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Avatar n tn I just noticed I have a very tiny white bump on my lower lip. I have looked at some pictures of fordyce spots and I don't think that is what it is since there appears to be only one tiny bump. It is painless and really only can be seen when I press my tongue against my lip and stretch it out. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but my allergies have been acting up lately.
Avatar f tn Then the next morning they had small white dots all over the top lip to where they looked white but not overly noticeable unless I lifted my lip and saw the line where the white stopped and the red inside of my upper lip showed. In other words my husband would not have noticed this unless i pointed it all out to him. But of course I notice it since it is accompanied with the tingleing numb sensations.
Avatar n tn I had Lip Dissolve on my double chin and jawline 3 weeks ago. I have to admit the first 15 minutes after havng this done, the pain was absolutely unbearable! It hurt so much in my jaw I could not even talk. I was very very very swollen - like I had a fat suit on for about 3-4 days. In fact, the swelling went down to my chest (and I had pretty minimal injections so I am told).
4764932 tn?1359847798 Since iv been on armour I have a constant salty taste in my mouth , when I lick my lips I taste salt. Its not my imajination , I got someone to lick my lip and they agreed to the saltyness. I carnt see this going and was wondering if there's something to combat it , is it real salt , and isn't too much salt bad for me. If its not the armour what is it.
Avatar n tn I have had 3 different nurses do the injections. They all seam to have similar techniques and results. I'm happy with the outcome so far. I noticed that the first one was the most uncomfortably and the others had less discomfort far less time. There is some burning 2-3 hours after the shots, very full belly (like being 6 months pregnant) for 1.5 days. Then the feeling is much like having sore muscles from working out for maybe 5 days. I certainly think it is worth it.
429700 tn?1308011423 It was during one of my phone conversations with a nurse there that we developed the system I use for injections so I could be sure I was using a uniform technique regardless of the depth of the subcutaneous tissue at the site. Seems sometimes they do deviate from their script! I'm glad you called your neuro's office and had this checked out. With an idea of the cause you can work on a solution.
Avatar n tn I also have thought that it could possibly be Fordyce, but the small patch of bumps on my lip are sooo tiny and are the same color as my lip that it doesn't seem to match the Fordyce symptoms. Like you, my lips are dry (they normally are not) and the small patch of very tiny bumps feels scaly when i run my tongue over it. It's really not noticeable to other people (my sister couldn't even see what I was talking about), but I would like to know what it is and what is causing it.
Avatar n tn at Lipodissolve in Chesterfield Valley (MO) is the best. Sara also gets the injections - she said that she has had everyone there give her the injections - and she didn't notice any difference. I sure did. My 3rd treatment with someone different was so painful and the swelling was really bad. I also think she injected into one of the past lumps that had not dissolved totally.
Avatar n tn ) Seemed better but in the morning my nose swelled wide and went numb followed by upper lip then lower lip then chin and then throat; b.) ER room gave me an IV with Prednisone and another antihistamine followed by b.) an Epinephrine shot and 30 minutes later, 10 minutes of tremors followed by c.) red blotches/hives from the top of my head to my waist/groin area. Day 3: a.
Avatar f tn new catscan, revealed extensive osteomeylitis.
Avatar f tn let us not forget her breast augmentation, cheek implants....lip injections....that she has been getting....i guess it is important for her to be a hot mom to her kids. i mean, that's important. oh there were also pics of her getting her nails done as well.........and hitting up the least expensive place in the worls to get coffee.....starbucks. but i mean...........
1760652 tn?1313065993 With an iron level that low you probably need injections or an infusion to bump it up. Probably need injections to bump your b12 up too. Not so sure if the chromium and the probiotics will help. What exactly is this "Vitamin B50 complex?" Is it a mix of the essential B vitamins? Can't say these supplements did anything to ferritin levels. I would DUMP this physician that said you were "psychosomatic.
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Avatar f tn I am taking two anti-depressants, 3 x per day, Effexor 150 and Neurotin, Linisopril (blood pressure), advil, tylenol, hydrocodone when needed, ultram when needed, vitamin B12 injections, every 2 wks. I am 63 & was estimated that I have probably carried Hep C for at least 30 yrs., due to transfusions. MissMiss, I think I answered your question above. Just recently my labs showed cryo, along with a tumor marker of 33. In my earlier testing for Cryo, their was none?
Avatar n tn I'd also like to know if anyone is using subcutaneous injections with success rather than intramuscular. SC injections can be given with an insulin needle, it is less painful and the needles are cheaper so I'd rather do that than IM injections. Those little buggers kinda hurt. I'm on day two of the vlcd and I've lost about 4 pounds so far. It was getting bad, I was up to 334 before going down to the 500 calorie diet. I must have gained 10 pounds in the gorging phase!
251922 tn?1193786078 I will be on phase 1 for 44 days. I am going to start injections on Oct. 20. My granddaughters 2nd birthday party. So I will get to have cake and ice cream on my gorge days! I sure hated to wait so long to start injections(especially since I have all my stuff now) Have a good day to you all!
Avatar f tn We stop the injections one week and then finish out the remaining days of pills. The complications won't come from stopping the drugs abruptly. Instead, the complications will come BECAUSE you did not finish treatment and rid yourself of the Hepatitis C virus. As long as you still have the Hep C virus in you, the virus will continue to damage your liver. You already have "early cirrhosis." You are nearing the top of the scale.
Avatar n tn I was seeing a doctor for weight loss and getting b12 injections. Along with the injections I was eating very much like a diabetic. Low fat, low carb and minimal sugars. While I was taking the B12 I was losing 15 - 25 lbs a month. I decided to continue eating the same and stop getting B12 injections and my weight loss slowed considerably and my energy levels decreased.
Avatar f tn I have the same exact thing--it's a recurring dime sized spot below my lip on one side. I work in TV, and it is really hard to cover with makeup because it starts to flake, and sometimes when i remove the flakes it bleeds a bit, and is very sensitive. Im going to the derm on the 12th of sept (earliest appt I could get), but would love to compare with you what YOUR doctor says as well.
Avatar n tn Since then, I've continued to sip on the jasmine tea, but the irritation in my lip isn't much better since dropping the anise, can't tell if the toxic buildup is from the tea or what. Next is to stop the tea altogether. But what if it turns out to be the composite fillings? Life can get really weird. I wouldn't have required the avalanche of new fillings last year if I hadn't gotten into an Oreo cookie habit. Well, I learned a lesson about Oreos, but a little too late..
Avatar m tn Hello all, Im going to make this a very short version and include links to other posts ive made if you wish to further your reading. I am a 22 yr old caucasian male in the military. I have had quite alot of testing done lately for worsening symptoms and arrival of new symptoms. None of the symptoms seem to be consistent with anything I eat, drink, use on my skin, breath, how stressed, or how much sleep i get.
Avatar n tn i am not sure if i missed any replies that had to do with injections. i had a roommate who traveled from Oakland to downtown San Francisco just so she could get a shot (almost two hundred dollar) injection of cortisone i think that was the ingredient...and her so called pimple was about the size of the top of a pin. not that it matters, because small ones can hurt too. so my point is ... has anyone tried? also it seems like nothing has really even worked over the years???
530191 tn?1214166411 Due to some of the medications, I gained 40 pounds, which on top of the severe hives, caused me to be very depressed, so I decided to try HCG to help with the weight gain. Incredibly, within 1 week of taking the HCG injections, my hives disappeared!!! However, the prescription is expenseive and my insurance won't cover it because there is no research for HCG and hives.
Avatar n tn The closest in looks is the dishydrosis or pompholyx but it would be a very minor version of the pictures I see on line. Do they only post the worst ones? The only thing about the dishydrosis or pompholyx is that it doesn't itch. I have also been married for 14 years and have 2 children and none of them have it...I have to believe that if it was contagious that someone would have gotten it by now.
Avatar f tn however, multiple plaques are relatively common. Usually localized on the chin, cheeks, or neck, involvement of the upper lip is rare. The characteristic lesion is an inflammatory reddish nodule with pustules and draining sinuses on the surface. Hairs are loose or broken, and depilation is easy and painless. Pus-filled whitish masses involve the hair root and follicle. Over time, the surface of the indurated nodule is covered by exudate and crust.
449498 tn?1338775639 all is good and I started injections today. They cut the dosage from 100IUs to 50IUs so hopefully that will help keep the cysts away. I spoke with the RE and we are going to try 2 more IUIs and then move to IVF. I had a bit of a breakdown this overwhelming and frustrating to be at this point. Thanks for your note Mommyin09 - you are so sweet. I'm sure you will be fine with clomid this cycle so the u/s is just a nice to have, not a necessity.
Avatar f tn De brought home some little syringes when my mum was here so she could d her insulin injections and ended up not using them, so im gone use them. Bam- I cant believe you didn't get AF. do you think that the brown bleeding was AF after all?
Avatar f tn I got 100mg during the operation then three IV injections of 50mgs before leaving the hospital Thursday afternoon. They weren't sure what to do after that. The surgeon suggested I continue 50mg twice a day for the next three days, but the endo had previously prescribed 20mg twice a day after discharge until follow-up. The surgeon thought that might be too steep a taper, but 50mg twice a day seemed high to me. Geez, what's a person supposed to do.