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Avatar m tn These pains exist only as a shooting pain as a direct result of either running or tightening all the muscles around the knee simultaneously. These pains cannot be reproduced from pressure. After seeing multiple doctors, sports med docs, and an orthopedic doc, no one was able to resolve the problem. My MRI came back clean (according to the sports med doc and the ortho doc) and they basically told me I had nothing wrong with me and I should go home and just wait it out.
Avatar n tn my knee is coming in inwards while im carrying equipment and im struggling running i have a high pain tolerance but sometimes i cant even continue after i run 300m "meters" lately ive been having lower back pain around the hip area i hope someone can help me because i dont want to be 45 and have a dozen surgeries if i can do something to prevent it now
Avatar f tn Flex your muscles. Stride rate and stride length determine leg speed. Tight muscles prevent you from opening your stride and gliding. After warming up for 15 minutes, stretch your hamstrings, glutes, calves, groin area, hips and quads, and hold each stretch for 30 seconds. Stretch your muscles again after your workout. Muscles stiffen and tighten during intense training sessions. Build a solid base. Before you train to run a fast mile, run an easy to moderate pace for at least 12 weeks.
1470596 tn?1286713970 I had this problem and realised thanks to my physio, that I overpronated when running. This can cause knee problems which is why I needed to buy shoes with arch support which stops the foot rolling inwards. For walking you can buy orthotic insoles but I would not recommend running with these. I use Adistar Salvations to run. A good running shop will check you for pronation before you buy. Also this might seem obvious but are you stretching before and after running.
1773330 tn?1314171331 i ve been running on threadmill for 2 weeks..i ve got a knee pain...any solution to decrease the pain?
Avatar f tn My knee is stiff and painful today underneath the knee cap where the pes anserine tendon inserts and to the inside of the knee cap (medially). I also have pain in the middle of the back of the knee, is especially sharp if I push into it. In terms of comfort and daily activities, I am having no trouble walking except that my knee will get a little swollen (very slight) and stiff if I walk a lot.
Avatar m tn ve been running with no knee pain. I run on the dirt/grass, where others run on the hard cement. Time after again they would get knee injuries. I quit running in races because I could feel the difference in the hard surface on my legs running verus the dirt/grass. If it was me, since I love running, I would stay off the hard cement. Our joints aren't made for that hard pounding.
Avatar n tn It includes the articulation between the tibia and femur (leg and thigh) and the patella (knee cap) and femur. The most common knee problems in running relate to what is called the "patellofemoral complex". This consists of the quadriceps, knee cap and patellar tendon. What is now called patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) has also been called runner's knee, anterior knee pain, or chondromalacia of the patella.
Avatar f tn I can jump on both feet, walk around the house fine, but a fast stride or run is impossible. The pain is very sharp and feels like it is vaginal. The pain stops when I stop running.PLEASE help! Thanks.
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks. I work hard and most days my knee flares pain. Never had it before anyone else?
Avatar f tn You probably over stride and land hard on your heels. Try shortening your stride so your foot strikes a more of a glancing blow beneath your hips. Decreasing foot contact time with the ground makes you feel lighter on your feet and a smoother runner. Quicker leg turnover is necessary to compensate for your new, shorter stride length. Good runners take about 180 steps per minute, or 90 in 30 seconds. Count your number of strides for 30 seconds and try to hit 90 consistently.
Avatar n tn I like to stay active so I try to go walking and running in town. Halfway back from my walk it hurt unbelievably bad. My hips would not stop popping. I noticed that if I even push down on my hips it feels extremely painful. This only happens when I walk, run, or even ride horse. I don't have any clue of whats causing it and can't decide if I need to go to the doctor for it. Please help!
Avatar n tn After that, running and jumping has caused much pain in my knee. I went to an athletic trainer and they told me I had tendinitis and to ice and take ibuprofen. It continues to be very painful during practice. I can feel rubbing and clicking in my knee when I walk. What is wrong with my knee? Should I still be playing basketball or will it make it worse?
Avatar m tn Hi...I hurt my tailbone 2 yrs ago and am still having pain...hard chairs r a big nono....even soft chairs I have to re-situate myself....I remember I could barely walk when I first did it.....I do have other conditions that may add to the problem...but I know at least for me it was very slow to heal...and never went away.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been having pain mainly in my left knee above and to the left of my left knee cap. I have had X-Rays and a MRI to see if any problems can be found. The doctors said they have found nothing wrong. I went a physical therapist around April of last year during spring track. He said I didn't have enough thigh strength. I do the exercises daily he instructed and they seem to not work anymore. Right now I am running winter track.
Avatar n tn It started out of no where and ever since, if I go on a run for longer than .75 mile, I get the same sharp pain again. If I continue running with the pain, I'll feel it in the same spot for the next 24-48 hours, especially when going downstairs/upstairs and of course when running. I've stopped running for a long time in hopes this would solve the issue, but after going for a run again recently it came right back.
Avatar f tn t run a strong stride, sprint or job for a while without extreme pain in my pelvic/bladder area ( the lower front area). It brings me to my knees so I know something is wrong but no one will do anything. I ran sprints and hurdles for 7 years and now I can barely get a good workout in.
Avatar f tn I have been running 3 miles a day fro 3x a week, until recently because i have been experiencing really aching pain in my knee and if i keep running it becomes really painful like i have torn something, and sometimes my knee gives way too, if i stop running and walk the pain wears off for a while, i have had an 6-8 week rest, but it still hurts when i try to bend my knee, it pulls really tight and hurts, haven`t tried running fully yet, sometimes the knee hurts really bad , it hurts in the back
Avatar f tn I'd say yeah, almost certainly an MS thang. I have a weak right leg. It all started with my first flare - I couldn't feel it, and it would fold up without warning and take me by surprise. When it was really bad I had to lift it up, and I duck-walked so the knee wouldn't bend unexpectedly. This gets worse and better... Up until last week, it was doing great - I've been running to burn some calories, and I got up to twenty minutes of running.
Avatar f tn right knee painI have noticed recently that when I go to knell on my right knee it feels like it has a stone in it and then feels like a hot poker. Once I am on the knee for a bit it is ok but it happens each time. I do run and I have no issues while or after running. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn 30, with my gf and my knee got super tight and after another step a SHARP pain shot through it and I nearly fell. We had only gone about 4 miles and had warmed up properly and stretched, the weather was warm so I wasn't cold or tight when it happened. I have seen my medical department and they suspected ITB or Meniscus problems. However after about 2 months of aggressive icing, stretching, and physical therapy I can now run LESS and less before the pain comes back.
Avatar m tn for the last four years I have been experiencing sharp pain on the outside of my right knee starting usually after running about 3 miles. no pain when I am not running. It comes on gradually but I eventually need to stop running. The pain is located in the vicinity of the lateral meniscus and is most intense when my foot is off the ground and my leg moving forward. I have had no major injury to this knee. What is going on? is there anything I can do?
Avatar n tn i had total knee surgery 2 months ago,i am still having pain,my knee is still swollen and i can not sleep at night is this normal,when will i start to feel better,i am still on pain med,but only twice a day.
Avatar f tn Maybe someone can help me. For the past four months I have been experience really severe pain in my lower right leg. I have had shin splints before. I did the anti inflammatories, icing, rest, return to running slowly... etc. The pain persisted. The pain hurts when I run for longer than 5 minutes and hurts the duration of the run, and continues hurting the whole day. I had a bone scan and MRI done.
Avatar n tn t call it typical chest pain but more like a wincing fleeting pain with my heart beat in the center of my chest. Like I said, if I'm running, I'll slow down until they pass and then resume my pace. During recovery periods my heart will sometimes speed up and make me anxious which will then trigger this cycle again but once I calm down it usually passes. It's not terribly uncomfortable but it is painful.
Avatar n tn The hip flexor is what you use to lift up the lower leg when the knee is bent during the stride forward, or say, to lift your foot onto a step. My hip flexor is very weak. In order to bring my right leg forward in walking I have to swing my whole lower body to pull the leg forward with it - if that makes sense. If you can't lift the whole foot in the middle of the forward stride, then the foot drags through the step.
Avatar f tn I had (have) pain in the hip joint running down the outside my my thigh and into my knee, just as you describe. Walking makes it better. Sitting can be near impossible. It took me years to find a DX (Diagnosis). It was a D.O that finally DX me, proved it with several tests and treated me. I have chronic SIJD. I also had Greater Trochanteric Bursitis - in simple terms, hip bursitis. This can be caused by trauma to the hip. Very painful but treatable.