've been very good with my diet so I don't feel bad eating fast food once a week or so. More of a weight gainissue than a safety issue. shynelle45 just wanted to mention - 1. You're making me want chocolate milk :) and 2.