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Avatar f tn Good ole Motrin works very well too for a lot of things, and surprisingly, Excedrin migraine works for all kinds of pain too (for me anyway). I swear by that! Ask your doc. Rx strength Motrin seems to work better, and you may not need it as often. Have you tried that? Sometimes alternating between something like tylenol and motrin will work too.
324396 tn?1297354312 10-15 lbs over the past year which I thought was due to the Lyrica that my doctor put me on for the nerve pain. I also have been having lidocaine injections monthly for the past year and quarterly I have it done intraveously for fibromyalgia. My blood sugar levels have always been normal up until I started with the lidocaine injections, since then it has been steadily increasing. Last fall it was 4.4, then in the spring 4.8 and now it is 5.
673999 tn?1226938879 They are manufacturted by IM (International Medical). cwolfrn P.S. I have had IC for 9 years (used Lidocaine for last 4 years) and had surgery for IC this Oct 6th...have been pain-free for 6 wks! Don't give up hope.
Avatar n tn There may increased pain to nonpainful stimuli in the region of the infection. For many, the pain improves; however, some may experience persistent pain. May treatment options are available such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and topical capsaicin or lidocaine. I cannot comment on the B12 injections since I do not know what your B12 level is. If your B12 is normal but low normal, you should have an MMA sent as well. The hernia will likely not change the pain you are experiencing.
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Avatar n tn My doctor recently prescribed a compound cream for my pain. It is a mix of lidocaine gabapentin cyclobenzaprine and ketoprofen. It seems to work well on nerve pain if you apply it to the pain at the center. It is filled through medi--stat Rx. Unfortunately some insurance plans such as mine do not cover it. However, you can still get a small amount for around $35. If he keeps the pain at bay for more than a day, then the small amount can still last a while.
Avatar m tn the lyrica helped me a little with all the nerve burning but my ins will not pay for it so i take neurotin, as well as other pain meds , the durgesic patch worked as well as anything after methadone quit working afier 6 months .. i have never heard of what they dignosis him with . but also i never have had much of any headachs. do you think maby they are migranes, they are unbearable u friend had them after a whiplash accident,(migranes).
Avatar f tn I was already using a fentanyl for chronic pain in my extremities. Lidocaine patches and TENS did not help. I have had 2 ablation treatments and the last one caused me to have 18 days of intense, burning pain 9 out of 10 scale, 24-7 . It was horrendous. I have been told this type of neuropathy is difficult to treat.. it is also difficult to live with. Have you heard of having neuronton made into a topical cream at a compounding pharmacy.? I am seeking my options.
Avatar m tn I agree. I have accepted I have Chronic Pain - but I haven't a won't accept that I have Chronic Pain Syndrome. In my humble opinion are pushing this term and using the DX more since they began what they call the "War on Drugs" - which has become much more like the "War on Chronic Pain Patient." Maybe I'm over sensitive. I believe there are reasons for continued pain. The medical community for the most part doesn't like to accept that idea - but it's my belief.
Avatar f tn I just found this blog and your comments while doing a search for my own symptoms. I am praying for your brother, for pain relief and help from the prison and related officials. I thouht I would tell you my experiences since the pain sounds similar and see if it could help at all. I have migraines, have had them for over ten years. I've went to the doctor, even had an MRI brain scan (showed normal), still don't know what it is.
Avatar f tn I hope that you get your records and get the heck out of that office! Also, I have had chronic back pain for 6 years. It's not gone, just more manageable...and I have found relaxation and massage to be of great benefit. I hope you can explore other ways to manage your pain as well. of luck.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Yes I definitely understand the do what you can before your energy splits for the day. It is hard to have chronic pain and really if you haven't had it they don't really understand. I have been reading about pain and I think part of my problem, maybe a big part is atrophy. I think it can cause pain when as you increase moving around (apparently) so I am learning to pace myself and even time how long I am up during the day so I can do a few minutes extra and not keep overdoing it on good days.
10977101 tn?1414282594 so i was taking meds for my ibs and now for GERD. but i was still having painful periods. i was having pain a week before, during, and after at this point. everything hurt. and i was still struggling to put on weight. i was a mess both pyschically and emotionally. everyone i knew didn't believe there was anything wrong. because everything came back normal. my mom at this point was getting fed up of me not getting answers to why i was in constant pain and be in worse pain during my periods.
Avatar f tn I have had this chronic pain since february 8, 2010; i had recurring sharp stabbing pains prior to this, but nothing as long lasting as it has been.
1425608 tn?1320897742 I have had lidocaine insilled after a test for IC and it stopped the spasms, but I still had some burning in my urethra for a while.
Avatar f tn would this patch work for me i have had 2 fusions, one in my lower back and one in my neck i also had a lamanectomy also i just recently had sugery on my stomach twice, I have been on hydrocone 10/325 4 times a day and sometimes that is not enough, I am on full disablity and im really tired of taking pain pills, Im in pain 100% of the time, low and middle and neck of my spine, I have spinal stenosis, disk degeneration disease Im looking for a patch that will help me
Avatar f tn treatment for my severe chronic pain caused by the RSD which I've had for 15 years. Spent the last 10+ years on Oxycodone just in order to be able to move around, unable to work or exercise or do the cleaning or anything. The RSD suddenly deteriorated extraordinarily quickly a month ago and I found myself in my specialists' rooms in hysterics telling them if they didn't do something I was going to hurt/kill myself, I was at the end of my rope.
1244639 tn?1270987766 I still don't know if it was a combination of the 2 that caused the pain and if it was just the sternum that did not attach. I don't think chronic pain meds to control it is the answer for you as you are only 48 years old. But it is not normal to have so much pain, so many years after your OHS.
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed an anti-inflamatory (Naproxen) and the antidepressant amitriptyline off-label for chronic pain. Neither of those had any success. I am currently on Tramadol for pain, which does not decrease the pain at all but the doctors are hesitant to prescribe anything stronger for chronic pain which I can completely understand.
Avatar f tn No medication has helped with the pain and my headaches last about 4-5 days but there is constantly an annoying aching pain in my head and neck, not a massive pain but it’s enough for me to always know it’s there. I still cannot do any sport or PE and as a result of this, I had to sell my horse as I could no longer ride. If I try running, the pain become unbearable, I can’t hop, skip, jog, jump… I can’t really do anything without receiving some pain.
Avatar n tn any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. my internist is looking for answers but he is stumped . he says pain is myofasial but doesnt beleivein fibro per say.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been having chronic neck pain for a number of years now. It varies from a dull achy feeling with what feels like inflammation to more of a burning pain at times. It seems to be around C5 slightly off to my left of midline a bit. When it gets really bad, I get a bad taste in my mouth as well. So far I have not really recieved much in the way of medical help for this, but have had an MRI in 2009.
Avatar f tn Got EKG and blood work and was given Ativan and sent home. For 3 days I had horrible chest pain and a fast hard heartbeat and fluctuating blood pressure. On third day admitted myself to hospital and was given 4 nitro's and ekg and had strenuous stress test, stayed one night and was sent home. Heart Ok. But still had the pain. My MD put me on Adivan and after about a month the pain stopped but still slightly still had an anxiety feeling.
564491 tn?1320363993 He didn't feel that it would be effective in the area where my pain is in the neck for some reason. Thanks for suggesting, it though.
2030686 tn?1351692148 Massages tend to cause me more pain and I'm on pain meds and lidocaine patches. Is it fairly common for tx to cause pain to get worse?
Avatar f tn It is commonly prescribed for diff types of nerve pain, chronic pain and neuropathy (as is it's cousin noritriptyline which Mary metioned above) I think you will feel some improvement once it gets into your system. Also, gabapentin (Neurontin) has been mentioned above. It, too will help. I was on BOTH of those meds (Ami and Gabapentin) and my neuropathy was so much better then. I hear you on the hydros not being effective....