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647391 tn?1275016633 What is your thoughts as to someone my age having knee replacement surgery. Also, what is the quickest recovery you have seen for someone with knee replacement surgery?
Avatar m tn The anatomy of knee or knee joint configuration would have changed after the knee fusion surgery to do any sort of surgery after that. Yes I think an orthopedic surgeon experienced in knee replacement after knee fusion could possibly with difficulty could have done it. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar m tn i had a knee surgery a year ago and now my knee is full of arthritis it still pops and ackes driving down the road i need the heat on the floor and little cool air makes it throb and acke is there anything i can do to get sum relief
452066 tn?1400626877 At what point does an orthopedic surgeon come to a conclusion that a partial knee replacement is the only option? I had surgery for a torn meniscus on my left knee over a year and a half ago. Since then, the knee feels worse and is progressively getting worse. I have been on steroids, had injections, take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, went through PT...and even continue to exercise the knee now.
6473455 tn?1381627629 Also ask your ortho specialist whether there are other options for you except knee replacement surgery. Then if your neuro-surgeon feels you can wait for a year or more and have MRI in between to monitor progress, then you can wait this time. Once you have undergone the aneurysm surgery with coiling or clipping, you will not be able to undergo MRI again as the prosthesis will alter the magnetic field.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled to have orthoscopic knee surgery on my right knee to correct problems I am having related to osteoarthritis. Does this type of surgery prevent osteoarthritis from returning? Is this surgery safe? What is recovery like after surgery? Any information anyone has regarding this topic will be greatly appreciated.
16888441 tn?1452155657 s usually a good practice to consult with at least 2-3 top doctors before undergoing a knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement can be an excellent option in many cases, but there are also some contra-indications where a knee replacement should not be the first choice. For instance, if a person is young and below 50 years of age, knee replacement can be delayed because the life of implants typically lasts between 15-20 years. Is the person too over-weight?
Avatar f tn I had been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the left knee and beginning in the right knee four years ago. I was told that I was bone on bone in the left knee. Since I was only 50 years old the doctor said that I was too young for surgery. Four years later, 1 less thyroid, additional weight, I have been told I am too fat and I need to get my BMI down before they would consider.
Avatar f tn I am having a diagnostic scope of my knee to determine if I am a candidate for a partial knee replacement or need a complete knee replacement. The orthopedic surgeon mentioned that the most likely anesthesia would be an epidural rather than a general anesthesia. There is little information on epidurals online. Is it given directly into the spine, like the spinal they sometimes give during labor?
Avatar f tn I have moderate knee pain most of the time, especially when I sit. The knee is swollen and looks as if it has a lot of fluid in it. My orthopedic surgeon has said that I will definetly have to have a total knee replacement but the time to do it is up to me. I am 67 years old and don't know if it would be better to do it before I get older. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn I am having knee replacement surgery in February and I am taking oxycodone and 4mg's of alprozolam for anxity. Can anyone tell me if that is ok?
6473455 tn?1381627629 I am an active 66 year old male and have a dilemma in that I need knee replacement surgery but recently found that I have an 11mm wide necked saccular aneurysm in my left carotid artery (during a routine MRI). An eminent Australian neuro-surgeon has recommended that I have coiling of the aneurysm and stenting to hold the coil in place, to deal with this.
Avatar f tn I had a knee replacement a year ago and am having pain. I was curious . . . how did they know the glue was deteriorating? Did they do an MRI? I just had and MRI and have been told it could be "mild loosening, bone stress reaction, or stress response". My Dr.'s onlt response was, if it's bad enough redo the knee replacement surgery. How long ago was your replacement surgery?
Avatar f tn Darling, you are not too young for this surgery, especially if you're active. I'm 19 years old and had the same surgery done in my left knee for the same reasons! I also had a bone spur removed from my shoulder and the sack around the joint tightened. It isn't that big of a deal, but the healing does take some time. I had the surgery on my knee when I was 16 and although my knee isn't quite what it was; it is a lot better than before the surgery.
Avatar n tn However, when I showed my right knee last month this year I was told that I need full knee replacement. The surgeon recommended Otisknee replacement procedure. Is it possible that my right knee can deteriorate in onr year to have full replacemnt as opposed to partial. What are the reports on Otisknee replacement procedure. What are the pros & cons of partial replacement versus full replacement.
Avatar n tn i had total knee surgery 2 months ago,i am still having pain,my knee is still swollen and i can not sleep at night is this normal,when will i start to feel better,i am still on pain med,but only twice a day.
Avatar f tn I had a total left knee replacement done 10 years ago. I now need to have that knee redone, plus a left hip replacement done. My question is, can I have both these done at the same time?
Avatar n tn The pain is now worse than before I had the replacement surgery. My knee is always swollen, stiff and hot to touch since surgery. I have taken Celebrex that helped the pain but had to stop because my kidney function BU/CU ratio is now elevated. I cannot take other NSAID's because they elevate my blood pressure. I have a history of chronic Lyme disease. I was treated two years ago with six weeks of Rocephin IV Therapy. Could the Lyme disease have settled in my my new knee post operatively?
Avatar f tn Ok, after reading all the negative comments about knee replacement on this site, I have just about decided not to have the surgery done. Is there anyone out there that has had success in this and would like to share? I need some positive feedback, please.
Avatar f tn m only 46) and having some other health issues (lupus, fibromyalgia, asthma), he would strongly suggest going with a total knee FUSION as opposed to a total knee REPLACEMENT. He said that because I am relatively young (although I don't feel young most days) and have the autimmune problems, there is an increased chance that a knee replacement would not last very long for me and would have to be done at least one more time, if not several times.
Avatar n tn My mom is going to have bilateral knee replacement surgery in India. From the conversation with my parents, what I figured, the doctor is going to use oxinium Knee replacement implant (which is from Smith and nephew). From another source, I was suggested to use Johnson and Johnson knee implant. Which one is best and what should I know before going for knee replacement implant? What could be the implant cost per knee implant (for one leg)? Any pros and cons?
Avatar n tn Pain in the knee after total knee replacement can occur due to knee infection or loosening, resurfaced patella, with effusion in the joint occuring due to worn out polyethylene components, due to damage to the vessels and nerves around the knee etc. In case of infection antibiotics would help. In case of worn out polyethylene components may be reoperation could be considered. Also you mentioned that a cyst is present in the knee area, this could have been the cause of pain in the knee.
Avatar n tn Why am I having numbness and pain in my foot after total knee replacement? It really physician is giving me Lyrica. Any info on this will be appreciated.