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Avatar m tn My dog has had hypothyroidism for several years and has been on 0.2 mg of Levothyroxine twice daily ever since. Recently, when they did a check on his T4 they found that it was low and they increased it immediately to 0.4 mg. A week or two later he began to significantly pant and wheeze. Then he decided to give him 150 mg of Theophylline twice daily. Could the thyroid dose change have caused these symptoms or is it a coincidence?
Avatar n tn Does anyone take Levothyroxine and if so, what do you think of it? I have heard different things. The doctor just got me started on meds and this is what he wrote. just checking on others thoughts.
Avatar f tn Once on this medication your liver needs to be checked yearly. I'm very surprised that they would automatically give you this drug when there are so many other proven ones for depression, and it sounds like depression wasn't even discussed? Educate yourself on your symptoms, hypothyroidism, and your medication so that you can ask the doctor all the pertinent questions so that you get answers. Don't allow them to blow you off just because it's a clinic!
Avatar m tn About six months ago I was very depressed and found that hypothyroidism was the cause of it because my TSH was at 14. They put me on levothyroxine and after several weeks on it I found I had some trouble sleeping, but 10mg or melatonin took care of it just fine. After 6 weeks on levo I felt better but sleeping problems persisted. 2 months back they increased my dose from 50 micrograms to 75 micrograms because my TSH was at 5.5.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was wondering if any of you could give me advice, these were my TSH blood results, my GP prescribed me levothyroxine because I was displaying all of the typical signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism which also runs in my family. I was constantly cold, heavy periods, severe constipation (I couldn't go to the bathroom for 48 hours sometimes), dry skin and depression. Since novemeber my dose has gone from 50mcg-150mcg.
1150172 tn?1302136101 Hi - I've had symptoms of hypothyroidism for a few years now, but bloodwork remains just within normal limits. Since we've tried everything else, my doctor grudgingly agreed to try Levothyroxine in case it was indeed, hypothyroidism. He started me very low, and gradually increased the dose to .100MCG 2x per day. ...but I have NO improvement other than I'm sleeping somewhat better at night. Beyond that, if it's doing anything at all, it's making me MORE TIRED during the day.
Avatar m tn I started out on 25mcg Levothyroxine. Felt great about the 2nd month in, after the 3rd mo, I started feeling as exhausted as before. Had blood work done again and the Endo doc said my #was still a little lower than she'd like, so she put me on 50mcg Levo. I feel no better whatsoever. Pathetically drained, no energy, always tired, and NOW I am experiencing large amounts of hair being shedded in the shower especially. It is disturbing how much is lost in the shower.
Avatar n tn I have been on my Levothyroxine for 3 weeks. The first week, I felt a bit crazy, jittery when I tried to lay down to sleep and so on. Now I am very tired, I wasn't even tired before I knew I had a thyroid issue and was put on the stuff. I just don't understand why I feel worse taking something rather than feel better than what I thought of as I was feeling just fine before. And I have a strange lingering after taste in my mouth all day?
Avatar n tn We aren't doctors, but no, it doesn't make sense for your girlfriend to be put on levo, because of abnormal liver tests. Levothyroxine is a thyroid replacement medication and has nothing to do with the liver, except that the liver converts T4 (thyroid storage hormone) to T3 (usable thyroid hormone). Maybe she misunderstood what the doctor said.
955035 tn?1246542772 My doctor is switching me off of my 125mcg of Levothyroxine (1Xday) and putting me on Armour Thyroid (45mg 2X daily). This is unfamiliar territory for me and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences or advice when taking this medication. Thanks in advance.
2055874 tn?1330534053 I am 52 years old and have being taking levothyroxine,my symtoms,were feeling tired,no energy,weight gain.depressed,Ihave being taking them for four years ,my blood test shows i am taking right amount which is 150 micrograms a day,i am also going throw the change,my symtoms have yet to change if anything i feel worse.
7729616 tn?1393799092 I take 100mcg of levothyroxine a day but I am still fatigued, constipated and depressed. I follow a healthy diet and lifestyle and my latest blood tests were normal. My mum was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries some time ago but I have had ultrasounds done in 2005 and 2011 that have shown no problem. Tests have ruled out endometriosis through ESR and ovarian cancer through CA125. I have cut out gluten and dairy.
Avatar f tn I finally went to Progressive Medical and found that my liver was not making T3; so I was taking T3 Prime in addition to Levothyroxine 75 MCG. I just started taking Armour Thyroid about two weeks ago and continued the T3 Prime. Now I'm feeling anxious, crying for no real reason, getting tired for no reason. I'm not sure who to visit. I want to handle through a medical center/doctor who is closer than Progressive Medical & not quite so expensive.
Avatar n tn I am taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism. Can this cause my liver enzymes to be elevated?
Avatar m tn levothyroxine may induce mania Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders: Levothyroxine can cause transient hair loss to occur in children. Reproductive disorders: Menstrual irregularities.
1018470 tn?1251337123 I'm wondering if I could get to advice as to how much Naturthroid to start verses my Levothyroxine. I have looked up the conversion from Naturthroid's website, but everyone says to go slow. I just had blood work done last Thursday (2-28-13). I haven't gotten the lab report yet, but hoping I will from my doctor's office today. I know I'm probably asking to soon before you have my new labs, but I am wanting to get some good advice .
Avatar n tn I have been taking levothyroxine ever since. What would happen to me if I just quit taking the medicine all together? I hate taking a pill everyday and sometimes to get refills for up to a week. Just curious......
Avatar f tn I've started taking levothyroxine 5 weeks ago and I'm still on a tiny dose (25mg). I've improved a lot but some days I feel just how I did before i started taking the tablets: exhausted, like I am wading through custard every time I try to move, overwhelmed by inertia, sore throat and hoarse voice, etc. Does this happen to everyone at the start of treatment? I don't understand why it would be happening on random days.
484160 tn?1343401521 * Certain Medications, such as (NSAIDs), statins, antibiotics, anti-seizure medications and others * Alcohol * Obesity * Diabetes * High triglycerides * Gallstones * Certain Infections like hepatitis and mono * Autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, * Metabolic liver disease, * Tumors of liver/ pancreas or bile ducts * Excessive intake of certain herbs * Celiac disease * Hypothyroidism Your complement C4 which is linked
Avatar f tn I am very interested in your treatment and results because I have Hashimoto's, and my treatment is up in the air right now. Have you had tests run to check your liver and kidneys? What does your doctor say about your digestion issues? I would think there are tests that could be run to pinpoint digestive problems. If you went to a General Physician and told him all this and no tests were run, you need to see another doctor.
Avatar n tn I was extremely symptomatic with hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia etc, but dismissed it to stopping the estrogen. My ALT/AST liver enzymes are also minimally elevated. Has anyone else experienced this? I think I'm getting back to normal now, feeling better but concerned about the liver enzymes. Any thoughts appreciated.
Avatar f tn Thyroid dysfunction may perturb liver function, liver disease modulates thyroid hormone metabolism, and a variety of systemic diseases affect both organs. We highlight the intricate relations between the thyroid gland and the liver in health and disease. Previous SectionNext Section Intracellular signalling The thyroid gland secretes two iodine containing amine hormones derived from the amino acid tyrosine, L‐thyroxine (T4) and 3,5,3′‐L‐tri‐iodothyronine (T3).
Avatar f tn There were no malignant liver cells discovered after surgery, although I have been told these types of liver cysts can become malignant. I also wonder if taking levothyroxine (Synthroid) for my hypothyroidism could increase the chances of liver cyst growth.
Avatar f tn I am hypothyroid and currently taking levothyroxine to maintain my thyroid hormones. I was diagnosed hypothyroid 6 weeks ago when my TSH went up to 53. I gave birth to my son 9 months ago and was told that my thyroid problems are common for postpartum women and hopefully they will go away with time. My blood test results show I do need to increase my dosage as my TSH levels are still high, although they decreased dramatically from my first results 6 weeks ago.
390388 tn?1279639813 was up alittle (211 total) and liver test was ok. hsCRP LOL don't ask. Maybe all the pains are from arthritis. ??? TSH has dropped some since being on Levothyroxine so I guess all is well. TSH from 1.52 to .98 FT4 from .78 to 0.66 and T4 is staying the same.
Avatar m tn The only harm done is when there is not enough thyroid hormones through your body. You are on a very low dose of Levo if I have read your posting right. What was your disgnosis and last lot of labs? Post them here and others can help.
Avatar f tn The results showed Cholesterol, Total 242, HDL 52 (in range), Triglycerides 194 and LDL 151. Thyroid out of whack - TSH 3rd Generation 6.01H and and liver and AST 28 (in range) and ALT 48H (8 out of range). The RDW was 15.9 (.9 out of range). My doctor put me on Levothyroxine right away and waited to see how it would effect my other numbers. *** I had an odd reaction to the Levothyroixine (fatty feeling on either side of the neck, sleeplessness and memory loss).
Avatar m tn Is it possible that my thyroid is irritating my liver and causing elevated liver enzymes. Abd u/s was fine. Very minimal fatty liver.
Avatar m tn At the end of my therapy, my thyriod levels indicate hypothyriodism. I've been on Levothyroxine for a few months and I guess i'll be on it forever... The Hep C is gone and I'd much rather have to take a pill daily. I guess my question is, has anyone else had this type of reaction from the Solvadi/Ribavirin therapy?