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Avatar f tn It can be a part of myofascial low back pain or it may have happened due to incorrect leg lifts causing strain on the band. Wrong sitting posture causing improper transmission of force and strain on the band can bring about pain. Changing posture while sitting, using a good chair with back support, getting up and walking once in a while, etc helps. When in pain, RICE treatment helps (rest, ice, compression by wearing a knee cap and elevation of leg).
Avatar m tn My toes on the right foot got caught in a net during a swing of my leg causing them to point directly outward. Something in my knee gave. I was unable to walk for days, unable to do fully support my weight on that leg for months. Over the next several months I gradually got better, but began to experience a dull stiffness and pressure in my knee cap. Temporary relief would come from rubbing the knee cap gently, primarily on the inside of the knee.
Avatar f tn At 13 weeks I doubt they give u a belly band u are bloated more then anything my doctor just prescribe me one at 32 weeks
Avatar m tn m in the military and went through a course about four months ago which badly messed up my IT band. I made a makeshift band for it which I placed right below my right knee cap during the course. It helped my knee pain but in turn caused some serious pain behind my knee. After the course, I rested for about a month and most of the pain went away. Over the past three months I have completed other courses with little to pain and these were pretty physically demanding courses.
Avatar f tn I have marching band and so I am afraid this will only make it worse. Is it best to go through marching band and then get my knee taken care of or to not really do marching band?
Avatar f tn Hey Ladies, so whatever you want to call them, I have a belly support band. Some strap together with belts, I got mine at baby's r us, it's Velcro three pieces. Even had doctor show me what to do... I put it on like they said and I feel no support, afraid I'm putting it up too high and will hurt the baby. If I get it to feel secure then sit down it's way way way too tight on my belly. Advice without video or pictures is pretty tough... Any input is appreciated!!
Avatar f tn So Im wearing the support band per ER instructions to avoid ligament pains. It makes my bump HUGE though by supporting it higher. Logan seems to like the support though and I have to admit Im feeling less pain while standing. The real test will be tomorrow in my cooking class. Standing for 5hrs straight. Anyone else having to wear one of these?
378273 tn?1262097621 You could consult your doctor and ask regarding physiotherapy and knee band/cap for support. Usually these two should be able to maintain your knee movement with minimal pain. You could also take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory as and when required. Sometimes debridement of the torn ligament and damaged cartilage helps reduce the pain. However, yes, it is not a permanent cure. Please consult all aspects of an arthroscopic surgery with your doctor. Take care!
640548 tn?1340553355 I have been researching and I see a lot of good reviews on the Babies R Us brand. Have you found anything different?
Avatar f tn I have had knee surgery on my right knee 5 times - each time the orthopedic doc has recommended icing the knee for a few minutes every day. I had the "bad stuff" scraped out from the underside of that knee 4 of the 5 times for surgery. The first time was for a torn meniscus after bumping it on a file cabinet at work. Seeing the doctor is ALWAYS a good choice when a new pain arises - especially one that doesn't seem to want to go away. Good Luck to you!
Avatar m tn The pain never really goes away and from what i have learned is that it is probably my IT band. It always feels tight around the top outside of my knee always and after a competitive run it hurts along the outside of the knee and sometimes at the bottom of the knee. I have taken anti inflammatory meds which have help out a lot. Its not an option for me to take real rest from this training because if i do i lose this opportunity for a LONG time. I gotta fight through this!
Avatar f tn My question is has anyone dealt with this specific type of locking before specifically from preforming a baseball like slide like this. The pain is located on the outside of the knee almost feels like where the it band is located on the hinge of the joint. I need to be able to preform this slide and I cannot and have not been able to for the past 2 tears. Anyone ever dealt with something like this before thank you for any help it is greatly appreciated.
19035536 tn?1471424055 I have a band of redness encircling my right leg just above the ankle & below the knee, when it first came out is was a very red circle patch behind my calf, then that night after going to bed, a few hours later i had a fever, fever went on for about 24 hours, once the fever broke the red patch was now a red band around the same area and on a 1 to 10 the pain is about 7. later that day my leg started to swell like a balloon so now my leg below the knee to my foot is swollen.
Avatar m tn All the tests are clear however, I have this debilitating pain that starts in my hip, and runs down the outside of my right leg to my knee. It was first treated as IlioTibial Band syndrome, but didn't respond to any physio, or exercises. Believe me, I have had several exended recovery plans. This was the reason for the lateral release operation to take the pressure off the knee / IT band. This made no difference.
Avatar f tn s really annoying as I hate missing my time in the gym. Currently, I am wearing the support band for my right knee and it definitely helps! But I still have pain from the knees/thighs Just wondering if theres any kind of meds I could take or gel I could apply to prevent soreness/injury in the future or any advice?
Avatar m tn I have had pain behind my knee for almost a year now. I had a meniscal tear taken care of last June and I was told it would also take care of the ganglion cyst that had developed. 6 weeks after the surgery I was still having the pain and discomfort behind my knee. I experience increased tightness and pain with exercise....the more I use it the less I am able to do. Even walking causes discomfort. I am not able to pick up my foot and move it back as if trying to touch my butt with my foot.
Avatar m tn Iliotibial band syndrome, or ITBS, is due to inflammation of the iliotibial band. The iliotibial band is a thick band of fibrous tissue that runs down the outside of the leg. The band begins at the hip and comes down to the outer side of the shin bone called the tibia that is just below the knee joint. The band works together with several of the thigh muscles to provide stability to the outside of the knee joint.
Avatar f tn My Dr recommended the band supports the a little different then belly bands cuz belly bands help hold up ur pants and stuff the support ones help support ur belly they also have ones that wrap around the back.
Avatar f tn Well, about a year ago I had torn my meniscus and had surgery on it and had some of it removed. A month after that surgery, I started marching band and only iced during music rehearsals. Later in the year, my knee had started to hurt again while doing things. I also did a lot on the wii fit one day and that made my knee hurt a bunch as well. This summer though, I have been swimming a lot and there would be nights I would get home and my knee would ache for more than 30 minutes.
Avatar f tn I will be doing a lot of traveling this summer, lots of airports; does an orthopaedic boot support both knee and ankle? I use Voltaren gel and take Tramadol twice a day.
Avatar m tn a plica band (dead tissue around the knee cap) did it come on suddenly or did u injure it? Mine was sudden & the tear got worse bc I kept going full force & didn't get treatment. It shot up the leg too. The tear doesn't heal on its on (on the plica) bc there's very little blood flow there. (The 2nd surgery was the plica band came back & they found what's called chrondomalasia..roughness of the knee) so my advice is to not let it go long.
Avatar m tn As I think others have mentioned, ITB stands for Iliotibial band syndrome, which involves the band that stretches down from the hip to just below the knee and sits between the quadricep and the hamstring. I've seen him three times now and I have no doubt it's helping, although that's not to say that it will prevent me from needing surgery. When I see him he sort of 'pushes' the ITB along my leg, basically forcing it to stretch.