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Avatar f tn Wrap the knee with ace bandage or black knee support until u can get to the doc. does your knee crack? Take ibuprofen as directed for swelling. Hope you can get to the ER or doc soon.
Avatar f tn I have a mild disability and walk with my left knee slightly bent, as a result my kneecap has ridden up slightly and is slightly inwards. I have had pains in it since I was young that tend to come and go, but at the moment it is bothering me more so than usual. It hurts just underneath my kneecap slightly to the left, also swollen, and a little in the kneecap itself. The thing is, the pain isn't constant and doesn't always prevent me from doing things.
1900462 tn?1352775302 Do they have anything to help your hips or no? Like a stabilizer? Cause now that I have my knee stabilizer I can't move my flight leg which is hurting my left hip now. Fixed one problem got another lol.
Avatar f tn I got knee arthroscopy surgery for a loose body removal. a week later I still had liquid discharge from the incision,so the doctor wrapped it with an ace bandage,went back a few days later and still had the discharge so my doctor decided to put 3 staples over the stitches to try to stop the fluid from coming out.can this be done and was he supposed to do this?
Avatar n tn For the first week I took two three times a day to get them built up in my system. Also a brace or ace bandage helps when I am having a bad knee days to keep them a little more stable. Hope this info helps you. Have a blessed day.
Avatar f tn My story consists of having infection of the left knee and surgery to replace same with months of antibiotics between surgery and norco 5mg/325. Went cold turkey after 2 1/2 years of narcotics cold turkey. 10 months go by and the knee failed again. It was replaced on January 5, 2016 and still had a variety of narcotics after surgery, dilaudid, oxycodone and finally back to the norco. I took my last Norco 5/325 on Sunday March 27, 2016. I am now at 73 hours out.
Avatar n tn Got hit in the knee yesterday right on the knee, this morning I am experience tingling sensation and shooting pain going up and down my leg. What should be done to get rid of the pain?
7510956 tn?1411671417 Last night I injured my knee and today it looks like I have a ballon in front of my knee cap. I have Dr. appt for tomm and hope they can take the fluid out since its very painful. I wanted to take two advils but I know they are very bad for our liver, any suggestions as to what I can take for the inflamation and pain?
Avatar f tn After my dr. said my knee was healed and I could go about doing everything I use to do, I went horseback riding this weekend and my knee has started hurting--along with other parts of my body too :). I gave him a call first thing this morning and I'm waiting for him to call back. I would hate to think I re-injured my knee.Wish me luck.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with pseudoseizures 2 years ago and have one every few months. When they occur they very much appear to be epileptic grand mal seizures. When I fist started having them I was taken to the ER by ambulance and was treated as an epileptic patient. I then had tests done to confirm that it was not epilepsy. I was then treated very badly in hospital after my results were known because my seizures were not thought to be "genuine".
2095852 tn?1376416781 Is this normal just in general to have a weird pain and a swollen foot from a knee break? I have a ace bandage on my knee for support it is not wrapped very tight at all it has been on the last week the same tightens give or a take a little but not much. All last week I was putting 25% of my body weight on it and the last 3 days I have now been putting 50% of my body weight on it as the dr told me to start doing. I have had discomfort and pain the whole time.
Avatar m tn I woke up this moring and my right knee was hurting then when i neeled on it i yelled in pain. i asked my mother about it and she said she had the same thing but in both her knees and her elbows and she said she had this because of nicotine withdraw but im only 14 and i dont smoke or drink so i dont know what is wrong.
Avatar f tn I should differentiate between a knee INJURY, involving a blow to the knee and a RUGBURN, which is due to a scrape. Generally, if you fall on a knee or twist an ankle the drill is cold packs and wrap with circumferential ACE bandages immediately, before swelling takes place.
Avatar f tn I need advice on what to do about the pain in my knee. I got into a small accident while biking last weekend. While biking along the main stretch of town, I collided with the side of a pick-up truck backing out between two buildings. He couldn't see me and I didn't see him until it was too late. Neither one of us was going very fast and there wasn't even any damage to my clothes from where I hit the pavement, so I figured the bumps and bruises were going to be the end of it.
Avatar f tn I've been having this pain in my left leg since yesterday. It starts at the hip and extends down right below my knee. I've tried an ace bandage to provide some compression to it and elevating but nothing is helping.
Avatar n tn I can hardly bend my knee; the most I can bend is like 90 degrees, after that, I feel a bad pull in my quadriceps muscles. My quadriceps muscles have swollen just above my knee cap. There is no color or pain. It is just that I feel a bad pull when I bend my knee, its swollen, difficult to walk because of the knee bending problem, there is no pain on the swollen part, but it hurts my quadriceps muscles when I try to bend my knee. Please give me a solution to this problem.
Avatar f tn I will be doing a lot of traveling this summer, lots of airports; does an orthopaedic boot support both knee and ankle? I use Voltaren gel and take Tramadol twice a day.
Avatar m tn my husband had total knee replacement surgery 1 week ag. He continues to have aburning sensation around the total area of the knee.
Avatar n tn I had been diagnosed with neuropathy several years ago. However, it has been so mild I hardly notice it anymore. I began taking Lotrel in early March. In May I noticed my feet starting to tingle again. Gradually it has gotten severe and it is also burning. As a test I went off Lotrel for two days and the tingling and burning disappeared. When I went back on it, it flared up again. Have you ever heard of ace inhibitors aggravating peripheral neuropathy?
Avatar m tn Secondly, treat with ice 15-30min on, 1 hr off. Elevate the leg, bend the knee slightly, and support with a pillow -- again 30 min on, 1 hour off.
Avatar m tn I just had miniscus repair surgery 9 days ago and surgeon said my knee showed a whole lot of wear and tear as well. I think the surgery took and I was getting better until 2 days ago. From my knee down is swollen and red and painful. I went in to see my surgeon yesterday and he sent me directly to get an ultra sound which was negative for blood clots. I was more active on the day it starting swelling but my doc said to keep walking on it.
Avatar f tn I used to play a lot of soccer and have not in years, but I remember having knee and ankle pain quite often, enough so that I frequently wore knee braces and wrapped both ankles. Recently I started playing golf, and after playing one day I noticed some knee pain. I don't remember a specific incident or the actual onset of pain - it just seemed to gradually appear.
1906269 tn?1321899343 Hey there. I am a 41yr old female. With two great kids. I am your typical soccer mom. This monster dosent care about social standing. But I am proud of your three weeks. Think about this. You did it before you can and it again. I have been taking tabs then percs then oxy for over five years. I fell off a ladder. I understand pain. I had six surgeries. Four knee surg ending with a total knee replacement. That's when the oxys started. Do you know the Thomas recipe.
Avatar m tn The doctor wrapped my knee in ace bandages and gave me crutches.and told me that the meniscus could heal by itself. If it didn't heal in 10 days I should get an MRI to see what is up. After about 10 days the knee is bending ALMOST completely straight,and I am having a lot of hope I wont have to get a MRI nor surgery.5 days later it seems the knee is a little better but I still cant bend my knee straight all the way but I can bend it back all the way.
Avatar f tn I tripped and fell crossing the street yesterday and now my knee just below my patella hurts when ever i bend it with pressure on it. it also hurts when i press on it though their isnt a bruise could it possibly be hyper extended?
1832268 tn?1326816010 s surgery was that a mesh stabilizer was implanted to hold the joint while the scar tissue took over....The stabilizer will eventually break and be absorbed......My best bet was to make sure no damage was done to his knee for 3 mos.....Recovery will be up to a year..... So, that's what I'm wondering.....Why not a stabilizer on the outside??
Avatar f tn With the change of weather from warm to cooler my muscles seem to be experiencing more tightness. Unfortunately, I believe this tightness may have lead me to a torn ligament or something else in my knee. About 3 or 4 days ago I was standing in my kitchen and all the muscles in my left leg and even ankle were pretty tight and kept popping everytime I took a step. Because I have so much weakness and tightness, I feel like I walk like a zombie.