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Avatar f tn My first knee replacement was in 2002. Second one was in 2003 (on the other knee). For a number of years now I have had pain in my "knees". Even the tissue surrounding them. I've noticed that I can hear the prosthesis move when I move my leg. I swing my legs and they make a funny noise. Today I went to an orthopaedic surgeon about another (unrelated) problem and asked him about the pain in my knees.
Avatar m tn In May 2009 I had a total left knee replacement. December 2009, left hip replacement. June 2010 Right hip replacement. In June 2011, my doctor told me the Left knee component had come loose and needed to be replaced. Revision left knee done in December 2011. He said the cement had failed to bond to the bone on tibia and femur. He basically lifted out the prosthesis. He did say that 3 brands of cement are available and he used a different type in the TKR revision surgery.
Avatar f tn I had a knee replacement 8/07 - everything went well. Joined a gym 3/08 and have been diligent with my workouts. A few weeks ago I developed pain on the outside of the replaced joint during the transition between flexing and extending my knee (feels like a tendon/ligament gets "caught" on the joint and then releases). I've been taking NSAIDs and the pain has lessened a bit.
Avatar f tn I had a knee replacement a year ago and am having pain. I was curious . . . how did they know the glue was deteriorating? Did they do an MRI? I just had and MRI and have been told it could be "mild loosening, bone stress reaction, or stress response". My Dr.'s onlt response was, if it's bad enough redo the knee replacement surgery. How long ago was your replacement surgery?
Avatar f tn i had total knee replacement in may.2009.but still i get pain and feeling of heaviness in knees more in right knee in night during sleep .i can walk for about half KM or so comfortably.please advise.
Avatar f tn I had bilateral knee replacement done in 2008. I went through the operation with no pain. Now, it's a different story. I have jolts of muscle and tendon pain. By that, I mean, if I take a step I get a jolt, which sometimes throws me forward. Sometimes, when I am walking I get a spasm of pain, then it will go away. I do not have constant pain. My walking is not very straight. Anyone with this kind of problem?
Avatar n tn I had a total knee replacement 14 months ago. The surgeon severed my popliteal artery, destoying one inch. Vascular surgeon make emergency repair, but scar tissue formed, completely blocking repair. I had a successful artery bypass with a harvested vein 9 months ago. I still have swelling, pain and numbness from knee to toes. I am on maxzide, wear comp. stocking, and exercise according to PT instruction. Will the swelling ever go away? What can I do?
Avatar n tn After knee replacement surgery done in June 2010 and is still swollen and painful. I cannot walk properly with out pain as was promised.
Avatar f tn This is called the DePuy Agility ankle replacement. The design of this particular prosthesis has recently been dramatically improved (see below). This new prosthesis is now available at several selected hospitals around the country including the Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy. Here we can see what the original DePuy prosthesis looked like. The ankle prosthesis is in two parts, separated by a plastic liner called the polyethylene.
Avatar f tn My mother is 70, she broke her hip and has undergone a total hip replacement surgery. 3 weeks after the surgery she suffered a dislocation of the prosthesis. Although there is no fracture and the prosthesis is in good condition, a surgeon has suggested that she needs to undergo a further surgery to modify the prosthesis. This is because, as she suffered a stroke 25 years ago, and has a residual hemiparesis on the hip replacement side, the surgeon thinks that dislocations will reoccur.
Avatar f tn I heard from a lady at work that when you get a staph infection in a knee replacement, or any replaced joint, that you will always have staph dorment in it, and an injury or even stress can cause it to flair up again...does anyone know if this is true? I can't seem to get a straight answer from my doctor - I don't know why.
6473455 tn?1381627629 I am an active 66 year old male and have a dilemma in that I need knee replacement surgery but recently found that I have an 11mm wide necked saccular aneurysm in my left carotid artery (during a routine MRI). An eminent Australian neuro-surgeon has recommended that I have coiling of the aneurysm and stenting to hold the coil in place, to deal with this.
Avatar m tn On September 7/12 I received a total knee replacement of my left knee. I suffer from severe osteoarthrits and am only 59 years of age. I previously had shoulder replacements in 2008 and 2010 respectively. My right knee is scheduled for replacement on March 25th of this year. My initial recovery from the left knee replacement was excellent. I was walking without a cane within 7 days, and no longer needed any medication stronger than ibupuprofen.
1176841 tn?1330832460 Docs found on my ankle MRI 1) Marked subcutaneous edema of the distal lower leg and ankle. 2) fluid present within the flexor hallucis longus tendon sheath. The fluid extends along the plantar surface of the tendon as it progresses towards the insertion of the hallux. 3) Degenerative changes within the hindfoot. 4) Subchondral cyst is present as well as adjacent cyst within the sustentaculum tali at the level of the medial subtalar joint. Diagnosis: Tenosynovitis of flexor hallucis longus.
Avatar f tn Other than this it can be a slipped prosthesis, a Baker’s cyst (cyst in popliteal fossa at the back of the knee caused by fluid built up under pressure within the knee cavity in response to an inflammatory problem within the knee), an abscess, a lipoma or a muscle tumor. Try and consult a doctor and get the basic investigations done like X-ray of the joint and if this does not reveal anything then a MRI of the joint. For all you know, the problem may not be related to the prosthesis.
Avatar f tn I have arthritis through out my body. 15 months ago I had total knee replacement, now I have pain there. There is a sore spot on either side of the knee, sometimes the pain wakes me. My ortho did x-rays last wk and cannot find any reason for the pain. Have any of you had this same experience?
Avatar f tn Hi, I had left knee TKR 3 months back. I have problems with walking. When I lift my left foot to walk, my knee jerks and then I place my foot on ground, usually I land on forefoot. There is swelling on medial side of knee as well. and lots of stiffness. My ROM is good, Extension 0 and Flexion 133. I had uncemented TKR, and latest Xray showed bone has not fused with prosthesis yet. Can someone help me. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I had a right hip replacement due to dysplasia in Nov. 2007. In Jan. 2008 I was still using my cane outside the house because of the weather, and my right leg slipped going up steps to church. Later that day my knee was swollen and painful. But, I thought great, my hip doesn't hurt so at least I did not dislocate anything. I was still going to physical therapy and they told me to ice it and take some pain relievers then call my dooctor. My doctor was out of town so I saw a partner.
Avatar m tn Left knee replaced 6/09. Right knee replaced 10/09 . Recovery Beyond expectations. Motion on both 125. Pain free left knee and almost on right knee after extensive PT. In November stiffness and soreness and some further swelling appeared around prosthesis. Difficult now to get up and down on chairs. Walking O.K.. Surgeon says no infection and nothing that he can see. X-Rays normal. He tried cortisone in the bursa - no help. Dead end here.
Avatar f tn I had a total shoulder replacement in September 2008. The first week or so after the surgery were definitely the worst pain wise. I also noticed a difference to the good with the pain level after my staples were removed. The actual staple removal process was quite uncomfortable, but once they were out, it helped things a little. Be very diligent about doing what and ONLY what your surgeon tells you you are allowed.
Avatar f tn Is anyone here experienced an aching hips after an implanted hip replacement? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/293758'>Pain after Hip Replacement</a>.
Avatar m tn About 2 yrs ago, I had an annuloplasty ring installed to handle my mitral valve problems along with a pace maker for slow and erratic rhythm issues. The latter will need replacement in another 6 yrs ... when can I expect to replace the ring?
Avatar m tn This is a sad part that after twice hip replacement also pain persist. Its better to change the doctors. or to take ayurvedic medication.