Long term effects of methadone use

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Avatar f tn Terrible long term side effects,mental and phycical. My Dr.is convinced there is no long term effects , he is wrong and has no clue. Has there been any new information on stoping suboxone use. It is taking a toll on my mental and pysical heath??? pcacake.
Avatar f tn by taking your needed meds as prescribed. Several years ago there was a study done on the effects of long term opiate therapy. Forest Tennant, MD, who undertook a first-of-its-kind research study evaluating chronic pain patients who had been receiving opioid therapy for 10 to 35 years. I found the results of his study extremely encouraging as should have other patients in need of long-term opioid therapy as well as their doctors, some of whom may have been hesitant about it. Dr.
7163794 tn?1457370413 myself to get up? Is this in my head, or is it possible there are long term effects to pain meds and suboxone use? Could it just be me? Has anyone else felt this?
Avatar f tn What are some possible long term effects of crushing up and snorting adderall mixed with norco?
Avatar n tn No one has addressed the Long Term Effects of Vicodin except for bowl problems. What are the long term effects on your kidneys and liver?
Avatar n tn HEY EVERYBODY How come no-one's talking about "LONG TERM EFFECTS" and how it AFFECTS you? (lol) THIS FORUM SAYS "LONG TERM EFFECTS" at the top. I wanna talk about long term effects, but it seems like everyone who succesfuly stops, ALSO STOPS COMING TO THIS WEB SITE! I'm guessing that this is the case because this "long term" forum seems to be full of people that are talking about being on their 3rd to 30th day of detox.
Avatar n tn I was on15mg of oxycodone 3* day. My Dr switched me to 5mg methadone a day. I have chronic osteomylitis in foot . Will methadone deteriate bones quicker?
Avatar n tn Yes, the methadone will block the hydro. At least, they did for me. I would wait at least 24 from when ypou took the methadone. Not my business, but why go back on the hydro? The methadone should have helped w/the withdrawals some, so unless you need the hydro for legitimate pain, why travel that hydron road again?
Avatar n tn and you know what, we never really seem to worry too much about long term use of ALL that acetaminophen that we put in our bodies, or the crappy cut that is in heroin, or shooting all that filler in dilaudid... but then we get clean, take revia and start to wonder if it will hurt us! we are fantastic people aren't we!! what is so wonderful about NA, or these forums online (most of the time) is that i still get to hang out with other addicts...
Avatar f tn This went away without any further notice but it is back now and has been for at least 6 months. Is there any long term effects that this type of leak could result in? Obviously the headaches are getting the better of me and have been off work for the last 6 weeks d/t the pain and decreased mobility in my neck as well as the increased severity of the headaches.Any advise would be appreciated.
491984 tn?1463402330 As in?
Avatar f tn (4) opiates such as morphine have been used as emergency treatment for angina and to relieve spasm in coronary arteries. With long-term use of methadone the blood vessels to not dilate rapidly upon administration of morphine rendering it innefective as a treatment for angina.
Avatar f tn Actually there are several very good articles on the use of methadone for long term treatment of chronic pain. It is beleived to be the narcotic least apt to be abused and has the least side effects. I'm sorry I forgot the author (a respected PM Physician) of the best and most informative article but maybe someone here will remember. I found it by goggling it. Dosage may have to be increased in time but again they beleive not as often as other opiates.
Avatar m tn does anyone at ALL feel frustrated, used, mislead, and just angered that the (your doc/methadone people)did not at least warn YU of the possible head/brain issues with long term methadone use? When i did some research, i found that this was known in 2001!!!!! not just 2012!!!! Probably before 2001. in the U.K they were dispensing methadone much earlier than North America. I am in Ontario Canada. Blaming them or anyone for my addiction i am not!! Is not a reasonable expectation that the C.O.P.S.
417564 tn?1287986427 I use the term still detoxing off of methadone as it has been a long journey, I started going to a methadone clinic only out of sheer fear of withdrawal from oxycodone, it was the wrong choice for me, but theirs not anything I can do about it now, so regardless of that, I have gone from 95 mgs down to 12, yipi!
Avatar f tn from it, you are not only in danger of loosing your pain medication from your doctor, but you are in serious danger of accidentally killing yourself. Methadone has a long half life, which means that it stays at a certain level in your bloodstream over a longer period of time . Doubling your dose as you are doing means that you are increasing the cumulative amounts of methadone in your bloodstream and because of that, you can cause your body to develop respiratory suppression , and you can die.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure but I was looking to see if it causes type1 diabetes because I never had any blood sugar problems until I stopped taking it.I took it for 6 years and I'm sure it could've had an effect on my bodily functions, diabetes does run in my family. So I'm assuming that it could've possibly kicked it in. Either way long term methadone use is not good for anybody,I'm assuming no prescription meds are.
Avatar n tn these medications are your best bet as opposed to vicodin etc. for long term use..for reasons such as the amount of tylenol found in the vicodin..where as the oxy and morphine are safe from acetaminophen thus saving your liver...maybe instead of the oxycodone he can give you the oxyIR? talk with your doc about switching your meds if that is what makes you more comfortable he, above all people should know that a tolerance will develope when a person is on ling term medication..
Avatar f tn As far as methadone blocking the effects of another opiate, well it is not entirely effective. Methadones affinity to receptor sites can make using additional narcotics financially prohibitive and not worth the bother. I have experiences where I consumed large amounts of Heroin to no avail whilst on the methadone. Doses above 80mgs are meant to optimise the elimination/reduction of cravings and produce the 'blockade'effect so the 90mg dose your husband has settled at makes sense. Anyway.
Avatar n tn More severe than Heroin by far. It was the very worste experience of my life. So before you condone the use of methadone make sure you have done it for a while and have Stopped succesfully. Its easy to say its wonderful while your on it.
Avatar n tn Keep in mind, I don't get high off of Methadone, especially with the low dose, and I will never take more then 5mg in a day...... Any input would be appreciated. i think we all know that I really want this bad and I know I can deal with the mental half of things, I just want to get away from the pain..........
597547 tn?1251040364 I know it may take me some time to adjust, and that is fine. I also know that a lot of those types of effects happen because folks use benzos with the Mdone. I’ve never used benzos in the past, and don’t plan on it. Thanks for your responses. I don’t know what I’ll do. I know what I want to do, I know what I probably actually should do. But, who knows what ill end up doing.
Avatar n tn I agree with Brian as to the withdrawl from the substitution of methadone. The molecular structure of methadone makes that substance bind to the narcotic receptors in the brain. The half-life and metabolites remain in the blood stream for quite a while. Avoid any methadone withdrawl program unless this is your last (or close to) resort. May the Force be with you!
Avatar m tn He explained there was a good possibility that I may have to take it for the rest of my life; many of his patients do. He did say that long-term use is usually at smaller doses than I was on (8 mg. to begin with). To make me feel better, to try to make me feel that it wasn't that big a deal, he said something like "You'd be surprised at the people who come in here. Attorneys, all kinds of professional people.
Avatar n tn I would like to know what are the long term effects of Oxycontin abuse? I was put on Methadone for five days to wean me from the Oxycontin. I felt no symptoms of withdrawl during that whole time. I haven't used in 20 days however for the last four nights I have been sweating so bad that I actually soak the bed. Is this normal? I also experience stomach pain every morning and sometimes through out the day. Thank you very much for your service, Chad P.S.
Avatar n tn Everything you say is the same for me, the effects on my body were extremely fast and I am now more terrified of the effects of the Zydol than the pain from my back (herniated disc). For the first month I thought they were brilliant but then my body quickly needed more and more to stop breakthrough pain and then the other side effects set in. I am trying to go off them cold turkey at moment and it is HELL. I realise everyone has different tolerance to drugs so it will be different for everyone.
547368 tn?1440545385 Long-Term Opioid Therapy – What Are the Effects? Most people who need to take opioids on a long-term basis for chronic non-cancer pain are understandably concerned about what kind of effect it will have on them. Many have mistakenly believed that opioids destroy both the body and the brain – and possibly even shorten lives.