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Avatar n tn Does anyone know if most health insurance covers the cost of spider vein removal? I have ugly spider veins on the back of my right leg and am quite anxious to have them removed, however i cant afford to pay out-of-pocket.
Avatar n tn Can you tell me the results of your one ovary removal surgery? Have you had recurrence of endometrioma? Are you on oral contraceptives?
162948 tn?1205256292 I had the mirena in for about 13 months & had it removed end of august to try to get pregnant. I had thought it was more immediate. I found out it can take 3-6 months for your cycle to return. my husband and I are pretty bummed because we would have removed it earlier (or never had it put in). Anyway, I bled a few days after removal (probably due to the removal) & then nothing until a couple days of brown spotting at the beginning of this month.
233488 tn?1310696703 surgical or laser corneal relaxing incisions; toric IOLs or toric mutifocal IOLs; rounding the cornea at time of surgery with brand new (2013) femtosecond laser; post operatively using lasik surgery to remove residual astigmatism. 9. In cases where one eye has a cataract that is symptomatic and causing problems with important functions such as driving, reading, recognizing faces, glare avoidance, etc.
Avatar n tn The procedure I would like to learn about is for skin tag removal although my doctor said to just leave it and live with it since the pain is so excruciating that he would not want me to go through it. I just want to know from people who had this done and to learn just how extreme the pain is to remove a post hemorrhoid skin tag. I believe I'll be getting the banding done in 6 months upon my return visit appointment with the doctor.
Avatar n tn Has anybody gone through rectal/anal skin tag removal? I had one removed by my doctor in his office. He used lidocaine (6 shots that were unbelievable painful) to numb the area and cut it off and cauterized the area. I'm having a rough time - I feel like I have the worst hemorroid flare up going on right now. I'm taking colace and fiber supplement, drinking plenty of water and began using the Desitin a few days before they recommended I start.
Avatar n tn I don't know because I refuse to be pressured into a consultation before being told the cost. What I do know is that the St. Louis Vein Doctor has done a great job so far. If you're in the metro area, I do recommend the drive to see her.
Avatar n tn The Affirm laser tightened and the peel did even more. It cost $450. for the laser and then $100. for the peel so it was not cheap but I feel much more comfortable showing my arms now. I was told that the tightening of the skin will continue over the next few months.
Avatar f tn I am undergoing surgery for the removal of axillary breast tissue under my right arm. The surgery is scheduled for 20 Aug 07. I was briefed throughly that the casuses could be hereditary, due to lactating, etc. I noticed mine shortly after nursing my youngest child (23 months) and it has been bothersome ever since. I have gone to the doctor so many times and they always tell me maybe it is my lympnodes or cancer.. I had a breast ultrasound done and there is no trace of cancer.
Avatar f tn they did a biopsy shortly after i did this post, and nothing specific came back. i've had it treated w/ medication (pills and topical) and also laser and it'll seem to look a little better for a few days but then i'm almost to square 1. it just will not seem to heal. just today they decided to do a second biopsy, because they also find it odd and worrisome. they did diagnose me with rosacea b/c in general i am very pink with capillaries close to the skin.
Avatar n tn Viagra helped when it came on the market. Retrogressive ejaculation followed in 2001; it may be as a result of damage done during removal of kidney-stone although doctors seem to disagree on this. Found blood when masturbating (but none in urine) earlier this year. Saw doctor and had pta test done. It was normal. I went though hell while waiting on result. I was almost sure I has cancer. The condition cleared up. It has now recurred and there seems to be more blood than the first time.
Avatar n tn i can see why you hid that amount from your hubby.As long as you look and feel good thats all that counts i wish you health and happiness.
Avatar n tn I wonder if laser hair removal is an option. At this point, I'd go for that if it would stop these painful lumps.
Avatar n tn What could be the possible reasons for vaginal bleeding when a woman has not had her uterus or cervix for nearly 12 years? In 1994, I had a total hysterectomy (removal of my uterus, cervix, & one ovary). My cervix was removed because of pre-cancerous tissues. I began experiencing a vaginal discharge in Nov. 2005 after recommencing sexual relations after abstaining for six years. Also in Nov. 2005 I noticed old blood coming from the vaginal area (it was brown) and a slight smell.
Avatar n tn Three excellent sites located below. This may really help you out. Cost means little when you consider your health for the rest of your life, even if you have to take out a loan or second mortgage. I hope you get this message. Take care, Geoff www.alphaklinik.
Avatar n tn I personally have difficulty in finding a good makeup removal. Remaining makeup cloggs the pores and over time it creates this eyelid problem. That is why, 'beauty mist' steam is extremely beneficial, as it does an in-depth skin cleaning. A little makeup break or very little use of makeup is also good for your skin. I hope this helps (in fact, I'm sure it will help you)! Good luck!
Avatar m tn I notified all of my doctors when I realized what was going on and they all told me that the belief that mercury fillings cause migraines was quackery and that insurance would not pay for the removal. They all wanted to give me drugs to mask the symptoms. At the beginning of 2009 I decided to just pay out of my pocket to have the fillings removed. I then followed the removal with a heavy metal detox called HMD.
Avatar n tn I went to refill my prescription yesterday and found out that my insurance (which is usually really good) declined to pay for it so it was going to cost me $180. No thanks. I'd like to think that there are people out there who don't experience side effects and therefore have no need to seek out these discussion boards regarding the issues, but I'm pretty sure no one could have a positive experience with any aspect of this pill. Needless to say I declined to pay for it too.
Avatar n tn Seasonique which I stopped taking due to thew cost of my insurance. Since taking yaz I still cramp pretty bad but I have NEVER had a problem with acne in my life except the occasional pre-period pimple. Now I have broken out soooo bad that my back is covered and had them all over my face. These were not just the little pimple that comes up and gone two days later these are the swollen ones that hurt and have huge knots under them.