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Avatar n tn Thus, ACL prevents the tibia from sliding too far forward and also contributes stability to other movements at the joint including the angulation, rotation at the knee joint. When an ACL injury occurs, the knee becomes less stable and there is a sensation that the knee will 'give out' from under them. Consequently, there would be difficulty in doing high demand work beyond the activities of daily living.
Avatar f tn It would be a waste of money and time- your time, your healing and your life- to go in for surgery and not have the ACL fixed at the same time you have your meniscus taken care of. While it's true that you don't have to have the ACL reconstructed right away, or at all, you DO want that meniscal tear taken care of because it will rub on the bone and cause arthritis. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I would suggest that you get a x-ray and MRI of the knee joint to confirm the ACL tear. I think there is a tear of the graft. Also with ACL tear surgeries it is common to have knee arthritis, so work up in this direction is also important in your case. After ACL reconstruction surgery rehabilitation is the most important part of treatment. Swimming and cycling are excellent methods of strengthening the muscles around the knee.
Avatar m tn 5 years and then as luck would have had it, I again injured the same knee while playing. MRI scan revealed that it was an ACL tear this time. So I got the ACL reconstruction done with the doctor using my hamstring as part of the process. To make things worse again, I broke my ACL again after 2 years. The doctors are saying that this this may not be very common but at the same time it is not too uncommon as well. Professional sportsmen break their ACL almost every season (though I doubt this).
Avatar f tn so on 4/20/07 i had open joint knee surgery to put the bone that is attatched to the acl and tib/fib plateau back into place. my acl didn't rip with the broken bones my surgeoun said. physical therapy was the worse experience of my life until they said that i couldn't do it anymore. my acl had ripped during physical therapy so i had acl replacement on oct. 23 of 07. Ever since then i have had the worse knee pain ever.
Avatar m tn Thanks doctor for your reply, my age is 40 and right now i can not make my leg straight and lock the knee it stays in bend position. i am more eager to know my knee will be normal after surgery?
Avatar f tn My son had the ACL repair surgery only to blow out his new ACL within a year, again playing football -- he was on a football scholarship. That was about 10 years go. Today, he's an airline pilot and uses that leg every day to control the rudder pedals of a jetliner, so the lack of an ACL does not impair his normal functioning. The fitted orthopedic knee brace permits him activities like bike riding and volleyball.
Avatar n tn It does not always pop and never has until the injury this May. I never had difficulties with the knee after my surgery until that day. The popping, grinding, and pain in my knee has been been directly related to the injury on May 11.
Avatar m tn Appearances consistent with chronic moderately large partial thickness tear of the proximal ACL with some signs of ACL dysfunction even though a moderate amount of fibres are still intact.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend was playing football a few week ago and we was hit hard during play and complained of knee pains. He went to the doctor and they said he had a bruised acl and there was nothing that could really be done. Is that really true is there nothing that can be done, and if so how long does it take to heal, and will his leg ever be the same so he can be athletically active again?
Avatar f tn I am a 41 year old woman, not very sporty, on the lower end of activity levels. I walk and hike some, but do not play sports. I also ride a bike occasionally for recreation. I completely ruptured my ACL 2 weeks ago as well as tore my meniscus. My doctor is reassessing in a week. He said I definitely had to repair the meniscus, but the ACL replacement was up to me. I wear a hinged brace all the time except in the evenings when I get home from work. My knee feels somewhat unstable.
Avatar f tn I was playing soccer when i went into a tackle my Body got twisted around but my foot and lower leg stayed still. I felt a massive pain through my knee on the inside of my knee and heard and felt a snap. My team mates imediatly came running over because they said they heard a snap sound to and that it looked nasty when i did it. My coach put ice on it and strapped it up but i can only put a tiny amount of weight on it before my knee collapses.
Avatar m tn Okay, MRI results are acl is torn/missing. Exact words are no acl visualized. Just as I had feared. Surgery is recommended.
182884 tn?1259312906 and was told I will be given options when I see him.( whatever they may be...) My questions is this; Since my ACL knee injury is older, perhaps a year or more, is the recovery period any more difficult or longer than someone who just injured their knee, if the procedure is the same for repair? Also being older, 56, how does my age figure into the recovery ? Does my age prevent repair in any way? What is your opinion or any suggestions?
Avatar n tn And my knee can only bend 90% till today. I still cannot walk down the steps like normal.Should i have surgery for my ACL or should I wait a little longer? Doc said it will eventually be normal again and I just need to do a lot of swimming or cycling on stationery bikes (minimal impact on my knee exercises). I am just afraid when I grow old I will have to do surgeries to correct this problem and the risk may be higher.
Avatar m tn I have been advised to undergo surgery for reconstruction of ACL and repair of Miniscus .I had this injury 5 years ago after that had occassional pain and had a fall about 3 years back while playing football with kids . I have reservation in undergoing the surgery for my knees purely on my prsent mental state .I am yet to accept that I am fine and not sure about my condition(post CABG) I am not able to plan anything lontime .
Avatar f tn I had reconstruction surgery on my knee over 2 years ago. They took my hamstring for my new acl I had part of my lateral meniscus removed and 8 holes for micro fractures. I fell off a semi-truck at work. I now have chronic pain. There is not a day that goes by I have no pain or swelling some days are worse than others. I was told that my pain from surgery will be no longer than 6 months and now it is 2 and a half years. Is this normal after this kind of surgery?
Avatar f tn So he came up with the diagnoses of skin lupus due to blood work. My knee was still swollen at a year post surgery so I scheduled an appointment with my knee surgeon. My knee surgeon comes up with the diagnoses that I am have a reaction to the graft used in my knee. He took some fluid from my knee and put me on some anti-inflammatory medication. The anti-inflammatory medication did help some but the swelling never went completely down.
Avatar n tn I am 8 months post acl surgery. I started having medial knee pain around the insertion site on my tibia. When i walk for long periods or use the eliptical it hurts sharply. Only hurts with weight bearing. It is starting to both make me nervous and make me feel like this is it for life.....
Avatar m tn The anatomy of knee or knee joint configuration would have changed after the knee fusion surgery to do any sort of surgery after that. Yes I think an orthopedic surgeon experienced in knee replacement after knee fusion could possibly with difficulty could have done it. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.