Kneecap moves side to side

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Avatar m tn Every so often while walking I experience sharp and intense, but very short-lived bursts of pain on the lateral side of my knee. The area that is most tender to touch is underneath the kneecap where it has been swollen continuously for two years. When straightened, it looks like there is a lump on my knee. Some of the pain also occasionally runs down towards my ankle. Recently I have also experienced minimal hip pain. While walking, the area along the medial side of the knee also hurts.
Avatar f tn Sometimes babies just prefer one side over the other mine likes my left
Avatar f tn My baby seems to love the left side
11970398 tn?1443134602 Ok good bc i get a pain in my hip if i lay on one side to long, i was worried he was trying to tell me to switch back to left side
Avatar n tn I took abilify for eight months I switched to Geodon and then I had no control of my tongue it moves and moves drives me crazy it important to continue taking the meds even if you feel well I have tardive dyskinesia for the rest of my life :)
Avatar m tn If the vet is passing the X-rays around and then charging you more for the others' opinions, I would change vets. That seems pretty egregious. I would suspect a luxating patella (feel kitty's kneecap on that side and see if it moves around) or a torn or tender muscle, if there is nothing noticeable on an X-ray. They don't photograph muscles well.
Avatar f tn I have a hard lump on the lateral side of my knee and bruising around knee and it band. I cannot bend knee and feal pain all the time, when sitting, lying or walking. When i press lump there is irritability and pain. It hurts to straighten knee. I had an x-ray that shows a minor lateral patella tracking but my knee cap does not hurt. I have had this for a year, what can I do to fix this and go back to sport?
Avatar f tn It is also quite swollen and very tender/painful to touch a particular area on the kneecap. He says it subsides a little with ibuprofen but not completely.
Avatar f tn Same here.
Avatar f tn This happens to me from time to time. It also moves to my back or it can move down to the leg. She said it was normal as long as the pain doesn't last longer than an hour. Our body becomes lose lol. When we move to fast our ligaments get tight.
Avatar f tn In the last few days, I have felt a burning, almost tearing-like sensation in my left kneecap. Oddly, it comes and goes. I can kneel down and feel the sensation, likewise if I press my finger directly on the kneecap I can feel the sensation. The leg can be straight or bent and the sensation can occur. No problem walking, running, no side knee problems. Likewise, at times, the pain is non-existent in the same postions/situations. Do not recall bumping it, however could have. Anyway, really odd.
1535550 tn?1292460322 i have had pain in the middle of my ribs under my chest for a while it often moves to the right side under the ribs usually when i get it i have alot of nausea and sometimes diahrea or constipation it switches and i recently went to my dr. and she had a ultrasound done of my gallbladder,but they were normal.She has sent me to another dr. and taking me for more test and i was wondering if i should have it removed?
Avatar f tn I am 28 weeks 2 days and my baby is on the right side 90% of the time. I think all of his/her kicks are on the right side. Our last ultrasound said baby is long so maybe that is the reason for our little munchkin having little room.
Avatar f tn So a few days back I hit the side of my knee into a planter box with decent force. The side of my knee hurts from impact but the under the kneecap area has also proven to be very mildly sore just from daily activities after. I'm suspecting that my ACL has been bruised and not entirely torn because it did not hurt as if it was torn upon impact. My burning question is can I still do weighted back squats and generally excersize it if this turns out to be the case?
1523981 tn?1311318595 Recently I got lke this pinching feeling when I was walking one time and another a side ache like pain with a lot of lower abdominal pressure to where it is uncomfortable to walk. Is this early labor starting or still just bh?
Avatar m tn t have any insurance, but I went to a doctor anyway. He pulled on my leg a little and moved the kneecap around a bit and took an xray. He said there was nothing broken and that I probably bruised the tendon and gave me anti inflammatory meds. I wasn't given really any advice on what to do with it after the appointment for recovery and it just seemed like maybe they wanted me out of there. upon leaving they gave me a foam knee brace and sent me on my way.
Avatar f tn Im 33 weeks and 4 days my lil baby moves but not when im wanting him to for people i was wondering if there was any way to make him move like crazy for my family and friends wanting to feel him i also want to record him but it seems he knows when i do and he just stops
Avatar f tn I was told to I needed to be on crutches for 6 weeks, come back for a check-up and then would receive a brace that somehow moves the kneecap. Can I assume this will heal by itself since it isn't in an operable position? I have been dealing with pain for 9 weeks now and I am assuming the crutches are a way to control pain and help the fissures heal?
9310208 tn?1410859285 And they say laying on your side is best for baby but when he's active I just can't lay on my side haha. It's so uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn I came home to a very swollen ankle, calf, and kneecap. My Doctor advised me to stop the Rx cold turkey after 9-days but this is the first time in 3-years I have lived without a headache/migraine/and the depression from that. Has this happened to anyone else on generic Wellbutrin? Has anyone had success switching to the brand name and the symptoms going away after that? Should I ride out the pain or is this a serious side effect? Will I be okay to discontinue Rx after 9-days?
Avatar n tn right groin, back, side, back of leg behind kneecap, shoulder blade. Majority of this actually started several days after NEG 14 week test. What's happening to me? Medhelp opinion is 14 week neg is conclusive.
639543 tn?1297027634 Today before I went to work I was having some cramps, like PMS cramps, then when I got to work I got this extremely painful stitch in my side, like I had just run a marathon, it was so painful I couldn't stand up all the way, and it lasted for about 10 minutes, is this normal? I'm 33W6D pregnant.
Avatar f tn My baby seems to favor my right side I get nervous because he/she never moves to my left side...has anybody else noticed this about their baby?
537639 tn?1232053569 I have it too.... it comes and goes, thank god. still have it even though I have been off tx for 3 months.
Avatar n tn m 36 weeks, my baby boy stays the the right side of my stomach like 99% of except for when I sleep on left side, then he moves to middle but as soon as I get up he moves right back to his favorite spot. It's funny because my stomach looks lopsided you can see where he's at. My Dr says its normal, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
Avatar f tn I broke my kneecap and, like you, had two pins and wires. On a follow-up visit, my orthopaedic surgeon noticed, from the pins bulging from across the room, and said those pins had to come out. (They were just about to break through the skin.) He used the same incision (scar) for removal so I wouldn't have two scars. I experienced no pain nor side affects and told my surgeon I didn't need any prescribed. Good luck with your surgery and rehab.
Avatar f tn t sleep on my left side. I try and my baby moves like crazy, but when I sleep on my right side I fall to sleep quickly, but I barely fill her move until I turn back to the left and when she move it hurts like hell. Why??