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Avatar m tn Dear Dr Junig. I started with pain above my right knee (lateral side) 18 months ago, which then quickly translated into pain the whole length of my IT band. I had several months of physio, stretching strengthening exercises. I have had knee, hip and back x-rays, MRI scans on my back and hip, two knee operations for mild CMP and a lateral release. I have also seen a chiropracter and had a bio-mechanical assessment (othotics req'd).
Avatar n tn Ever since then, I have had a bad, achy pain in the right side of my knee on the joint line, especially when standing and I pick my foot up. The worst pain is when I rotate my toes outward with my knee bent. It occasionally hurts when decelerating, and definitely when going down stairs. I got an MRI today and am waiting the results, but does this sound like a tear? I know it's not large since the knee hasn't locked, but I do feel a small pop on that side of my knee when I straighten it.
Avatar m tn I have a hard boney bump on the outer side of my left knee cap. I only started to notice the bump after I've increased my running miles. The bump has only recently started to give me pain while I'm active. It is not painful to touch, but it hurts really bad when I climb stairs or bend my knee. What could be the problem?
Avatar m tn for the last four years I have been experiencing sharp pain on the outside of my right knee starting usually after running about 3 miles. no pain when I am not running. It comes on gradually but I eventually need to stop running. The pain is located in the vicinity of the lateral meniscus and is most intense when my foot is off the ground and my leg moving forward. I have had no major injury to this knee. What is going on? is there anything I can do?
Avatar f tn the pain is at the right side of my right knee, its situated near the fibula, not indicating that my bone is the one hurting, the pain is distinctive as it only hurts in a manner or form of a thread, the pain doesn't take up all of the right part of my knee, its just a thread shape pain that seems to extend from the femur down to the fibula.
Avatar n tn It includes the articulation between the tibia and femur (leg and thigh) and the patella (knee cap) and femur. The most common knee problems in running relate to what is called the "patellofemoral complex". This consists of the quadriceps, knee cap and patellar tendon. What is now called patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) has also been called runner's knee, anterior knee pain, or chondromalacia of the patella.
Avatar n tn You likely have bruised meniscus. These are the shock absorbers in the knee (two per knee, medial and lateral, medial inside, lateral outside). Good policy is to give every muscle and joint one day of rest for every day practicing/training. You can work out every day, but work different things. Wait 3 days and if it still hurts see a doctor. Skip your PCP if you can and go to an Ortho. Sounds to me like you'll be fine with rest...
Avatar m tn but that seems to intensify the pain. I feel pain on the lateral side of my knee. It hurts a lot to bend and then once bent, it also hurts to unbend it. Also, i can hardly walk normally. I have a limp...this is because it hurts too bad to bend my knee, therefore, i literally have to walk by dragging my left leg. It's that bad. Bending is not the only problem, when i add pressure to the left side, i can also feel a sharp pain to my patella.
Avatar m tn Pain, swelling, popping sound in the knee could be due to arthritis, as it is the most common cause of pain in the knee after recurrent injuries to the knee. Burning, tingling and radiation of the pain to the hip and ankle relates to compression of nerve. I would suggest that you visit a orthopedician and get x-ray and MRI of the knee to confirm with the diagnosis. All the best.
Avatar m tn Pain is very specific in location, center of joint on the lateral side and slightly behind from that location. Pain is not constant and started a few years ago as slightly aggravating but now (still not constant) when it comes on it is severe/sharp. No range of motion, swelling or bruising/discoloration issues. Running forward aggravates it, but running side-step does not (except when I plant hard on my right foot to begin side-stepping left).
Avatar f tn The MCL is intact. LATERAL COMPARTMENT: Allowing for motion artifact, there is fraying to the lateral meniscal posterior horn free edge, and the posterior root is diminutive. Superficial chondral fibrillation is present at the posterior meniscal surface of the tibial plateau without subchondral remodeling. Intact lateral collateral ligament complex and structures of the posterolateral corner. INTERCONDYLAR NOTCH: The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are intact.
Avatar m tn When I landed, i felt a sharp pain in the middle of my left knee. I did not feel any popping, just a very sharp pain right behidn the patella. I didn't think anything of it that day, and it never bruised or swelled. I laid off the knee for the remainder of the week, but when i started lifting the next week, anything that put stress on the knee hurt. Squats, Legpress, Deadlifts, they all hurt right at the middle of the knee behind the patella.
Avatar f tn Tender to touch with medium to deep palpating. Pain NOT over bone. I am in my 60’s. No knee pain. Pain approx. 1 inch lateral to proximal tibia. What the heck happened here?
Avatar f tn a bakers cyst is a fluid filled sac in the back of the knee. inside your knee, providing padding on top of your tibia, there are two "pads" called menisci (medial and lateral) and by the report, it sounds like you have a tear to the lateral meniscus. a grade 3 tear is usually the worst. (grade 1, 2 and 3) truncated means 'short' so a short/small meniscus? (that would be my best guess:) i really dont know about the staying off the legs. and surgery...
Avatar m tn s only brought on by direct pressure to the patella when kneeling with my knee at 90 degrees, and the resulting pain is in the lateral aspect of the knee, proximal to the patella.
Avatar f tn like my doctor said but have had 2 cortisone injections since last February. I am constantly in pain. My knee swells to the size of a cantaloupe and this last injection I got (Jan 16th) has had ZERO effect on me. I am still in constant pain, and I wake up with my knee locked almost every morning.. I'm afraid I have another tear or is this just the effects of the arthritis. Help please..??
Avatar n tn Aching pain at and below the patella. Difficulty straightening the knee. Pain is most servere when putting weight or pressure on it. Pain can be felt when climbing up the stairs, jumping, running and standing for prolonged periods. In addition, pain can be felt behind the knee cap. I've had blows to the front and side of the knees before when playing soccer. The Orthopaedic diagnosed me with having Patella Tendonosis. However, I'm seriously starting to doubt the diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Hi my name is Ursula, I am 17 years old and when I was younger I had fallen off of a pyramid in cheerleading, as I got older I had consent intense pain in my right knee. Finally in October the doctor offered a Lateral Release as solution to my knee cap creating a new groove in my bone. The day after the surgery I was already feeling relief from the 10 years of constant pain. I am 2 months post- op and moving around better than I ever have.
Avatar m tn I had open excision of bipartite patella and lateral release to my left knee in August 2014. I had a hematoma and potential infection so they did a clean out in September 2014. I was still experiencing pain and tightness in my knee as well as in the quad tendon but have been able to resume training with running, squatting, jumping, etc. Laying on my back, lifting my leg, and bending my leg back and forth usually creates some discomfort and a little grinding in the knee.
Avatar m tn Now pain located vicinity of lateral collateral ligament and behind knee. Sharp pain behind knee upon straightening/standing. Also pain behind knee hen bending (I.e. Getting in an out of car, drivers side). Flexing foot to put shoe on cause sharpe pain around lateral collateral ligament. Knee slightly swollen an somewhat warm. Any ideas.
Avatar f tn Now in 08 i have 3 bulging disc, possible tear in knee, ankle pain and burning and pain running down my leg. The VA said i got dds, and said my ankle and knee does not affect my back. does this kind of injury cause dics bulging or dds [dergenerative disc disease]. I feel like in a couple of years i want be walking at all...
Avatar m tn also, i have no pain while walking, but experience instability while running, jogging or during any sudden activities. Thanks alot.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am recovering from a partial menisectomy of my lateral meniscus in my right knee, Although it went great and I am DELIGHTED to be back running again, I was recently informed that I lost 40-50 percent of my meniscus during surgery because it was so torn up. Does this mean that osteoarthritis is inevitable in my near future? I am only 16, and hope to be running as long as I can. :( Is it possible that osteoarthritis could end my pain-free life at age 30?
510679 tn?1265668267 post op surgery in august 2009(lateral release, torn meniscus repair and scraping of knee to get arthrtiis cleaned out), still no better actually more pain since but different pain. I am in severe pain most days dr wont give me no pain meds, i have tried ibuprofen so much to the point my stomach burns, so that is out. Tylenol, aleve doesnt help. I got an appt to a new dr tomorrow, so maybe he can help..was just wondering if anyone had any advice on injections..etc..
Avatar f tn I did competitive gymnastics for over 11 years, and I always had some kind of knee pain. I never adressed it, because I figured that it was just from overuse. Now I am a rower in college, and I am having a lot of trouble with my knees. It started in January, so i went to see the athletic trainer at my college. After doing pt and stim and ice with her for over a month, i did not see any results.
Avatar n tn Rule out meniscus injury. TECHNIQUE: MRI of the knee was performed using the following sequences: axial, sagittal, and coronal proton density weighted with fat saturation; sagittal proton density weighted; sagittal 3D GRE. 284 images were presented for interpretation. Comparison(s): Right knee radiograph, 12/7/15 FINDINGS: Menisci: Medial meniscus: Horizontal tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus with extension into the body.
Avatar n tn My problem started 2 yr back as sharp pricking pain along lateral aspect of the right knee with numbness(5 to 15%) when compared to other adjacent area. After some 3 to 4 months later in the same area there is tinigling sensation develop, this tingling slowly progressive towards thigh region 1 yr back pain in the lateral aspect of the left popliteal fossa develop which is sharp and burning nature and radiating towards calf muscles.