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Avatar n tn At that time I ended up being referred to a gastroenterologist and also had an ultrasound of my liver and gallbladder. Everything checked out fine and my levels were at the high end of normal. My endo then switched me to Levoxyl, upped the dosage and I became hyperthyroid with heart palps, breathing problems, etc. Then my dosage was reduced and changed back to synthroid and I became hypo with a TSH of 28. Finally, I made my endo switch my meds to Armour Thyroid.
Avatar f tn Here is an article about alendronate therapy (bisphosphonates) and elevated liver enzymes. http://www.springerlink.
Avatar m tn I will let someone else respond to a possible relationship between TSH and liver enzymes. It will help to know what your current and baseline values.
Avatar f tn Thyroid hormones increase the expression of LDL receptors on the hepatocytes,74 and increase the activity of lipid‐lowering liver enzymes, resulting in a reduction in low‐density lipoprotein levels.75 Thyroid hormones also increase the expression of apolipoprotein A1, a major component of high‐density lipoprotein.
1018470 tn?1251337123 so i went on BIO IDENTICAL HORMONE gels and creams to bypass the liver and that helped alot also. I went on 60mg of natural thyroid and then was raised to 90mg once daily. i hope this helps..feel free to reply. I dont know if i missed it but they are taking this long to put you on nat thy are they?
Avatar m tn I was telephoned by my doctor a week later saying that I was started on 50mg Levothyroxine which was too high and I was put onto 25mg Levothyroxine. My palpitation stopped and most of my high anxiety and feelings of panic. I kept thinking I was having another heart attack. I have now finally had an echocardiogram and the operator said there was no abnormality and she couldn't believe that I had had a heart attack. No damage was found.
484160 tn?1343401521 33 I was about 45 lbs heavier a few years ago, but lost a lot of weight and my cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose have all been in normal range for 2-3 years now. My liver numbers have always been good until this time: ALT(SGPT) 9 - 51 U/L 24 33 26 27 34 26 27 76 AST(SGOT) 13 - 40 U/L 29 27 29 33 30 22 22 73 I wouldn't really have thought much about it if it hadn't been such a dramatic increase. The numbers just really haven't fluctuated in years until the last test.
Avatar f tn The results showed Cholesterol, Total 242, HDL 52 (in range), Triglycerides 194 and LDL 151. Thyroid out of whack - TSH 3rd Generation 6.01H and and liver and AST 28 (in range) and ALT 48H (8 out of range). The RDW was 15.9 (.9 out of range). My doctor put me on Levothyroxine right away and waited to see how it would effect my other numbers. *** I had an odd reaction to the Levothyroixine (fatty feeling on either side of the neck, sleeplessness and memory loss).
Avatar f tn The fact that I recently had a baby made me think that I would be in a completely healthy state and now I am freaking out over all these negative results. What else could cause my liver enzymes to go up? I am currently experiencing major discomfort in the right side of my back down to my abdomen and leg. I also experience digestive issues, which I thought stemmed from the thyroid condition, but am worried now this may be caused by the liver??
Avatar f tn A liver blood panel with AST, ALT and bilirubin should be done to check for high levels of liver enzymes and bilirubin. It usually takes a bilirubin above 2.5 to 3.0 for the skin to be noticeably yellow. Other symptoms of jaundice include dark urine (the bile spills into the urine making it dark in color) or pale stools, The bile normally makes our stools brown so when not processed properly the stools become light in color.
Avatar n tn 5 grains of phenobarbital for his seizures and Levothyroxine for his suspected hypothyroid condition. He also suffers from noise anxiety and becomes extremely destructive ( tearing house apart behavior)around loud noises(fireworks, gunshots,thunder etc). He has been taking Gabapentin and Fluoxetine for the noise anxiety for 1.5 years. We have moved him into a secure safe room and that limits the destruction. I'm looking for any advice on other things that I could do to stop the seizures.
Avatar n tn 95, and liver enzymes better, and hair seems to have stopped thinning, chol.very good. My fatique is restored to about 80%. I had to push but primary physician did hashimotos ab test, and it seemed to not be in range of hashimotos. I also have had low ceruloplasmin for some unexplained reason, but they ruled out wilsons disease as copper is normal. After consulting a endocrinologist outside of the US while visiting, she recommened shooting for 2.
Avatar f tn I did well the first two weeks then started having the anxiety feelings and tingles in the chin and numbness too. I had started taking Levothyroxine about the same time as Levo too to subside my goiter, but stopped the Chantix and the Levo at the same time. Are you telling me that it could be related to the numbness, excess symptoms of thyroid??!!! OMG!
1366574 tn?1294609790 0 - 22) I read that stressed adrenal may effect the the conversion T4's into T3's as it is coverted by the 5' - deidodiase enzymes and the process does not work as it should when the adrenals are ineffective. I wanted to know if my cortisol level which was measured in july 2009 as 414nmol/l, (unfortunately no range was given) is a sign of adrenal stress or not - the doctor did write that it did not show signs of hypofunction. I just wanted clarification.
Avatar f tn US showed typical hashi thyriod - samll and hypervascular. TSH is 3.75 and antibodies are 75.9. Started Levothyroxine 50mcg a few days ago. When will I feel better? My Endo didn't seem to have time to explain things to me or even let me ask questions. I'm very tired, achy, feel like I'm getting the flu. Also had issues with recurrent pneumonia the past 6 months. Headaches, vision issues and depression/anxiety. I feel sob some times too.
Avatar m tn But I am starting to get scared and want to start the treatment to eradicate the virus . I have a doctor who did a metabolic panel and TSH test but never did the Liver enzyme and viral load tests in the past year when I thought that was what he was doing blood work for. So the TSH came up high and he prescribed Levothyroxine for Hypothyroidism. I questioned him about the correlation between Hep C and Hypothyroidism and requested a referral to the Hematologist.
Avatar f tn Poor oxygen and nutrient transport Abnormal protein synthesis Abnormal blood pressure Elevated cholesterol Heart function irregularities Elevated muscle enzymes (indicates muscle damage) Poor muscle/bone growth and repair Elevated liver enzymes (indicates liver damage) Elevated ESR, indicating inflammatory response Abnormal fluid and mineral balance Abnormal calcium metabolism, contributing to kidney stones and gallstones Poor glucose-insulin regulation Abnormal adrenal gland function Imbalan
Avatar m tn I got call from the doc’s office yesterday about the blood work that I had recently done and he wanted to see me this Wednesday about the thyroid results and that he wants to start me on medication for it. I had a thyroid test back on 8/4 and had a low THS of 0.018 and the T4 were in range and this test confirms there is a problem. What I would like to know is from those who are on the thyroid meds are there any interaction between the thyroid meds, any additional sx to the inf/riba.
Avatar n tn I may have that. My liver is creating excessive enzymes, and my Drs can't tell me why. When I see the endocrinoligist I'll make sure to ask him about it.
Avatar m tn I reacted badly to the diurectic and statins, also my liver enzymes were high. This past Thursday, the doc ran a liver function and hep panel. Tested positived for C. Her office phoned and told me to set up an appointment with one of two other docs. What now?
Avatar m tn Is it possible that my thyroid is irritating my liver and causing elevated liver enzymes. Abd u/s was fine. Very minimal fatty liver.
Avatar f tn I am 56 years old I was informed i had HCV in 1998. Every doctor I saw said liver enzymes were not elevated enough for conecern. i have been sick, really sick for a year now. I have chirosis as well now and they do an mri everythre months and i have had one biopsy done thank GOD no cancer. The doctor opriginally told me i was not a candidate for injections because i was too sick, he wanted me evaluated for a transplant but my meld score was only 8 that was in january in march it was 12.
Avatar n tn I live an amazingly high stress life (not enough room on the internet to go into that one) and have learned that when your body is enduring constant high stress, it causes your liver (? pretty sure it was liver) to produce an excess of enzymes and insullin to give your muscles the "strength" to cope with the physical side effects of stress. A natural defense mechanism but a real wammy for someone with PCOS and insullin resistance. I'm hoping it helps that issue too.
Avatar m tn Levothyroxine can sometimes affect the liver and cause elevated liver enzymes. This could cause the nausea. Have yourself evaluated for this. This can be detected by a simple blood test. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I will also add that as the doc lowered my meds, my cholesterol skyrocketed, my liver enzymes too. Even though I have shown him how both have come way down since raising my thyroid, he still insists he can't treat me if I "treat" myself.
Avatar n tn His TSH is at 5 and his Kidney function is almost normal but the liver enzymes are freaking me out. He had an abdominal ultrasound and everything looked normal. They have tested him for everything under the sun, all autoimmune diseases, myopathies, metabolic disorders etc. So far nothing else abnormal.
Avatar m tn Then you need to investigate other causes of brain fog like liver dysfunction (get liver enzymes done—liver function test), kidney dysfunction (get kidney function test done), and anemia. Hope this helps. Do discuss this with your doctor. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Alanine Aminotrandferase is liver enzymes. aspartate aminotransferase is normally found in red blood cells, liver, heart, muscle tissue, pancreas, and kidneys. Anion Gap is electrolytes...you are dehydrated. MPV is platelet values...you are anaemic or close to it. And as you know your antibodies are active.
1445110 tn?1388213311 I think that I read somewhere, that a fatty liver may be a reason for elevated liver enzymes...so that might explain why your sgot is elevated. You mentioned that you had surgery for a Hysterectomy , thyroidectomy and Gallbladder, but Never once did anything show up...unless the doctor is specifically testing for Hepatitis, then it won't show up. Elevated liver enzymes are usually the first red flag. Did your ex husband ever get tested for Hepatitis C?
Avatar f tn Maybe start out with a multivitamin if you don't take one, and a b complex (they are water soluble) and see if it helps, then add on (or subtract).. Hope this helps!