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92903 tn?1309908311 is that not how you understand it too. ------------------------------------------ No. IPL (not technically a laser) works deeper and more subtly. V-Beam (a laser) works more superficially and more dramatically. Less treatments needed with V-Beam but potentially more risky in the wrong hands. On the other hand, potentially better results. Last laser guy I saw recommeded 5-7 IPL treatments first and then he'd finish off any veins with V-Beam that the IPL missed. That would cost big bucks. LOL.
Avatar n tn 9/97 MI, CABG X 3 at St.Joseph Burbank, CA. Dr. Taro Yokoyama 9/02 Stent in one of the vein graft at St. Vincent Hospital 11/03 Another stent on the same graft. Valley Preb Hospital 04/06 Mild MI 05/06 RE-DO CABG X 5 at UCLA, Dr. Hillel Laks 08/06 Ecocardiogram Result - Good. LVF 60% very minor wall thickening from previous MI 08/06 CT Angiogram - 1 closed off, 2 to the right sends very low amt blood and 2 to the left are good. Complain: Mild chest discomfort.
Avatar n tn He was treated two in his right eye with Laser twice and left eye was treated once with Laser. But due to inefficieicny of my doctor, he could not detect that my sons retina is detached and we waited for almot 2 week before he told us. We move to Duke hospital in Durham where Dr Toth performed surgery in both eye for Retina detachment (Right eye complete detachment and Left for Partial detachment). His left eye was attached within a week where as righ eye developed a membrane.
Avatar n tn I thought my vocabulary was pretty up to date but that article you posted proved me wrong. So let me try to understand this, the gentelmen they did this report on and used the "laser" on was recorded to have recovered from his symptoms? or was he just tested on?
Avatar n tn when i had gone to the doctors last week, my doctor said that i had a very small tear in my retina, right away he did a laser surgey to patch it up and since then i barely have floaters..will this by any chance help heal my dilated pupil? also he said that the eye pressure was perfect, great reaction to light and everything else was good, he said about 6 months for it to fully heal i really hope my pupil goes back to normal size esp.
Avatar n tn I was told by two different neurosurgeons that fusion was my only option. WRONG! I had Laser surgery in May of this year and I can honestly say I now have NO PAIN and NO HARDWARE!! Plus I was back at my office less than one week after the surgery. The name of the facility is Laser Spine Institute : They also work on fusions gone bad. (I have never heard of a good fusion personally) The so called "Gold Standard" they told me.
Avatar n tn I've been going through it with digestion & AFib episodes. I'm scheduled to have an Ablation Procedure 12/22/2009 but I'm apprehensive because I keep thinking what if it's a digestive issue. I now have a scar on my heart which is normal from the EcoCardiogram I had done in August. I have never been a big soda drinker.
Avatar n tn The oxygen resulted in Retinopathy of prematurity, which was treated with laser surgery to both eyes. He was in hospital for 97 days. My son is now 6 YEARS OLD, & very healthy. He wears glasses only for distance and has never required any other surgeries. He is very intelligent showing no side effects from the brain bleeds. His only-on going treatments are physio and occupational therapy for low muscle tone which may/may not be linked to prematurity.