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Avatar f tn It was at first on the right side of my knee where I believe the meniscus is, but it now moves around frequently. It is now to the point where my knee constantly feels stiff and unsteady. I find it very difficult to do exercise without pain. There have been several times where my kneecap has the appearance of being out of place, pushed to the left. This causes me the worst pain of anything.
192332 tn?1189759428 I had the surgery on feb 19 and i have healed well but now he says the new acl is too loose and i am starting to hyper extend again when i don't expect it.Now he wants to check my knee at the end of the month and probably use a graft off my patella.OUCH!Have you heard of these types of surgeries failing?I am on a workmans comp claim.what will they say do you think?Can they refuse another surgery?I'm not ready for this.
Avatar n tn I started PT with 25 degrees of extension and was able to get it down to 19, however it now feels as if it's getting worse ..... much stiffer. Now my Dr. is talking about putting me under and manipulating the knee to gain full extension ( fun,fun,fun ). He also said that some people just have a lower pain tolerance and that could be preventing me from reaching full extension. I find that pretty funny because I'm a pretty tough guy, having done martial arts for years.
Avatar f tn primarily an anticonvulsant that is used for clalming, sedation in some peoples cases, or in our case it is used for decreasing nerve pain. My eyes were so blurry at the onset of Fibro I feared I was going to loose my vision, or even that I may have been misdiagnosed and actually was sick with MS. I do better now, but I still don't live as tidy as I did before; even as a shut in. I make sure I get out for a short something at least once a month. Oh, I digress so....
Avatar f tn If I bend the knee and press below the kneecap with my fingers (start at kneecap and work down) you'll hit it, and it feels like a thin rope or string going across under the knee, but the pain will be sharp on the right side of the knee. So far it sounds like it may be a nerve issue? May be caused by habitual knee crossing on that knee. Which makes sense, since I don't have the problem with the other knee. Does anyone else have it on the side on which you cross your legs?
Avatar n tn I also have a burning pain that radiates down my right leg to my kneecap and a a sharp pain that radiates down my left leg to my kneecap and my left calf. The pain on my left side feels like somone is giving me little electrical shocks all the time and my left calf pain is almost always there. I am on disability from my job and I cannot drive the pain gets too bad. I cannot sit or stand for lond or the pain will get too bad.
Avatar m tn I would recommend you find a rec center with a grass field and run around it a few times barefoot to see how it feels. Running on grass feels good and you don't have to worry about getting cut. Make sure you read about proper running form, and put those lessons to use. Even if you don’t go barefoot, proper form is important. TAKE IT SLOW. I've read of people breaking bones in their feet or tearing tendons or muscles in their feet because they try to do too much.
Avatar n tn When the pain is not occurring, my knee feels completely normal. When it happens, it usually happens every few seconds or minutes, then stops for several hours. I am not aware of any injury or unusual stress to that area. X-ray was normal and doctor's examination was clear. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Also, if I press down on the center of my stomach--upper region, it feels very tender. When I was at the hospital, they did blood tests, and none of my liver enzymes were elevated or anything, but they did say that based on the ultrasound my gallbladder should come out, and that more than likely these "attacks" were gallbladder based.
Avatar n tn My knee swells when ever I am on it and there is a little thing behind my knee that hurts. My knee feels like it has a elastic band around it and my toes tingle. When I told the Dr. he said it takes time. Well my job is a standing job for 9hrs. a shift and this is just killing me. Did you get better and what did you take for the pain.
Avatar f tn It seems like the joints in my body are really loose, so it feels like I'm literally falling apart. There's not much pain at least. I hope treatment will help with this. I don't know if it was caused by lyme, but last week I nearly passed out twice. One of those times I was sitting in a chair, so it wasn't caused by standing up too quickly or anything. It was really weird. My tinnitus got really loud for about an hour. I've also been having weird headaches lately, which I blame lyme for.
Avatar n tn it has been 6 weeks since my tkr, i suppose im doing ok, but my skin around the scar is so sensative, i cant stand a duvet on it at night, and a skirt swishing around on it is awful, it feels burned, but its not red, i cant see anything wrong, but its driving me mad, has anyone else had this problem.
Avatar n tn Knee felt good immediately after the cortisone, which is normal. To my surprise, however, the knee continued to feel good and two years later still feels ok. Synvisc + cortisone booster worked for me! Good luck to everyone..
Avatar n tn I am very active and have been regularly working out using the Eliptical, Treadmill and the Arc Trainer plus doing the weight machines and lunges and squats and have never had a problem now all of a sudden I cannot fully bend my knee or it feels like it is burning and tearing.
544292 tn?1268886268 and they aren't happy about the no more drugs policy, not at all!) feels like someone strong punched me solidly and HARD. But just once. Not ten times like on day 17 and day 18. It also doesn't feel like I have been stabbed 17 times with a dagger in my gut. So, this is progress. It is. What it is. And that is all. I just accept it. And Like Nancy in my crazy red shoulder padded double breasted BLAZER, I JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!!! ...
Avatar n tn In addition, I lay on a baseball and roll over the rhomboid muscle while stretching to break up the spasms for some relief, the ball hits an area that feels like a rope that is in a horizontal position across the rhomboid. Pain radiates from the rhomboid up the right side of my neck, and down my right arm which includes the right shoulder. Headaches are almost constant. I will try anything at this point to resolve this issue; any help with this issue would be very much appreciated.
Avatar n tn It started out as pain when I knelt on it but as evolved fromjust when I knelt to tender to the touch as well as numb to the touch in about a 4X5 area. It feels tender but also feels like it has been shot with novicane. Any idea what it might be? I would love to have you e-mail me with some suggestions...
Avatar n tn For me its like bad gas in my lower abdomen except for my left testicle is hurting too when I urinate. It feels like someone is grabbing it and pulling down hard.
Avatar n tn Thank you everyone I am sorry this message was so long it was as short as I could make it. God bless everyone of you especially those of you who so desperatly want to loose weight, I hope I helped.
Avatar m tn The vet told my son it was either hip dysplaysia or some type of kneecap problem. In her case she ended up with four surgeries to repair a genetic defect with her kneecaps. Previously she practically had to be carried up/down stairs! Good luck!
Avatar n tn all i wanted was for everything to go back to normal and feel normal...well, i'm on day 15 and it feels like i am close to that light at the end of the tunnel... You've made it to day 7; congrats! Hang in there, it WILL get better!!!!