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Avatar f tn My nurse sister said that my numbness in my chin and lower lip could be permanent, but luckily after reading these posts I realize it could take longer than I anticipated. I had three wisdom teeth removed almost a week ago. My lower left was also removed like numb chin. I have just began to try to move to noodles, and soft foods. It has been yogurt, pudding, jello, and ice cream for almost a week. Good gosh I never thought getting your wisdom teeth out could be so painful and uncomfortable.
363110 tn?1340924019 WELCOME TO THE DERMATOLOGY FORUM **PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING** Do you have questions about a rash, bumps or anything skin related in general? Do you have a skin disorder that’s rare and your looking for others with it? Feel free to ask any questions you have and we will strive to provide accurate answers and advice in a timely manner.
Avatar f tn // I hope you will also post some photos of your darling himmies too... Have a great day....
Avatar f tn My last visit before Christmas I told them I wanted to start after Christmas. That's when they gave me an appointment for 1/25. Not the first time this doctor and I have miscommunicated. I took Interfuron treatments from 1/2008 - 10/2008; 6 months once a week and for the last 4 months daily. I felt awful for almost 2 years. My first gastro doctor referred me to this curent one because he's supposed to be the best in this area.
Avatar n tn I never had a false + before (or any + for that matter), even recently after IUIs, so I'm hopeful. Tested + again this AM with dh there. Will let you know how Sunday goes.
219241 tn?1413541365 Oh my aching split lip! 4 plus hours yesterday afternoon in the dentist that guy a masochist or what???? He is a lovely guy, funny too. He was nice and made sure I had two horse injections of numbing agent in to the top gum line. Got out his buzz saw and promptly zapped away my old teeth.....THAT was the point of no return for me. I got a little sad, but was eager then to get on with it.
162948 tn?1205256292 is this part of the IUD removal, or should i be worried? Fiance' and i had sex 2 days before removal..and several times after without protection...i think we both secretly want a child. i have 3 from other relationship...we will be getting married before end of summer, any suggestions as to why the bleeding after orgasm?
Avatar n tn I still have the same double chin - except it seems to just be on one side. Which is now, even more noticeable. I took before and after photos myself to compare and there is absolutely no difference! What a waste of $750.00! Has anyone ever received a refund for a treatment that was unsuccessful?
Avatar n tn AND the area was really painfull after the injections and for about 4 days after, I had to massage everyday but it was so sore to touch, I dont know if I want to go through that again. In all the sites I've read about lipodissolve St Louis is booming.
Avatar m tn White or rather yellowish bumps appeared on the bottom half of my upper lip (they look almost natural and don’t bother me but were not there before). Them my fingers became mildly itchy/burning and nail fungus showed up on one nail (I never had any before anywhere). The latest skin issue has been random paper cuts appearing on my fingers.
1853014 tn?1340042175 I bruised at injection site and had some mild redness that never seemed to leave until after eot. After about 4 weeks I quit bruising (virus was gone is my guess). Get some moisturizing eye drops, saline solution in neti pot for sinuses, moisturize your whole body well. Oh and Belle is right, get as much exercise as possible. Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn com/pic/article.cfm?aid=2134 I am also including an article on EGC with photos of the lip rodent ulcer. regardless of what the article recommends for treatment, these nearly always respond to a change in the reading than get back to us if you have anymore questions ok....♥
Avatar n tn He goes like that almost every 3 months I have either the upper lip or down lip and then it was every month before my period, the doctor did all the allergist test, nothing came up of what cause the allergy.I have to travel in summer to Europ and I started to take Aerius almost every other day to avoid the allergic staff.It came but not bad, just a little bit, I remember my daughter and I went to the zoo.After that It went away.
Avatar n tn I just about got home and the doctor called me. He asked me if he could e-mail my before and after pictures to me. He told me to call him after I looked at the pictures. I could not believe the pictures. I am smaller, just ask cali58, I emailed them to her. I tried to post them here, but it wouldn't work. The only explanation the doctor could give me about my measurements was that I was measured by two different people and maybe not in the exact same spot.
Avatar m tn We are now looking at a very expensive therapy, Xolair (Omalizumab) injections at $750 a pop. Before taking the plunge I am seeking personal experiences with this ************** for autoimmune urticaria so that we can make a more informed decision. I have read a number of studies and understand that immediate and delayed anaphylaxis has occurred on rare occasion in clinical trials. Any stories would be helpful to know.
1760652 tn?1313065993 I have been to hell and back over the last 12 months, test after test after test but still no answer! My Aunt had MS so they eliminated that one first. For the last 6 years I have been experiencing symptoms that I have just ignored and put down to being tired all the time from work! As time has gone on symptoms have got worse. Here is just a few!
Avatar m tn ***BUT, before you try anything here, you should go to a doctor and have your problem checked out. You may have a problem that looks like a sinus infection, but is something else. The medical model works for most people, and if you have a severe sinus infection, it could spread to other parts of your head or body, and it would be a good idea to be on antibiotics. Part I explains the Flip-Turn Sinus Flush®, Part II tells you why it works, Part III tells you how to prevent sinus problems.
251922 tn?1193786078 Well it looks like we are still running the same course together, so THATS at least encouraging! Maybe its a quiet phase before the upswing of things!! You say you mix your own stuff....I want to order some from drugdelivery so I can be prepared for a 2nd round (I am sure I will be doing one!) I orig ordered from NHW so I really dont know what I need...ddca says it comes in 1500, 2000, 5000, or 10000 ius. How much do I need? Also does it come with the bac water or do I need to order that too?
Avatar n tn that should be completed before i start the program since i have such a long time to wait before i'll be able to start the injections. i do use a daily colon cleanse already and i think that's helped. so ghi was good about showing you how to mix all the stuff etc? i've been worried about that. one webpage i found was talking about being careful when you break open the vials that you don't get glass into the vial.........YIKES!!!
Avatar f tn I made myself go to the library once a fortnight for books I found hard to read - and would read the same page 3 times before getting into it. At my worst, I lit a candle and put it next to photos of people I love or have loved, and tried hard to concentrate on that love and hope that miracles would get me through.
Avatar f tn I had the same exact thing for 8-9 months before I realized what it was. Cleared up after just 4 days of over the counter clotrimazole 1% cream.Turns out I also have tinea corporis with the typical rings that were really really faint in color so i didn't recognize it. I'd been really itchy all over my torso since about the time these painful boils started popping up over my face. The funny thing is that the boils didn't really itch.
530191 tn?1214166411 Fortunately, most patients will become less affected by sedation after they have taken the drug regularly for a while. A new treatment has recently emerged for autoimmune urticaria. This is the use of Plaquenil, a drug originally used for malaria. In a recent trial 83% improved or cleared completely when used for three months or more. ref: Hope you are better informed about your condition and find it useful.
4520139 tn?1355852769 Also, If I get the extractions done with this vet, my kitty will have 10 days to heal before the airline flight back home (which vet said is plenty) - if there are any complications I will have to delay travel. I am staying with my parents for the holidays, so this wouldn't be impossible, but changing my flight would be another expense on top of the already-higher estimate and I can't be gone too much longer.
Avatar n tn This is remarkable because I've suffered for at least 10 years, from early spring through October before I'm usually healed (and that's because I receive steriod injections in Aug. and late Sept for hayfever). I am in full agreement that this ointment is a miracle! I additionally I use a 40% urea based cream as moisturizer between applications of Augmented Betamethasone Dipropionate.
Avatar n tn My mother doesn't remember me having chicken pox but with 4 children back to back..I guess you can lose track. I looked up Herpetic whitlow and my fingers do not look exactly like that. Mine do not blister up with fluid. They are not as raised or infected looking. You really don't even notice them on my fingers unless you are really looking and run your hand along them and press. When you press down across them they hurt like a sticker is in them.
Avatar n tn I too was very frustrated trying to loose weight. I exercised one hour a day, five days a week. Ate no more than 7oo calories a day (sometimes even fasting for up to 3 days) and still couldn't loose. I was diagnosed with fibramyolgia, raynauds disease, plus two other immune problems. I finally decided to go for a gastric bypass and even was approved for the surgery. I decided to try one more weight clinic, more to prove with paperwork that I couldn't loose.
Avatar n tn I have never had any white puss or swelling redness around these troublesome blisters/vesicles, which isn't like any normal skin infection I've ever had before. Can anyone help me diagnosis this problem please?