Knee surgery vs physical therapy

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Avatar m tn Probably just a scope and this is the most minor knee surgery you can have. The recovery time in physical therapy is usually around 6-8 weeks. I've had a scope for a meniscus tear and I am also an Athletic Trainer so I deal with othropedic injuries all the time! No need to worry!
Avatar f tn Do you know if it is possible to alleviate these symptoms (cracking knee, knee feels wobbly, and she prefers it to be extended vs. bent) without surgery? Or is this something she will suffer from her whole life and will only get worse? I prefer to avoid surgery if possible but also do not want to prolong her discomfort if it will end in surgery anyway. Any tips or advice that you might have would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn My son hurt his knee in football last Friday night. His MRI shows a MCL tear, partial ACL tear, and a LMT (meniscus tear - 3mm). He'll attend physical therapy in the next week or so. The doctor mentioned that it's not necessary to do surgery right away. Everyone that I talk to encourages me to have him do the surgery due to his age - (18 yrs old - 6'1" - 220 lbs). I want to do what's best for him. Should I get another opinion?
Avatar f tn I have had a limited amount of pain compared to the painful knee replacement surgery and physical therapy following that. It has been 13 months since then, and the only lasting effect is the "knocking" popping sensation and sounds from the rotating platform knee system. I thought it might go away, but it still hasn't. I don't intend on repeating the two surgeries on the other side for a couple of years, unless my left foot or knee dictate it quicker.
Avatar f tn I jsut had patella realignment surgery a cupple weeks ago. I was wondering what is Physical Therapy like? I had PT last year after a lateral release and that went well, but will PT be different since it was a more serious surgery?
Avatar n tn Is there any surgery for this repair? He suggested physical therapy. Ive read that physical therapy in alot of cases doesnt work. I live in NY Long Island. Does anyone know any specialist. My Op Report states "The superior pole of the patella did have a flap tear of cartilage"The patellofemoral joint and noted that the patient had a significant amount of chondromalacia on the superior aspect of the patella and also a flap tear of the cartilage. I would op for surgery.
Avatar m tn See a sports medicine or orthopedic doctor! Ask them if they think trying physical therapy would first would be a good idea or surgery and then rehab. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Could this type of surgery they took out 80% of menicus from righr knee last Dec. , I have had back and hip problems every since on my left side. I also have a spondylthesis problem. Have seen chiropractic, massage therepy, and acupunturist for this . Mo relief its been since July 2008.
Avatar n tn what is the average length of rehab therapy after total knee replacement? This discussion is related to <a href=''>On-going Pain after Knee replacement surgery</a>.
Avatar f tn The surgeuon that my insurance had was on vacation but when he got back almost a week after my break, he called me and told me that i need emergency knee surgery. so on 4/20/07 i had open joint knee surgery to put the bone that is attatched to the acl and tib/fib plateau back into place. my acl didn't rip with the broken bones my surgeoun said. physical therapy was the worse experience of my life until they said that i couldn't do it anymore.
Avatar m tn I was referred to a Pain management clinic here in Ohio and was prescribe (perkocet) physical therapy. The physical therapy staff have not address the knee, but have given me some exercises for the neck pain I experience as well. Now the pain management doctor brought in a specialist to talk about doing an implant of a nerostimulator unit into my body which will mean yet another surgery??
Avatar f tn My parents and fiance said hen the dr came in to talk to them after I was in recovery he told them it ws a lot worse than he expected, and that i was going to have a lot of issues on my left side my but my parents disnt ask why and did not tell me this until after we were home and i was complaining about the back left side of my head My family suggested physical therapy and set me up an appt.
1308443 tn?1302693321 talking to your surgeon about the surgery is probably the best thing to do. since my surgery my knee has been great, it took some time to rehab it but the physical therapy was worth it. i hope this helps! i know how you feel, it totally *****. i'm going in for surgery again to repair a torn meniscus next month. your best bet is to take care of your condition now! Good luck!
Avatar m tn I have been having knee pain for about 4 months now and my doctor told me i have patellofemoral syndrome and a bad case of patellar tendonitis, so he told me to go to physical therapy to build my thigh muscles . I just went back the other day for my follow up because my knee pain has gotten worse and he thinks i have damaged cartilage in my knee and if i do he said i need surgery.
Avatar m tn Sorry for the detail, but maybe it will help you understand in answering the question as to what area of the knee may be injured, or if not injured, then what is going on? : I was in an accident which caused my knee to grind, and become painful as I went up and downsteps, in which I could have tolerated if knew how much worse I would feel after physical therapy.
Avatar m tn I too have patella femoral syndrome. The best thing I ever did for my knee was to go to physical therapy. Look for a good manual therapist. They typically treat not just the knee but also look at how your calf and hip are affecting your knee.
1069378 tn?1255215132 Thank you very much for your response. It was most helpful to me. I do realize that both Synvisc and acupuncture will only give me pain relief and not solve the primary problem, but I could use that pain relief right now. It will perhaps enable me to be more active in areas that I have avoided because of the pain. Most of all it will give me time to decide what is the best course of action for resolving the problem. Again, I really appreciate your responding to my post.
Avatar f tn The doctor removed the cartilage and performed a microfracture. After the surgery I started physical therapy again and after awhile it really started to feel better and things were looking up. Its been about 3 months since the surgery and last week i made the wrong decision to jump knees first onto sled. Ever since then the knee feels exactly the same before i had the surgery. sore, stiff and alot of pain on the medial femoral condyle.
Avatar f tn Our 8 year old had TPLO surgery for a severed ACL and she made great strides in recovery within a week. The surgeon recommended water physical therapy, and we were able accomplish that in our own pool. Did your surgeon offer any physical therapy? Did he at least tell you what to expect as far as recovery is concerned? I really wouldn't wait to have that leg looked at. Nerve damage is bad enough, but if the circulation is also impaired, you've got even bigger problems.
Avatar f tn I had knee surgery and was given therapy exercises by physical therapists. Obviously the exercise changed as time went on. I couldn't believe what a workout they were.
Avatar f tn I have to do something as my quality of life is suffering very much. I can bend my knee, but cannot straighten my leg. I went to physical therapy 3 times a week for 10 weeks and see no improvement. Thank Goodness I have not had to deal with infection, but the chronic pain is becoming worse.
Avatar f tn I am a 14 year old female and had arthroscopic surgery with microfracture to repair torn articular cartilage about 8 months ago. after physical therapy and lots of rest, i was cleared to play lacrosse again. My knee was feeling alot better and stronger. i still wear a brace while i play to try to prevent any further injury. however, i'm afraid its injured again.
1573930 tn?1295917640 Have you done any physical therapy?? I am sure your doctor ordered physical therapy for your knee replacement. You may need to be treated for RSD...some doctors don't know anything about it. Please look up RSD symtoms and see if anything resonates with you. Good luck.
Avatar f tn To continue being off my foot and come back in 3 wks to be rexrayed-see bone doctor and physical therapy. MEANWHILE, my whole knee all around is swollen, heavily inflammed still. I am afraid surgery may be indicated and need some feedback from someone. I go back this Friday.
Avatar m tn To respond to your comments. The knee that was fixed is strong. I have not had surgery on my other knee yet. I see the doctor tomorrow. As for favoring the right knee, I think I was doing this without really noticing that I was doing so. There really was not reaseon to be favoring it other than when it would hurt when the weather would change.