Knee problems after acl surgery

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Avatar f tn 2009, I went to my first knee doctor a week after my injury and he did an MRI and confirmed a torn ACL. In Sept. 2009 I had my first ACL surgery. Around a month after that surgery, I slipped in the mud outside my house and all my weight landed on my bad knee (left), it bent all the way (and I was NOT yet able to bend it all the way, and I was going to PT two to three times a week). I had just started walking around without my brace.
Avatar m tn At the time they wanted to fuse the joint but a young doctor at the time ( now head of the department ) said he would like to try and repair the tears and he could repair all but the ACL . At age 36 I was constantly falling and had the knee giving out- 3 doctors reported that their was no satisfactory solution and the knee was unstable but also arthritic ( DJD ) .
Avatar n tn I made it to the Olympic trials with no knee problems. After that I was playing basketball and football and everything was good. Well… one day I was playing flag football and this guy rolled on my knee and ankle. The pain was bad in my knee and ankle so I had an MRI done. I didn’t have a limp or no brace when I went to see the doctor and he told me that I have a torn ACL and meniscus. The Doctor said that since you’re not limping the ACL tear must have been awhile ago.
Avatar n tn Thus, ACL prevents the tibia from sliding too far forward and also contributes stability to other movements at the joint including the angulation, rotation at the knee joint. When an ACL injury occurs, the knee becomes less stable and there is a sensation that the knee will 'give out' from under them. Consequently, there would be difficulty in doing high demand work beyond the activities of daily living.
Avatar n tn It does not always pop and never has until the injury this May. I never had difficulties with the knee after my surgery until that day. The popping, grinding, and pain in my knee has been been directly related to the injury on May 11.
Avatar m tn just want me to have surgeys,i tell them my problems they come back with excuses,if my acl was torn doesnt that mean my knee would pop out forwards not inside to the other knee.. when my knee gives out i can feel my knee cap sliding to the right along with a shift inside my knee joint???? i can do this myself when ever i want,but only happens when my leg isnt extended..
Avatar m tn june 27 2012,got acl surgery dr said i had torn acl,surgery did nothing except cause more issues,from surgery to pt i torn my meniscous,,new mris show no torn ligaments,just meniscous.seen 2 other dr's one wich is the dr's partner who did the surgery,he just gave me a cortizone shot and want me to have another surgery,as they dont see anything wrong,but yet they see somethings wrong.. so what could be wrong,i know i need another surgery,but would like to just keep it to one surgery,..
Avatar m tn With restrictive movements and also by using a brace at your knee joint you can have an elective surgery after 4 months. It is not an emergency and you can explain your surgeon about this and take a suitable date and take the necessary tips from your orthopedician so that you do not damage it any further. Take care!
Avatar n tn I had an ACL reconstruction surgery about 9 weeks ago. I also tore my meniscus, b ut it was not fixed in the surgery because it was "healing". My ROM is supposed to be all the way back by now, which is stated on the protocal. Unfortunatly it is not. I still have problems with extending it all the way and bending it past about 100 degrees. My physical therapist said it wasn't normal for it to take this long, but he did say I was progressing.
Avatar f tn m wondering if anyone has similar problems post ACL repair (BTW I had a cadaver ligament put in), and if you have had similar problems how did you deal with it. My doctor is recommending something like a synvisc injection, but I'm hesitant to inject anything into my body that doesn't belong there. Thoughts?
1148201 tn?1262165258 I was in a motor cycle crash a year and a half ago and due to other problems that have been resolved they can now fix my knee. After a MRI they have found that I have only MCL in my left knee in tact and need to have a operation to fix this. I have found many people with ACL tears on you tube but can't find info on the problems I have in my knee.
Avatar n tn That now I had a stiff knee, motion 80, etc. Anyway I had surgery on 9/1/98. Now I am having lots of knee pain. I am being told it is due to all the old scar tissue. I am worried it is my meniscus. My doctor only had a few minutes with me, and I didn't even get the opportunity to ask about the meniscus. What could be causing the pain? The pain is worse at night and is not that bad when I do my exercises. Comes and goes! Any information you might provide me with?
Avatar n tn acl surgery one month ago. The knee buckled and I went down .I believe I tore everything again is a second surgery an option this soon?
Avatar f tn About 7 months after my dog had a TPLO surgery to her left back leg, she started limping on the right one too... We were told that she needed TPLO surgery on that leg also. However, I have been searching online and found out that TPLO is perhaps not the only solution (even for a 80 lbs. dog...) and I believe I now found a good vet that has given us more options beside TPLO but I would need a further opinion...
Avatar f tn However, it is really too early in your course to worry. It can take up to a year to reagin your strength after your surgery. Stay the course.
Avatar f tn I tore my ACL, my cartilage and fractured a bone in my knee skiing about 3 weeks ago and and I am scheduled to get my surgery done in less than a month now. Currently I am doing pre-rehab with the physio. I'm just curious to what my recovery will be like after the ACL surgery? Will it be difficult to get over and will I be able to play hockey like I used to?
Avatar f tn According to the surgery report, my acl is lax. This was my 7th knee surgery. I know my acl was torn during a ski accident in 2/00. I was unable to stand or walk after the injury. My knee swelled up bad for weeks and I was unable to bend it. I have had chronic looseness in my knee that can't be fixed by physical therapy. I have gone to therapy for 4 weeks at a time with 4 separate surgeries. I have always thought my acl was torn.