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Avatar f tn The vains were grafted from his left leg and there is no pain there.The pain,burning and numbness radiates down the front of his leg to the knee and does not go away. Could a nerve have been effected by the procedure? or is this normal.
Avatar f tn I'm a 20 year old female and about 2 months ago I fell and hit my knee pretty hard at work. At the time it only caused mild bruising, and I still have full functionality of the leg. However, every time I slightly bump my knee against something there's a sharp stabbing pain throughout my leg. I think can feel a very, very slight dent in the knee and it hurts when I press down on the spesific spot and leaves my knee aching for a few minutes before the pain passes again.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your input. I had specifically spoken to my Gyn about getting back on the exercise bike. We talked about it before surgery as well as at my 2 week check-up. I had been using the bike regularly as therapy for the knee scope I had done 5 weeks before the Hysterectomy. I'm not lifting weights or doing anything else that I was not doing pre-surgery. I just added back the bike and leg press.
Avatar f tn This can be accomplished with simple exercises like straight leg raises, leg press, hamstring curls, lunges etc. Ask any certified trainer for more ways to strengthen your lower extremity muscles. Take care!
Avatar f tn Do side lying twists... bend left leg over right side of body press knee to floor. Then press left shoulder to floor and turn head left as well. Hold for a minute. Then repeat using right side. Do several... and several times per day... it will align your pelvis and givery the nerves room.
Avatar m tn I found myself cheating, the pain inside my left knee wouldnt let me do the exercise right so my right leg started to get thicker than my left and the leg press machine was getting unbalanced too. A year or so after, walking down the street felt this excruciating pain, somewhere on top left side of my head,had to stop and hold my head for a few seconds and just as it came on it went away. Believed that was it.
Avatar m tn When I straighten out my leg and press against the back of my knee I feel a node.....
1306931 tn?1273540199 I decided to participate in a trial clinical study for a new drug to help with osteoarthritus, as I already have osteoporis at 45 yrs old. After the third set of very painful neurology tests and also giving a biopsy sample from my lower leg (above the ankle) I have been experiencing a lot of pain, tingling and discomfort. It seems to have caused a flare up in my knee, but it seems the side affects should have subsided since it's been over 2 months since the testing.
Avatar m tn Hello! I had left knee surgery in November of 2013 because my knee would swell from time to time from too much activity so it would hurt and be really stiff for a couple days then the pain would go entirely away with little rest. My surgeon said the only thing he could find was that my knee cap shows some wear and he cleaned up a few things but really was nothing for him to fix! Well, from the day I got out of surgery till today (8 months) my knee has been hurting non stop 24-7!
1444333 tn?1284383882 In 2008 I had surgery on my R knee to remove part of my meniscus due to it being severely torn. Currently I am 5 months preg, I've only gained 8lbs this pregnancy and the pain has come back in the same area. When I walk, sometimes it drags me down because it hurts. It fells like someone stabbed me behind my knee w/ a knife. If i sit with my knees bent/folded, I can feel the same pain. I apply pressure to the painful area, it feels tender and sore.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Osteo arthritis and my right knee is bone on bone - however I seem to have severe leg problems even though my knee rarely hurts. Also my lower pain constantly hurts. I can not walk a half block nor stand for more than 5 minutes, my legs burn and ache constantly and I have no leg strength. No one else I know has these problems with the arthritis - aches and pains yes - but they can walk - I can barely walk and it hurts to do so. No pain medications even ease the pain.
Avatar f tn Ive had stiffness/uncomfortable feeling in my leg for almost 3 years and no one seems to know why. It feels like something pinch but i dont think that it is... it moves from my knee to my not in pain. Ive had ultra sounds done, x rays done and my blood work is normal. Dont know what 2 do. Can someone recommend something that might help?
Avatar f tn I will never buy a pair of runners again. I have noticed HUGE improvement in my knee in a week alone. I am able to use the leg press with 110lb of weight and not worry about my knee. I highly highly suggest people research them, and I highly recommend them to anyone with knee and back pain.
Avatar n tn Would any one please guide me what kind of pain i have, when ever i bend down my knee there is short poping sound from knee, butt there is no pain, and whenever i run or slide stairs then i feel pain in exect behind the knee and also some low back pain at at same side where the problem of leg.
Avatar m tn In addition, I get pain in upper quadricep muscle (probably rector femoris) of left leg when I lie down and bring my left leg and knee towards my right shoulder, OR, if I do child sitting posture in Yoga ( I have seen 4 doctors in past 3 months but no avail. The latest I am seeing doctor feels it is Piriformis syndrome which causes pressure on Sciatica nerve when Piriformis muscle is compressed. I am not sure if it is the correct diagnosis.
Avatar n tn June 1 2017 summer basketball starts. He got a sharp knee pain one day. He tried but Couldn’t run. Hurt right on patella. Found out he had Bipartite patella. It Hurt to walk. He rested it For 3 months. It got better. He Played his jv basketball season. He Started aau in the spring. In May he got the sharp pain again. Rested it for a month and then tried to start playing on it again when summer basketball started in June of 2018.
Avatar f tn The leg can be straight or bent and the sensation can occur. No problem walking, running, no side knee problems. Likewise, at times, the pain is non-existent in the same postions/situations. Do not recall bumping it, however could have. Anyway, really odd. Appreciate any comments on what this might be.
Avatar n tn but after the lump i am feeling burning sensation and pain in my knee cap and my leg.Also i have th esypmtom of nurves are snapping diffrent part of my body. i am really sacre what to do ?my legs hurt very bad some you explain about the lumps please?
Avatar n tn Last night, the numbness and tingling went away and was replaced with widespread twitching and spasms on my right and left leg, mostly below the knee. Many were visible to the naked eye. I also has twitches and spasm on my for arms, biceps, thighs, quads, shoulder and face but now where near as many as on my legs. I also have had occasional pi prick sensations all over my body. As a note, the "v" between index finger and thumb on my left had has been hurting about 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn I have pain behind my knee and my leg is swollen in the calf. I was checked for blood clot and it was negative. I feel heat coming out of my knee when I place an ice pack on it. It warms the ice pack quickly. My thigh is swollen too, but all the pain is in my knee. It hurts to touch the bones in my knee. My ankles are a little swollen and also the calf on the other leg. I have had a meniscus tear and arthritis in one knee and baker's cyst in the other.
Avatar f tn If not fluid is withdrawn and a period of immobilization is prescribed, usually with a velco bandage that attaches to the thigh and lower part of the leg with a metal hinge at the knee. If there is no tear immobilization and rest, followed by light exercise usually solves the problem.
Avatar f tn Lateral lunges, front lunges, half squats, leg press, lateral step ups, knee extension (90-40 degrees), hamstring curls, hip adduction and abduction, hip flexion and extension, toe raises, try all of these under an instructor. I would suggest you to apply ice packs regularly to decrease the pain and inflammation and take intermittent pain killers and go for an MRI and also a second opinion. Take care!
Avatar f tn The MCL is intact. LATERAL COMPARTMENT: Allowing for motion artifact, there is fraying to the lateral meniscal posterior horn free edge, and the posterior root is diminutive. Superficial chondral fibrillation is present at the posterior meniscal surface of the tibial plateau without subchondral remodeling. Intact lateral collateral ligament complex and structures of the posterolateral corner. INTERCONDYLAR NOTCH: The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are intact.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing joint pain, muscle pain, cramping, swelling and stiffness in my left leg for over a month - in my knee, behind my knee and in my calf. It is worse at end of day. It often feels as if my leg won't support me when I stand from a sitting position. I do not recall injuring my leg. I have tried heat & ice packs and massage - all of which offer some temporary relief.
Avatar f tn I have been out of work for over 2 months due to this current state I am in. On Nov. 3rd I was at work and 2-3 hours into my shift, I started having pain in my knee out of nowhere, I didn't think too much of it as I am a heavy weightlifter at the gym and I get aches and soreness from time to time as one would. That particular day I had done bench press in the gym, no direct involvement with my legs; the previous day I did not go to the gym.