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640548 tn?1340553355 I found that my belly bands for my pants helped a lot. I don't know about a specific support band tho.
Avatar n tn Had no problems with my knee until this fall in early January. I fell directly on my knee, tore pants and the skin off my knee. About 8 hours after the fall I went to do a complete squat (to the floor) and it took my breath away. I have difficulty kneeling on it and squatting and getting back up. Bending knee to put pants on is not comfortable. MRI says "minor superficial fissuring of the articular cartilage over both patella facet and depths of the trochlear groove is appreciated".
Avatar f tn I will be doing a lot of traveling this summer, lots of airports; does an orthopaedic boot support both knee and ankle? I use Voltaren gel and take Tramadol twice a day.
Avatar f tn Do any of you ladies know where I can find some stretchy maternity pants that have the belly material? I have leggings, but they're a little under my knee. I want some pants that I can wear out and still be comfy.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I am not sure why I am writing down all this. I guess I am looking for some support. It's been almost 5 months now since my high risk exposure. The anxiety gets worse and worse, so I finally decided to go back to my home country to do the final test. I've been tested negative after one week and 39 days. It didn't really give me much relieve. rather the opposite: I got so anxious that I couldn't go to a further test.
Avatar n tn My rheumatologist has me on relafen but said I cannot take ibuprofen with it for knee pain that I'm having. What can I safely take?
Avatar f tn Hi. So a long time ago (like 4 years) (I'm 16 year old girl) I hurt my knee playing softball. I slid to second and can't remember what actually happened before I got up and limped away. When I got home, my whole left knee was horribly bruises (I have pictures) so my mom scheduled a doctors appointment. He said that I just sprained it and to wear a mild knee brace for two weeks. I did and eventually the bruising and pain subsided.
Avatar f tn m glad I had those pants on lol. You can even wear yoga pants to look like dress pants if you feel more like sweats that day but wanna look good.
Avatar m tn Because of the atrophy in my leg, I will have to wear a brace for the rest of my life and this brace seems to be the one that gives me the most support. I hope your knee is better and you do not have to wear a brace indefinitely but if you do, I recommend the Donjoy Defiance III. It is a custom fitted brace. Your doctor should be able to help. Best wishes to you and stay positive. You'll be fine...
Avatar f tn I should differentiate between a knee INJURY, involving a blow to the knee and a RUGBURN, which is due to a scrape. Generally, if you fall on a knee or twist an ankle the drill is cold packs and wrap with circumferential ACE bandages immediately, before swelling takes place.
Avatar f tn then back in 2009 i was flipped over some ones back hard and feel on the same knee and put two holes in my pants and they match the two scars on my knee. it swelled bad couldnt bend it for about two months it looked nasty didnt have medical so didnt go to docs again. what could it be...
405614 tn?1329144114 I was fine, then when we stopped at the Outlet Malls, I started having a pain on the outside front of my thigh, above my knee. It made it difficult to walk. As the day progressed, the pain moved up into my hip and lower back, with not so much by my knee. It wasn't the same as my usual pain, more tight and sharply aching. I took Tegretol and a pain pill, and it seemed somewhat better. By evening, I had a hard time sitting down or standing up.
Avatar f tn Use a heat compress such as a damp washclothe microwaved for 30 seconds or until hot then lay it in your knee to relax the muscles, tendons and ligaments then massage your knee to relax them even further. I have patellar tendinitis and I do this every night before bed to help keep the swelling down the next day.
Avatar f tn I have been having testicle pain aswell as pain inside of my urethra on and off randomly throughout the day.. for about 3 weeks now... i recently have also gotten sick, dry cough & congestion, sore throat, stuffy nose, headaches & lightheaded randomly. Also had joint pain in my knee for the first time ever. I dont know if this is all connected... the only sexual activity i ever engaged in was recieving oral analingus for a couple of minutes several weeks ago.
Avatar n tn A latin girl attended me. I did not remove my under wear and jeans pants. She was semi nude. She lifted my shirt and massaged my hips and the upper body . I also pressed her boobs. Aftersome time I could feel a slight wetness in my hands.I asked her if she had milk in her boobs and she pressed it and finally a little drop of milk was seen out. She then laid on the bed showing her back..
19359880 tn?1476367827 for the past month or so, every so often i get a strange heat and warm feeling sensation on the back of my right leg behind the knee on my upper calf, i first thought i had fire in my pants, but it's not hot on the outside, i think it is a bit strange, and i want to know if i should be nervous.
19359880 tn?1476367827 for the past month or so, every so often i get a strange heat and warm feeling sensation on the back of my right leg behind the knee on my upper calf, i first thought i had fire in my pants, but it's not hot on the outside, i think it is a bit strange, and i want to know if i should be nervous.
Avatar f tn It started a few days ago, I cut my penis with my nails on accident putting my pants on for an event. It got sweaty, but I took a shower. My gf and I (who are both clean) got frisky (just foreplay, no penetration) and we noticed it was bigger. A few days later more bumps showed up on the base of the shaft.... I'm kind of worried as we haven't done any thing that goes past touching. Is it just blisters? Or did things get worse after the cut?
Avatar f tn They also help with belly support!
349463 tn?1333571576 Well after almost pulling a Juana today in the parking lot I decided it was time to go buy some pants. I found a great deal at old navy they have low waist drawstring maternity pants on sale. Maybe not the cutest pants I've ever worn, but they stay up and are darn comfy!
Avatar n tn but I cannot kneel even on a soft surface. Today I had capris, and he slight friction from the pants to my knee cap as I got in my car was sudden and excruciating. It feels like a tendinitis or something? No noticeable swelling, but feels tender and somewhat soft in the area. The sensitivity comes in waves, maybe every 3 mins or so, goes away, then surfaces for no particular reason I can mention. Any ideas???
Avatar f tn See your chiropractor, seriously, I have a knee that does that, he works on it and it is fine. In the mean time, try wearing a knee brace to give it support.
645800 tn?1466860955 So now I can finally put my pants on, but I then have to pull the legs up above the bottom of the knee braces as the top of the AFO attaches over the bottom of the knee braces. Of course the AFOs attach with Velcro straps as well and they stick to everything as well. Finally the struggle to get the pants legs down again past the AFOs. So far the fastest I have been able to do this is around 10 minutes. Oh and getting undressed is just as involved. So is all of this worth it?
Avatar f tn My belly is starting to be heavy, and I I only find myself comfortable when I am wearing the only pregnant pants with support I bought, so I want to buy a band that I can use with my other clothes. Thanks!
879355 tn?1264556306 The bottom part of my thighs from under the knee to my buttocks sweat profusely causing my short or long pants to get wet & sticky. This causes an odour an a result of bacteria setting into the fabric of the chair. I change pants as often as possible. Does anyone else suffer from this condition? Does anyone know of the cause, a solution or treatment that I could persue? I would be most great-full for any constructive advice, guidance or direction.
708668 tn?1229045767 this is standing then lift leg up in front of you (bent knee) to hip height and then rotate knee outwards. This compresses the pelvic joint and apparently helps. Probably due to everything stretching and what they call Pelvic Dysfunction. You can look this up on the net. There are some recommendations for how to manage it. - Use a pillow between your legs when sleeping; body pillows are a great investment!
198727 tn?1352054382 Oh my, this has been going on for 2 weeks. I keep checking my knee thinking I have spilled something and there is no wet spot! It happens several times a day...! I suffer from migrane headaces, hypothyroisism that is in a consatnt upward climb, vitaligo, granuloma annulare...should I go to my neurologist?
Avatar f tn I put my leg up in the sink lol sometimes is a bit uncomfortable but works better than anything else.