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Avatar f tn It hurts just underneath my kneecap slightly to the left, also swollen, and a little in the kneecap itself. The thing is, the pain isn't constant and doesn't always prevent me from doing things. It hurts and stiffens up whilst going downstairs, walking down inclined ground or walking for a period of time. I don't know whether it is worth getting it checked out or not because the pain is only dull, just quite frustrating.
Avatar f tn When I got in to see the orthopedic specialist two days later, he did not order another x-ray. There wasn’t much he could tell from all of the swelling by palpitation. He diagnosed an MCL injury and a need for MRI to see the extent. He assumed that an MCL reconstruction would be necessary. I asked what the conservative approach would be. He said that we could keep it immobile (braced) for 6 weeks to see if it would heal on its own.
Avatar n tn This condition causes fluid accumulation in the bursa just on top of the kneecap. Usually the fluid can be felt on top of the kneecap, rather than underneath the kneecap. Physical examination by doctor is necessary, to determine what fluid it is and depending upon that whether to remove the fluid or use antibiotics can be decided. All the best.
Avatar f tn The last dislocation was six years ago to the day. With the last dislocation, I experienced some pain and swelling for a few days afterward, but it was nothing severe. This time, I am unable to bear much weight on the leg. When I attempt to bear weight, I have an intense amount of pressure right in the front of my kneecap. I also have a searing pain behind the kneecap. It is horrifically swollen and I have pockets of what feel like fluid all over the knee. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn When I put it out in front of me and lock it, the kneecap seems to pop. It doesn’t pop when I am bearing weight on it and lock it. When I have it resting in front of me and I press on the kneecap, it seems to “rock” back and forth, while popping. The other knee does not pop and seems much more secure. The pops don’t really hurt, but it is uncomfortable. I know I have been favoring it more since it has been injured, so could that be the cause of some of the pops and pain?
Avatar m tn I had sutures drilled through kneecap and the full rupture repair. Had a Cast on for 7 weeks and then a brace for about 3 months. I made a big mistake and never went to physio only my first day and never went back. Now I am paying for it, my knee gives way and I have very bad pain every day my leg is half the size of my other and you can see the sutures move in my knee. I have to go for a Camera in my knee in 4 weeks have I damaged my self ? or can i repair this?
1417063 tn?1282107664 t roll my ankle or think I did any other damage but when standing up afetr sliding on a slip n slide I had excruciating pain. Swelling started right away and now it is impossible to walk. It feels as though my foot wants to seperate between the middle and ring toe. X rays are negative but something is going on because the swelling after two days is still increasing. At this point my foot has ballooned outrageous. It's worked it's way halfway up my leg.
Avatar n tn right groin, back, side, back of leg behind kneecap, shoulder blade. Majority of this actually started several days after NEG 14 week test. What's happening to me? Medhelp opinion is 14 week neg is conclusive.
Avatar n tn I had a bad fall about a year ago where I landed full force onto my knee which resulted in swelling and bruising that went from my knee down to my foot. I had pain on certain movements from then on. When I would get up sometimes my knee felt like it gave out. Also since then I have not been able to kneel down without pain in the kneecap.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I somehow dislocated (what I think it is) my kneecap. Immediately after I put it back in place but it still hurts today. It's not an unbearable pain considering that I can walk pretty normal but I can't put too much weight on it. It wasn't swollen yesterday but I have a feeling it's a bit swollen now. I'm planning on going to a doctor in the morning but an advice or a heads up of what can I expect would be very helpful.
Avatar f tn I had knee arthroscopy 6 weeks ago to smooth the cartilage on the back of the patella, remove scar tissue, and correct a structural defect in a groove at the bottom of the femur that helps the kneecap track properly (needed to widen it). I had a lot of swelling over the first 4 weeks. This has finally subsided for the most part but I am struggling to get the full flexion back. I am still only at 105 degrees despite physio, biking, and the elliptical trainer.
117078 tn?1200022671 Hi...I fell hard on the sidewalk on my right knee cap and I immediately had swelling and a large amount of fluid on top of the kneecap. I was not able to bend my knee at all. I elevated it for several hours and put ice on it. I tried to get up and my right foot turns dark blue and the veins stick out and start to swell immediately, the swelling i n the knee returns immediately even though it goes down a little bit with elevation and I still can not bend it.
Avatar m tn I fell 3 feet and hit about 3-4 inches below my kneecap on concrete then fell back and hit the back of my leg. I took motrin for the swelling, iced it frequently, and cleaned and treated it as best as possible for 4 days until I got back to the states. By then I had swelling from above my knee down into my feet, cut (about 1.5" x .5") wasn't healing, and bruising was setting in. I had redness and warmth coming from the entire area.
Avatar m tn Once, two years ago, was a quick dislocation of the kneecap - out and immediately back in - with some bruising of the bones. Last year I stretched an attachment of my MCL (?). My knee still hurts almost constantly. The pain moves around and is mainly around the medial, anterior, and lateral portions of the knee as well as directly on the kneecap. Every so often while walking I experience sharp and intense, but very short-lived bursts of pain on the lateral side of my knee.
Avatar m tn My left knee has bothered me off and on for over a year but now is a constant pain, worsening at night or longer periods slightly bent during the day. When the leg is straightened, instead of the "crease" showing the inner side of the kneecap, there is a HARD knot almost to the bottom, inside area of the kneecap. The entire knee swells at night, but not lots. Ice and / or heat packs do not take the "lump" down in size but help with the general swelling.
510679 tn?1265668267 I am 5 months out of having arthroscopic knee surgery for fixing a torn meniscus, while OS was in there he did a lateral release, said my kneecap was offtrack, and removed some bone fragments, cleaned arthritis from around the knee area. I am still having chronic pain and swelling, and cant do alot af activities like bending, squatting, climbing stairs or going down them. Walking is ook for a little while then pain.
Avatar m tn I hurt my middle finger knuckle while I was boxing and I dont think it is broken but I think there is some tissue damage because the left part of the knuckle is soft when i apply pressure on it. It feels as if I can move my knuckle like the way a kneecap moves. There isn't really a way I can see a doctor or a specialist at that. If anybody has experience dealing with this kind of injury please respond, any advice I can do myself at home would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Also, sometimes circulation can be impaired and cause similar problems, like swelling in the extremities from many reasons, in which case a physician can decide if that figures in. Those would be my thoughts.
Avatar f tn When I would kneel On my right knee it felt like there was glass under my kneecap. One day I decided to go ahead and Kneel hard on it and roll my kneecap around, enduring the pain. I envisioned that a Crystal had formed in my kneecap and it just needed to be crushed and then my body could absorb it. After that the pain vanished and never returned so my guess must’ve been correct.
Avatar f tn Months ago I tripped landing on my kneecap. I had a superficial laceration where I landed. Then a few weeks ago my knee began to hurt, localized tenderness, pain, Weakness in thigh/leg, numbness in certain areas of the kneecap and balance issues . Lesions appeared, I thought I somehow got glass in my knee but what I came across is a white bony Substance imbedded in my knee. What could that be?
Avatar m tn t have any insurance, but I went to a doctor anyway. He pulled on my leg a little and moved the kneecap around a bit and took an xray. He said there was nothing broken and that I probably bruised the tendon and gave me anti inflammatory meds. I wasn't given really any advice on what to do with it after the appointment for recovery and it just seemed like maybe they wanted me out of there. upon leaving they gave me a foam knee brace and sent me on my way.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I somehow dislocated (what I think it is) my kneecap. Immediately after I put it back in place but it still hurts today. It's not an unbearable pain considering that I can walk pretty normal but I can't put too much weight on it. It wasn't swollen yesterday but I have a feeling it's a bit swollen now. I'm planning on going to a doctor in the morning but an advice or a heads up of what can I expect would be very helpful.
Avatar n tn from my kneecap down to my feet, it feels as if there is poor circulation. i dont know how to explain it. my legs and feet feel heavy, tired and sometimes a lil tingle. When i exercise on the eliptical machine my feet tend to get numb after 10 minutes. i mentioned it to my primary doc once and she didnt seem concerned. Is there someone that can help me?