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Avatar f tn Has anyone used levothroid? I just found out that it is free from lactose and a plant called acacia. Seeing an allergist tomorrow because of some issues that may pertain to allergies from some inactive ingredients. I know I cannot take synthroid... I know this is not a commonly used drug, and am looking for some input on it.
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and taking Levothroid 50mcg. the drug makes me very depressed, irritable, and hysterical feeling. I know others have had this problem but I am wondering how people got relief? I don't want to take antidepressants to counteract the side effects of another drug. Did anyone find that switching drugs was helpful? My doctor says there are no other medecines. I know this is not true and they are even in the Kaiser formulary.
Avatar n tn Is there a reason for that? I know Unithroid, Levothroid, Levoxyl and Synthoid are some common T4s... is there a reason they seem to start with synthroid? In reviewing various forums I have seen different people report different reactions to the meds; many have trouble with synthroid especially with headache and they think, more hair loss (although you did explain the hair loss to me and that makes sense) - so they have switched around.
Avatar n tn Eltroxin Estre Euthyrox Levo-T Levotabs Levothroid Levoxyl Novothyrox Synthroid Thyrox Unithroid There is also a new one that is a gelcap of thyroxine, with no filler. It is called Tirosint.
Avatar m tn ok so Levothroid has been backordered since last year according to Forest Labs when I contacted them (unlikely that drug will be back) and now my Levoxyl from Pfizer/King Labs ALL strengths on back order and the FDA is involved? Interesting the inactive ingredients are similar tho not the same... I have allergies to corn and acacia so not many choices for me and lost my thyroid to cancer...what to do!!??
211887 tn?1202996792 Ok I have been taking my medication, my TSH level is down to 32. I have stopped gaining the weight, however, I am not loosing it. I work out now 30 minust everyday. I run, walk and joined Curves. I've changed my eating habits and still no weight loss. It is so very depressing, I am uncomfortable and at my wits end! What can I do or take to assist me with this matter?
1263014 tn?1318036297 Well, I went to the doc and she was reluctant to run any new tests on me....ugggg Kaiser. she did get an MRA which was negative.....I told her to humor me and switch me back to whatever brand levothyroxine kaiser is using because I felt better on the batch I had right after surgery. It cost me $30 as opposed to $4 at Wal-Mart. When I got the bottle home, I had the stock bottle because Kaiser fills 90 days at a time.
Avatar f tn But, now that the forest company has had some legal problems with the FDA they are no longer making levothroid or any of the drugs they manufacture. I have tried the generic brand for levothroid. I've also tried levoxil, armor thyroid, tirosint and they all cause some kind of allergic reaction ie swelling of my tongue not being able to swallow good feeling like Someones choking me. I ve been drinking benedryl like water. I no longer have a thyroid gland I had it removed 4 years ago.
168348 tn?1379360675 -) Levothroid, Levoxyl, Unithroid, Synthroid, Euthyrox, Tirosint, are all name brand drugs that use levothyroxine as the active ingredient. I've heard of Levo-T, but I'm not sure what that falls under. I'm sure this is only a partial list.
Avatar f tn Abbott - Synthroid Alara - Levo-T Jerome Stevens - Unithroid Jones Pharma/King - Levoxyl Lloyd (distributed by Forest) - Levothroid Genpharm Mylan Institute Biochimique - Tirosint Vintage - Levolet (not marketed in the US)
219609 tn?1210351714 I recently changed healthcare providers and was prescribed Levothroid. Ever since then I have had my dosage increased and am now at .075mg. I have been experiencing daily problems with swelling in my fingers and wrists, as well as my feet. Severe joint pain comes with these side effects also. Could this be a side effect of the Levothroid? I have cut down on sodium, salt and sulfide products so I don't believe that is the cause of the swelling. I am due to have T4 and TSH retested this month.
Avatar f tn Its kinda hard to tell without the ranges for your Ts. Are those freeTs or totalTs? One thing to keep in mind is that if you take your Armour the day of your blood test, it can raise your T3. Its best to not take it before your testing. I wouldn't go off the Armour. Its been working for 25 years. Why change now? Its possible, with hormonal changes, you might need to lower your dose a little. Its not uncommon to have to do this. I'd suggest getting a 24-hour cortisol saliva test done.
Avatar n tn I am hypothyroid, as well. Mine was removed with radioactive iodine. I am on levothroid 150mg. I conceived within one month, but miscarried this past Tuesday. Had two successful pregnancies prior to thyroid issues- and no m/c- so not sure if thyroid had a part in m/c or not. I did take ovulex for the month prior to conception- but again- I can't say for sure if this helped or not. You might print the ingredients in ovulex and discuss with your dr.
937837 tn?1285353985 I too am lactose intolerant and was not able to handle Synthroid very well. I also found out it contained atacia which is not a good thing with people with severe allergies like me. I did my own research and found out that Levoxyl does not contain either ingredients. You may want to look that up. I don't know much about the "natural" such as Armor and so forth. I just had my endo changed my meds to Levoxyl so we will see how it goes! Good luck.
4274823 tn?1388532698 Tirosint is considered hypoallergenic, because the only ingredients it contains are gelatin, glycerin, distilled water and levothyroxine (the active ingredient). Being a pill type medication, Levoxyl does have fillers/binders, but most people seem to do very well on it.
Avatar n tn Seems like the cheaper the brand the better i feel. The list of ingredients in synthroid is longer than the others so maybe the extra stuff gets in the way. Who needs sugar with their thyroxine?
Avatar m tn Abbott - Synthroid Alara - Levo-T Jerome Stevens - Unithroid Jones Pharma/King - Levoxyl Lloyd (distributed by Forest) - Levothroid Genpharm Mylan Institute Biochimique - Tirosint Vintage - Levolet (not marketed in the US) Brands of natural desiccated thyroid available for use in the United States: Forest Pharmaceuticals - Armour RLC Labs - Nature-throid, Westhroid Acella Pharmaceuticals - NP Thyroid Erfa - Thyroid
168348 tn?1379360675 (now that has never come up as a side effect in the paperwork in the script) or lack of the inert ingredients taken on a daily basis or for that matter the Synthroid itself .. maybe the body draws from the stores differently when it is taken orally vs. made internally ? We'll never know but I am going to ask my Endo next blood test . I always have at least ONE good ? for her ea. month LOL ..
Avatar n tn These keywords may help you find info In the meantime, call your druggist who will read you all the inert ingredients .. I'd list them out side by side to see which ones are differing so those may be the culprit. Do you have lactose issues at all? Lactose is a filler in many many meds ? Keep us posted .. PM me and keep in touch .. I really am concerned for you and want to know what happens if that's ok.
Avatar f tn Since it takes 4-6 weeks for the medication to take full effect, staying on a dosage for only 4 days (as your doctor recommended you do with the 25 mcg), is not nearly long enough for your body to adjust to it.
Avatar n tn Hi, What you describe could be a reaction to some of the ingredients in the synthroid. Some people have allergies to somme of it's components. Have you tried switching to a different brand? Or have you tried natural thyroid. I'm presuming you have hypothyroid and should be treated.
198187 tn?1190637930 All thyroid hormone replacements are synthetic with the exception of Armour which is derived from pig thyroid (beef or sheep). Generics are just a name change only, from high cost brands name medicines to low cost brand name medicines. Just like all other products sold here in the US: Toilet paper, clothing, clothes soaps, and foods, etc., etc., etc. I buy a lot of generic products, which are made by brand name companies, with the same ingredients.
Avatar n tn The only ingredients are levothyroxine, water, gelatin and glycerin, so there's nothing to react to, in it. I've been on it since shortly after it came out in 2009 and I've done very well on it. We have seen a lot of people go back to synthroid (or other T4 med); in my opinion, the biggest reason is they don't stay on Tirosint long enough for it to help them.
Avatar f tn One of those brands is called Synthroid. Some other brands are Levoxyl; Levothroid; Unithroid. I hope you don’t think I’m jumping on your case. It is all…like stupid confusing. Anyway, to answer you poll, I take the brand Levoxyl. Of your choices, that would put me in the same category as Synthroid. My dr recommended I be on a synthetic med that is a brand. Due to my insurance I chose Levoxyl. So far, I don’t have many issues with it. Take care.
499534 tn?1328707778 I just started taking Tirosint after being on Levothroid for many many years. Only after a few days, I felt totally different. For the better. Will wait to see how it is as time goes on, but feeling better than I have in a very long time. I was on Levothroid137mcg 2 days in a row and 125mcg on the third day, repeating that pattern. My doctor started me out on the same with Tirosint, however, my very first dose of 137 Tirosint was too much. I knew that within an hour.
Avatar n tn Women may experience irregular menstrual cycles. Levothyroxine is the generic name for the brand names of Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothroid, Unithroid. They are the same just the name is different i.e. levothyroxine. Generic names cost less with brand names costing more. "Conclusions.
Avatar f tn I am seeing an allergist tomorrow and I hope to God they can put some light on this. I found a few ingredients that may be making me sick. I really do not want to try another drug. I gues levoyxl and levothroid are free from aciaca and lactose...
Avatar n tn Just to be prevent any confusion for anyone reading this thread: Synthroid is not different from levothyroxine. It is one of several "brand name" levothyroxine pills--I take Levothroid, which is another. If a person is taking generic levothyroxine and doing well, the "doing well" situation may not last. It seems to be difficult to manufacture levothyroxine with a high level of uniformity.
Avatar m tn In all honesty, I personally would be weary of OTC thyroid medications and I think the best thing would be to research on the exact ingredients in the OTC medications, There tends to be a lot of 'fillers' which in actual fact can upset the thyroid. This is something you have to look at and decide on your own personal merit as to whether you would benefit or not benefit from.
Avatar f tn Actually, let me explain my answer before I provide it. I have been taking Levothroid since mid-September. It was a scary moment when I began taking medication for my mild case of hypothyroidism. A year ago at this time, my one and only medical problem was a steadily worsening problem with sleep disturbances that formerly were completely "cured" by HRT.