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Avatar n tn Hello sarabear and welcome to the Pain Forum: I think what you're experiencing is called Runner's Knee (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome) The knee is a complex joint. It includes the articulation between the tibia and femur (leg and thigh) and the patella (knee cap) and femur. The most common knee problems in running relate to what is called the "patellofemoral complex". This consists of the quadriceps, knee cap and patellar tendon.
Avatar f tn So, does your high school or college or wherever your cross country team is from have a trainer? They are a really great resource. You may have what is called runner's knee. The recommendations for runner's knee are to rest. That's hard for a runner. But also if you can't just flat out take a break, do pain free running. If sprinting hurts it, don't sprint. If you can only run for 20 minutes at a fast clip without pain, do that.
Avatar m tn Hi, My Student Industrial Team and I have come up with a device that relieves knee pain for those with runner's knee and the elderly as well. It utilizes pressure plates on the sides of the knee that help to stabilize and decrease the pain. What's your take?
Avatar n tn // You may really need to go for an assessment to see if your compensation during the foot injury has jacked up your knee.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? Chondromalacia patella is a common cause of kneecap pain or anterior knee pain. Often called "Runner's Knee," this condition often affects young, otherwise healthy athletes. Chondromalacia is due to an irritation of the undersurface of the kneecap. In some individuals, the kneecap tends to rub against one side of the knee joint, and the cartilage surface become irritated, and knee pain is the result.
Avatar m tn About 5 weeks ago I was trying to do rapid-squats without any warm up (yes, stupid, I know), and got this really sharp pain in my right knee, kind of under the kneecap - in the muscle area of my right leg I've been trying to not run at all to aggravate it, and trying to keep it straight, but I'm still taking walks on it. The pain has gotten a lot better, and it's only painful when I squat, kneel or bend my legs (the least painful).
Avatar f tn Hi there, A complete clinical examination is essential for correct diagnosis. There can fluid within the knee joint itself, or in the surrounding soft tissue. Acute injuries, anterior cruciate ligament tear, meniscal tears, ligament sprains all can lead to fluid or blood accumulation around the knee joint. If there is no history of trauma any infection in the knee joint can lead to swelling.
Avatar f tn I want to make sure to prevent something bad (like some of the things I've read). I am training for the NY Marathon now and it's about 2 months away. I have had runner's knee before and so as a preventative have gone to the doctor who cured me (using ART, active release therapy) every other week. My knees are pretty much symptom free as a result. He is a tri-athlete chiro focused on runners/athletes and just does some preventative deep massages and ART.
Avatar f tn Hello all, I have been dealing with what I believe to be poor circulation nearly all my life, but recently my symptoms have worsened. I have always had cold hands and feet, and if I sit in the wrong position, my hands and legs will immediately start tingling. Yet, these past few months I have noticed an increase in my blackout spells from orthostatic hypotension as well as that my heart races after walking up a flight of stairs. Even lifting my book bag can set my heart racing.
Avatar n tn According to what I read rest, and physical therapy are the main treatments along with NSAIDs for pain and inflammation. I don't understand why it is going to take a whole year to get into physical therapy? Perhaps you need to call a different place..unless where you are located you do not have access to this type of choice. Perhaps then researching this "runner's knee" or chondromalacia patella and seeing what others say might be a good start.
Avatar m tn First,"Moderate patellar chondrosis with deep cartilage fissuring, surface irregularity and subchondral marrow changes especially involving the inferior aspect" is not a diagnosis; it is an MRI report. What you have is known as either anterior knee pain syndrome, or patella femoral syndrome. In the past, it was called "runner's knee" Although there are some dr.
1470596 tn?1286713970 I had this problem and realised thanks to my physio, that I overpronated when running. This can cause knee problems which is why I needed to buy shoes with arch support which stops the foot rolling inwards. For walking you can buy orthotic insoles but I would not recommend running with these. I use Adistar Salvations to run. A good running shop will check you for pronation before you buy. Also this might seem obvious but are you stretching before and after running.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm having dull ache behind the left testis, pain in left leg, and sometimes in left lower abdomen. I'm having this pain for almost 1.5 months now. I get this pain only when I sit. It doesn't hurt me while standing, walking or running. I visited the urologist couple of times. He did physical examination, and 2 times urine tests came out normal. All my STD reports are also negative and normal. - There is no physical change, no lumps in my testis or penis.
1773330 tn?1314171331 i ve been running on threadmill for 2 weeks..i ve got a knee pain...any solution to decrease the pain?
Avatar f tn My knee is stiff and painful today underneath the knee cap where the pes anserine tendon inserts and to the inside of the knee cap (medially). I also have pain in the middle of the back of the knee, is especially sharp if I push into it. In terms of comfort and daily activities, I am having no trouble walking except that my knee will get a little swollen (very slight) and stiff if I walk a lot.
Avatar m tn ve been running with no knee pain. I run on the dirt/grass, where others run on the hard cement. Time after again they would get knee injuries. I quit running in races because I could feel the difference in the hard surface on my legs running verus the dirt/grass. If it was me, since I love running, I would stay off the hard cement. Our joints aren't made for that hard pounding.
Avatar f tn // But it also could be part of your situation as well. Please let us know if you can see your doctor again.
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks. I work hard and most days my knee flares pain. Never had it before anyone else?
Avatar n tn After that, running and jumping has caused much pain in my knee. I went to an athletic trainer and they told me I had tendinitis and to ice and take ibuprofen. It continues to be very painful during practice. I can feel rubbing and clicking in my knee when I walk. What is wrong with my knee? Should I still be playing basketball or will it make it worse?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been having pain mainly in my left knee above and to the left of my left knee cap. I have had X-Rays and a MRI to see if any problems can be found. The doctors said they have found nothing wrong. I went a physical therapist around April of last year during spring track. He said I didn't have enough thigh strength. I do the exercises daily he instructed and they seem to not work anymore. Right now I am running winter track.
Avatar f tn I have been running 3 miles a day fro 3x a week, until recently because i have been experiencing really aching pain in my knee and if i keep running it becomes really painful like i have torn something, and sometimes my knee gives way too, if i stop running and walk the pain wears off for a while, i have had an 6-8 week rest, but it still hurts when i try to bend my knee, it pulls really tight and hurts, haven`t tried running fully yet, sometimes the knee hurts really bad , it hurts in the back
Avatar m tn No specialist is keen on taking my case, and after few visits, all of them make a same statement saying my case is difficult to diagnose which is frustrating me. The urologists did rule out vericocele and testicular torsion. I do have knee problem after excessive running during workouts, was diagnosed with runner's knee. I too have stabbing pain in the feet sometimes. Can all this be ITBS related?
Avatar f tn right knee painI have noticed recently that when I go to knell on my right knee it feels like it has a stone in it and then feels like a hot poker. Once I am on the knee for a bit it is ok but it happens each time. I do run and I have no issues while or after running. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn After experiencing knee pain mainly in my right knee but also somewhat in my left for roughly three months (pain that I thought was just standard runner's knee), I started to experience tightness and pain in my lower back. This pain was very low, centralized in the area just above my buttocks. I also started to experience the sensation of pins and needles in both legs more frequently.