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Avatar n tn After reading the other posts, maybe I am allergic to the SF or the menthol as a few people have suggested. The Blistex Medicated Lip Balm has spf in it, so I am researching now to see if burts bees does too. It seems like the petroleum/vaseline doesn't cause a problem and makes my lips look and feel good. Maybe some of you should try out the lotion I listed above for fast relief from a current break out. It would be nice to know exactly what it is that's causing the reaction.
Avatar f tn I am taking two anti-depressants, 3 x per day, Effexor 150 and Neurotin, Linisopril (blood pressure), advil, tylenol, hydrocodone when needed, ultram when needed, vitamin B12 injections, every 2 wks. I am 63 & was estimated that I have probably carried Hep C for at least 30 yrs., due to transfusions. MissMiss, I think I answered your question above. Just recently my labs showed cryo, along with a tumor marker of 33. In my earlier testing for Cryo, their was none?
Avatar n tn I have been getting allergy injections for 38yrs. I have tried almost every OTC and Rx allergy med.The CAUSE is the key. My hives are generally caused from my allergies. But the vocal cord wheezing is from BOTH allergies and GERD. I have been taking the Xyzal for about a week. I do not see a difference. I still need to take Benadryl through out the day. I also tried the Zyrtec - seemed to last about 12hrs as well. One did not seem any better than the other.
Avatar m tn Let whatever is in your nose and sinuses drain slowly out of your nostrils, while the hot water of the shower falls on your chest. Put a finger across your top lip if you don’t like the salty water getting in your mouth. After about 20 seconds, snort inward, so the mucus goes into your throat, then do some hawking, and spit it out of your mouth. Repeat once or twice. Then, close one nostril, and blow out the open nostril as slowly and gently as you can.
363682 tn?1299492962 If it has been 3 months since your last Botox Injections, you may need to go back to your neurologist for another round of injections. If it's just time for more Botox, then you might be able to have a little bit of wine again. If not, then I am sorry and I understand how you feel about this. It can all be very frustrating, but I guess it is better to make the sacrifices and not be in pain (although it doesn't make it any less frustrating!). Thanks again for writing in! Keep in touch!