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255738 tn?1230236962 The dr said he is a good candidate for partial knee replacement. I was wondering if any of you nice folks have undergone partial knee replacement and how it has worked out for you?? Would love to hear from you on this. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I have arthritis through out my body. 15 months ago I had total knee replacement, now I have pain there. There is a sore spot on either side of the knee, sometimes the pain wakes me. My ortho did x-rays last wk and cannot find any reason for the pain. Have any of you had this same experience?
751951 tn?1406636463 Multiple bruises are now appearing all over. My left knee is swollen, but not as badly this morning as last night. However, numerous unattractive colors are spreading out on the inside face of it. The right knee has a dandy scrape on the outside of it, extending partly onto the shin. I was told I have a seatbelt mark on my lower abdomen, but I haven't looked at that yet. We got home well past midnight. Our friend Jeff G will preach for us this morning.
Avatar f tn I'm the oldest of three and my brother and sister have very mild arthritis; my brother in his hand and my sister in her knee. Neither needs to take anything for it. (They both, however, have been totally grey for years, and I missed that.
1225331 tn?1333369369 Hi Kelly - I'm not sure how you came to this particular PT practice. It could have been from your doc, a list from you insurance company...In any case I would look for a different one :-) In my head you are never "done" with MS related PT. Unlike knee surgery or hip replacement, where there is a one time injury to rehab, MS progresses. When you bring yourself back to even, MS advances and you have to keep going.
Avatar n tn I had a knee replacement in November and during admittance to PT, they discoveredan irregular heart beat aka Atrial Fibrillation. I was admitted to the CCU for 7 days where I had no PT to speak of. They administered Coumadin, Lanoxin, Verapamil for the AF. PT was done for 10 weeks of 3X per week, both land and aquatics. Neither has made me recover or given me my range of motion that should have been accomplished.
Avatar n tn I had special insoles made as the left foot arch ended up being higher then the right foot. My knee reflexes were hypersensitive and I became overly sensitive to external stimulii. It felt like my whole central nervous system was raw. To make a long story short, this is over five years later and I still don't have any answers, after having numerous MRI's an EEG, EMG, testing for Lyme etc. I take oral B12 shots monthly but they told me my B12 level was OK.
580488 tn?1217910838 Knees, hips remain leading joints for replacement Knees and hips are highly vulnerable to degeneration caused by arthritic conditions, and will continue to account for the majority of reconstructive joint replacements. Continuing advances in materials and design will improve the safety and performance features of knee and hip implants and encourage their expanding use in severe arthritis treatment.
700223 tn?1318169294 At highest risk for injury, are the joints of the lower limbs, which bear the brunt of the forces passing through the body while skiing. The knee joint is the most vulnerable joint while skiing, with the ankle joint, the wrist, thumb and shoulder being the other joints commonly injured. Improvement in ski boots and bindings protect the foot, ankle and the tibia from injury. Unfortunately, this results in the even greater ground forces being transmitted to the semi-flexed knee.
748543 tn?1463449675 What's more is that I find that dental malocclusion is frequently one of the principle causes of the TMD. The article went on commenting that MRI and CAT scans are among the biggest advances in diagnosis of TMD, that is just ludicrous.While those are valuable diagnostic tools they do not show what is the underlying cause of the misalignment. I frequently find that to be the malocclusion.
1550149 tn?1340004330 Joint replacement: Joint replacement involves removing all or part of a damaged joint and replacing it with synthetic components. Joint replacement is available for a number of different joints, but the most commonly replaced joints are the hips and knees. Joint replacement surgery is done primarily to relieve pain and improve or preserve function.
Avatar f tn My mother understands what I am going through because she has fibromyalgia, schleroderma, raynaud's, arthritis of the spine with slight scoliosis, and just had bilateral knee replacement surgery which caused her to develop a nerve disorder called RSD in her right leg and foot. She and I tend to lean on each other for support. Do you know if your mother's spinal condition is autoimmune in nature? It sounds like you have sufficient family medical history to warrant further testing.
Avatar n tn They also realize that knee replacement is a painful thing.I will do what they say.Believe me I can't take pain that most would deal with.My dad had a hip replacement and only took tylenol for pain.He never took but one lortab and told the doctor he didn't ever want to feel that way again.Man,you talk about balls! Well thanks for the comment,I need all I can get.Like Chezz I am struggling with my addiction and I will deal with it. Rock on!
Avatar n tn my left lower back, above my right elbow, but the worst is just below my right knee. Sometimes when I knee I feel like my skin is tearing open, yet there is no mark or rash whatsoever. I'm sorry everyone who has posted is having the same symptoms, but on the other hand what a relief to know I'm not nuts. Now to figure out what it is?
Avatar n tn That's why they make knee replacement patients wait. Trust me, we all want everything these days, but these are our eyes, the most precious sense we have. Please don't rush into it. You don't see too many ophthalmologists getting these accommodative IOL's do you?
Avatar n tn I am 37 and have been told by my neurosurgeon that he is recommending that I have a disc replacement/fusion in my lumbar. My problem is that for the past 4 mos I have been experiencing ever growing pain in my upper left leg. What started out as an irritation has grown into needing heavy medication just to function. (900 mg neurontin 3xday and 10/500 hydrocodone 3xday, then 100/650 darvocet between doses). The only explanation I have been able to get so far is that of degeneration.
Avatar n tn I don't understand why I had no problem quiting Vicodin. I had a torn knee cartilage and torn ligament that caused me a lot of pain. It took several months to get scheduled in the hospital I wanted to perform the arthroscopy. I have a high paced job in a large city, and my knee just wouldn't stay under me, so the Vicodin made it manageable. However, after the surgery and about a week of recovery, I stopped taking the pain medication.
Avatar n tn some length and girth since starting replacement treatment. So there is hope. Trust me, i have felt similar to what you guy's did at one point. The balance of Testosterone to Estrogen controls the flaccid penis size, if testosterone is low then estrogen is either higher or lower. High or low both cause there own problems, both of which "can" cause a small flaccid penis size and less full erections. Estrogen is responsible for maintaining healthy, thick skin, etc.
Avatar n tn So I called back, still tingling in the neck and scalp, as well as my right foot and weird aches and pains in right leg, knee, and calf primarily. *** I haven't read anyone discussing any balance issues. I personally have a lot of slight balance issues, feel as if I'm leaning a bit to the left when walking. And a real subtle bit of swaying when standing still, has anyone else had this symptom? Essentially I haven't slept a solid nights sleep in six weeks.
Avatar n tn I agree with the MD's comment in regards to allowing the brain time to heal and utilize the remaining functions. CELEBRATE the advances she have already made!! We currently are taking a break from therapy to allow more healing to occur with my husband. Again, good luck and hang in there! IT DOES GET BETTER!!