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Avatar n tn As far as i know there is no interaction with lithium and an ace inhibitor unless the ace causes renal dysfuction leading to accmulation of the lithium and toxicity. The creatinine would be an indicator of her renal function. Any comment on Losartan instead of ACE inhibitor? Generally I reserve ARBs (losartan) for people that develop symptoms of cough on an ace or in extreme cases of heart failure after maximizing other meds. Better for CHF patients w/COPD? Thank you.
Avatar m tn 2 mg/L most of last year BP has been OK but recently is going up and been high at times and was high at doctors so started on 50 mg losartan to bring it and the pulmonary artery pressure down. The mention of PH with diastolic dysfunction is worrying to me as it seems a negative trend even though LV systolic function, according to my cardiologist, "seems slightly improved." Carvedilol 6.
Avatar m tn By the way, Pat, regardless of whether you have Marfan Syndrome or not, you might Google "losartan" and "Marfan Syndrome" to read articles on this topic. I don't think losartan is the best ARB, but it's the one being used in the current studies. All ARBs seem to work, some better than others. Efficacy is usually dose-dependent.
Avatar m tn In addition, a couple of years after the MRI scan, due to the onset of high blood pressure, I was prescribed losartan 50 mg and also one of the statin drugs 10 mg to lower my cholesterol level. Well a year ago, I suffered torrential rectal bleeding as a result of diverticular disease. Then a total colectomy was performed.
Avatar m tn I have started medication for Blood Pressure and presently I am taking Metopralol 50 mgs in the morning and Losartan Pottassium 50 mg. in the night. I started my medication for Blood Pressure 3 years ago. When I was started my BP was recorded 150/90, before starting medication I checked up my Blood Pressure continuously for one month and always recorded 130/90 to 140/90. Moreover, I am a regular smoker and very occassionally takes drinks.
Avatar f tn 8) is certainly enlarged, but is likely not an indication for surgery just yet. In adult-sized patients, we wait for a diameter of approximately 4.5 cm with BAV for intervention. This may be more associated with an absolute dimension and not with the actual Z score, as from a physics standpoint, the likelihood of aortic rupture is greater with that size. It will certainly need to be observed over time to ensure that it isn't getting too big.
1008841 tn?1293602560 Hi, You might be thinking of Losartan? Have you discussed the ‘TIPS’ procedure as well?
Avatar n tn As you can imagine, we are extraordinarily overwhelmed at this point. At this point we have no indication of marfans; although we're going to a geneticist soon. The dr. indicated treating with Atlenol at this point. He also wanted to research adding Losartan. What are the long term and short term effects of these? At what point do they consider surgical options? the Dr. mentioned that we may be looking at surgery when he gets older (teenage years).
Avatar f tn Can you give us any indication of what we should consider in making the decision of what activities our son should participate in? Thank you so much for providing this forum for discussion.
Avatar m tn as my base BO is above 155, my drugs have escalated accordingly with carvedilol, losartan, and Norvasc; Four years ago breath shortness led to the placement of a long stent that could span both stenoses in the big artery. Three years ago I was hospitalized for three days with CHF with asymptomatic afib and went on 20 mg Lasix and Pradaxa, blame pointed to the afib and water overconsumption.
Avatar f tn com/blog/2009/06/02/losartan-prevent-liver-fibrosis-hepatitis-c/ The drug is easily availible and the early data looks good-the trial was on Clinicaltrials.gov and so was FDA compliant.
Avatar f tn It has been 7 months since I posted about my flutter being gone, just want to let you know it remains gone ever since I stopped the Amlodipin (spelling?) I am still on Lisinopril and take Losartan Potassium also but have never had a recurrence of the fluttering since stopping the one med. I also have low thyroid medicated with Levothyroxin.
Avatar f tn Hello. I am a little anxious about starting Levothyroxin. My Dr. prescribed 50mcg to start. My TSH was 4.94 & from what I've read my lab is using an outdated range of .35-4.94. Should I start with a lower dose of 25mcg or possibly even 12.5 ? Is it ok to split the pill in halves or quarters? I've also read to take it in the morning 1/2-1 Hr. before breakfast or in the evening because it will be better absorbed. Which is better? My prescription only says to take it once daily.
192055 tn?1263559137 I do take Viagra and Paxil for mild depression plus Losartan for blood pressure. I often wonder if may be between these three types of medication this could be a cocktail that causes this problem.
Avatar f tn Interesting story, but unfortunately no pain is not a very good indication whether or not the heart is safe from any damage. Many individuals have a silent heart attack (no symptoms), and symptoms will occur later when and if there is heart failure or arrhythmia. Thanks for sharing, take care.