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Avatar m tn Ibuprofen and acetopminophen will kill dogs and cats. Acetisalicylic aciid (regular plain aspirin) IS safe for dogs in the correct dose. Check with your vet to see what the appropriate dose would be for your dog based on his breed, age and general condition.
4966610 tn?1362054308 I have a toy/mini poodle named Shadow who is over 12 years old. He weighs 12.5 lbs. He has several serious medical issues including a luxating patella (trick knee) on his right rear leg. Because of his age, and his medical condition, I don't want to chance surgery to repair this as there is more of a risk of fatality from surgery and or anesthesia as he gets older. Unless there is some dire need for surgery, I am looking for a non surgical solution for this problem.
Avatar m tn My Mastiff has a somewhat simple knee surgery (TPLO) and I still had to keep her down for 6-8 weeks. I would assume a back surgery would be just as long, and that the vet would have explained that to you as an aftercare method. Contact your vet and see what he says. Post back his reply. I'd be interested what the moron has to say.
Avatar f tn The one that would be necessary for your dog would be an injection into the joint capsule of the affected knee. It requires two procedures: a surgery to extract fat that contains the stem cells, and than the injection two to three days later. This would require two anesthesia's. I would not inject into the knee of any dog without anesthesia (it can be done without anesthesia in horses and humans {outside USA}).
Avatar f tn I had my total knee replacement surgery August 30, 2012 and thought that I would be as good as new, hahahahaha!!! I have been in such severe pain that at times it is so unbearable I want to scream! I have severe aching pain with many sharp and stabbing pains throughout the day and night that wake me up in tears also. I thought that I would have way better range of motion, not! When I straighten my leg it locks on me just like it did before the surgery, why?
Avatar f tn I had meniscus surgery in 2007, last Thursday my aunts dogs got out and I had to run about a block from her house trying to get them. I was find that day, later that night I started developing sharp,dull pain in the back of my knee. I would walk and my knee would give out on me. 4 days later when taking the steps I have to take one by one if I put any pressure or weight on my knee I am in a lot of pain and it feels like it will give out on me.
Avatar f tn I am gearing up for surgery, but I still very concerned about which surgery is really the best optiont and what should I realistically expect as outcome. My dog does not appear to be in pain. I have reduced play time outside, but he runs in the house, jumps on beds and begs me to play. Does this sound like a dog that does need surgery? Is the TTA really the best or would the traditional or TPLO be better? If one is better, why? TTA and TPLO seem so drastic what if they fail?
Avatar n tn You have to go for the surgery later but do not hesitate to go to a doctor to see what damage you have done this time. Take anti inflammatory drugs and also give rest to that leg. This might just be a tendonitis so diagnosis of a case is important. Do not delay and try to visit an Orthopaedician. Take care!
Avatar m tn Shortly after she started limping and under went tplo surgery on her hind knee and than on the other knee. This was the result of a tear in her acl. I was told this is a common problem in dog that are very active. I recomend that you take your dog to have checked right away. It may be nothing but its better to be safe than sorry. This happened to my dog at a very young age.
Avatar n tn Our dog had TPLO surgery when she was 8 years old. Her ACL was completely severed and the surgery involved fusing the knee joint for strength and stability. She made a remarkable recovery, but within a few months she had the same trouble with a sit position that your dog is experiencing. It was just simple arthritis that was progressing really quickly.
1388357 tn?1280189493 I have to share this because we hear of so many doctors who don't know about cm/sm... I took my dog to the vet yesterday, and mentioned that because I had surgery, I've been having my daughter bathe the dogs, so I'm not as "hands on" with the dogs as far as noticing any physical changes on them. She asked what kind of surgery, and I explained about chiari and the decompression surgery.
Avatar n tn ve got a huge problem with the leg injury because dogs MUST have exercise not only for physical health, but for mental health as well. Please check into Care Credit which offers low to no-interest credit for exactly these situations. Is it a TPLO procedure that is needed? My dog had that done (and it was more like $3,500!) and she had a spectacular recovery. She went from being a crippled tripod to running and jumping like her old self within a month after surgery.
724368 tn?1230914361 My husband had the meniscus operation around the same time too;o) It's good that you will be getting it checked out. As far as money, most vets will work out a payment plan. Hope your dogs leg gets better soon. Yours too!!
Avatar m tn In that post of mine you will find another link for possible resources where you may find some financial support. This is U.S. only I believe. As it was just over a year ago, I hope the information is still current.
Avatar f tn You need to make an appointment with your vet to have him examined for hip dysplasia and/or a luxating patella. People are sometimes under the misapprehension that only large dogs like German Shepherds get hip dysplasia, while in reality it is possible for ANY breed to have it, no matter how big or small. Small and toy breeds, however, are also prone to something called a luxating patella, the patella being the knee. Its human equivalent would be called a "trick knee".
8412758 tn?1398013501 They seem to heal fine either way......Mine (All cases) were restricted from doing more damage for 4 weeks....In our case a knee brace was not used, but I think a sturdy wrap is helpful..... Mine also received Acupuncture for pain & Laser therapy to heal the tissue faster & control inflammation.....Worked every time!!!! We've had 4 so far!!!!
Avatar m tn i was hooked for 8 years...I've stopped abusing oxycontin Nov 15...yes i had a couple of relapses...went to surgery again Feb 13....I've got knee issues...right knee replaced in may...left knee acl reconstruction...i had 90 days of clean time before surgery...and i felt so so good...i am off all the meds again and unfortunately detoxing 5 days without pain meds. but i know the process now. if i can help. ask me anything..anything...
Avatar f tn I'm considering Prolozone for knee OA and can't get off the fence, for fear it will not work for me......I did 2 series of dextrose Prolo in this knee and it didn't work.....PRP and Stem Cells are out of reach in my pocketbook. I do NOT want knee surgery of any kind.....
16888441 tn?1452155657 Knee surgeries are considered orthopedic procedures performed to address and repair pain in the knee caused by injuries, running, tendinitis or arthritis. After examination and diagnosis, treatment for various knee problems will depend upon the extent of the injury, condition or disease as well as medical history, age, and overall health. Cost of Procedures In the United States, a knee replacement surgical procedure can cost up to or over $30,000, as compared to the $12,000 charged in India.
Avatar m tn A Vet prescribed Deramaxx for my friend's dog, and ithe dog began having seizures within 24 hours- (never had seizures before). And then it was one problem after another. May have been coincidental, but my friend didn't think so. Maybe Metacam would be a safer alternative (?) There are over the counter (herbal/supplement) type painkillers available at pet stores or on-line, though I don't know if they'd work for the particular ailment your dog has.