Knee pain when leg is straightened

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Avatar f tn about 5 months ago i jumped and landed funny on my left leg it felt like something behind(BACK OF LEG NOT IN THE KNEE)the back of my knee popped and i was in agony for about 15mins the pain wore off but i had to limp for about 2weeks as the pain only came when my leg was fully straightened or fully bentand that lasted for about 3 months it finaly went and last week i joined zumba and at my second zumba lesson i came home and my leg started to hurt when i straighten it fully or bend it funny all
Avatar f tn 51 yo F, diagnosed with Runners Knee, have been in pain, swollen and limping for 7 months. Dr. says to just keep coming back for cortisone, but it really does nothing. I can hardly walk, I am in pain, do I have to live like this? Is my doctor on the right track? Maybe I have meniscus tears??? It affects everything... walking, sleeping, working. Help!! Also, I have had xrays only. Shows no arthritis. In both knees, although one is worse than the other.
535882 tn?1396576685 Oh yeah I have popped my knee by just sitting and having it tucked around my other leg and when I straightened it out I felt the most horrible popping pain ever. That was from my good knee! Muscle weekness was more when I was hypo. Now that I am treated I seem to get sore when I do regular work related movements. Normally I would have recovered quickly. Now it takes longer.
Avatar f tn None of this stuff happens with my other ankle at all. If I wiggle my toes or straighten my foot, there is no pain and no noise. I don't know what this is and everything I have read about the pain in that area does not sound right and most everything says there should be swelling.
Avatar f tn Ive recieved some physio since and the pain subsided in those areas but i have been left with chronic pain above my knee in my quadricep area above my kneecap. The muscle is completely bulged with my leg straightened and is proving very painful to walk on and is also painful at rest too with a warm feeling in it but not to the touch. I'd always pointed this out to them but it was pretty much ignored by the consultant. The physio said it maybe the tendon but left it at that.
Avatar m tn The area that is most tender to touch is underneath the kneecap where it has been swollen continuously for two years. When straightened, it looks like there is a lump on my knee. Some of the pain also occasionally runs down towards my ankle. Recently I have also experienced minimal hip pain. While walking, the area along the medial side of the knee also hurts. The entire area feels like it is full of sand to touch.
Avatar m tn One specialist takes an extreme view that I will need a knee replacement in 10 years if I let it go and feels it must be perfectly straightened near to the bend. He says 3 cm is huge. He is whom I am currently booked in with. Another takes the complete opposite view that simply a wedge below the knee will do and that I should leave it till I am in true pain. He says 7 degrees is nothing 1.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I have a question about my knee. It all started when i was playing football, i got cut, incase you don't know what that means, i got hit in the knee from the side.
Avatar m tn When I told him that I felt like I had a sprained ankle toward the top of the foot and shin pain , He said it is probably is sprained slight because of the manipulation they did to straighten my leg. Have you ever heard this before ? Is it common? I just hope the pain eases up because quite frankly the pain is worse then before the TKR. Is it possible that he accidently nicked a nerve running from the knee to the top of the foot? If so does that heal on its own.?
Avatar m tn Yes it always burning and it also feels like something is grinding, when i kneel or just bend the knee it pops and cracks. When i say "inside" its my right knee but the pain is on the left side. and yes it aches it doesnt help to keep straight or bent. i take tylenol and advil but nothing really seems to help, Its been hurting little over a month now....
Avatar n tn To keep it short I am going to provide timeline in bullets -Two weeks ago my Tendons/Ligament in shin started hurting (both feet) -A day or two later, my feet would swell and I would wake up with pain -Swelling stayed for a week, now all the swelling went away in feet -Right after swelling on feet disappeared, I developed a red sore/swelling just above ankle on the shin of left leg, this is now slowly going away too -Other joints are now continuing to hurt (knee, fingers, ankle, a bit of shoulde
Avatar n tn there is no definitive test for fibro - they do tests to rule out other diseases - is the pain in your knee or on the outside of the leg at your knee or the inside of the leg near your knee and have they checked for osteoarthritis - you said behind the knee - do you mean behind the patella (knee cap) or at the back of your leg behind the knee - try to be very precise when telling the doctor where exactly the pain is coming from - i dont know much about ms but i know pain comes with it - i belie
3147730 tn?1343154021 Or you just want pain medication, but that is not really going to solve the issue of your knee.
1306931 tn?1273540199 All I can suggest is that I take Nsaids like voltaren and it helps me with the arthritis in my knee. I also wear a knee brace when I walk or do any kind of physical activity. My knee makes a lot of crunching noises and sometimes its painful, but at least I can walk now. But yes you would need to call your orthopedic on your knee.
Avatar m tn i have muscle a spasm due to which my lumbar spine has been straightened. although no compression on any nerve but i feel pain radiated to my buttocks and things some time . kindly suggestion me traetement of foot and back pain although i have been doing exercises recently and can any one tell me that the pain in my foot has caused pain in my back ? is it so??
Avatar n tn I have pain behind my knee and my leg is swollen in the calf. I was checked for blood clot and it was negative. I feel heat coming out of my knee when I place an ice pack on it. It warms the ice pack quickly. My thigh is swollen too, but all the pain is in my knee. It hurts to touch the bones in my knee. My ankles are a little swollen and also the calf on the other leg. I have had a meniscus tear and arthritis in one knee and baker's cyst in the other.
Avatar f tn The MCL is intact. LATERAL COMPARTMENT: Allowing for motion artifact, there is fraying to the lateral meniscal posterior horn free edge, and the posterior root is diminutive. Superficial chondral fibrillation is present at the posterior meniscal surface of the tibial plateau without subchondral remodeling. Intact lateral collateral ligament complex and structures of the posterolateral corner. INTERCONDYLAR NOTCH: The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are intact.
Avatar f tn Finally started urinating more regularly and the pain is becoming less. Was told to keep the knee brace on when I get up during the day and at night when sleeping. Was also told to keep the compression socks on both legs for 6 weeks. - January 27, 2010. Starting to feel less pain. Started walking with crutches today. No more walker. Yesterday I stopped using the cooler ice system for the knee. Bladder still somehow sensitive when urinating, but it does not burn when I urinate.
Avatar m tn If the leg pain is knee high you (I think) need more then socks. What kind of doctor(s) are you seeing? They have doctors who focus on pain and can advise you on all sorts of treatments (Including when you should consider talking to a surgeon about knee replacement) Your GP can write you a prescription for compression. And of course tell you if this is a good idea (or not) I'm not an expert but I would think "if" you need this you need ones that go over the knee.
Avatar f tn A good thing to do for your knee is doing some simple exercises. When your sitting down, pull your legs up and flex your thigh muscles, this will help strengthen the muscles around your knee. And also doing some water exercices, with the warm weather, it is a safer alternative than low impact aerobics and you won't even notice your exercising! We here understand the pain of arthritis, I hoped this info helped some.
Avatar f tn I have pain in leg that started in calf of leg, then went to knee. Now my entire leg hurts when I try to walk. I went to my doctor and he said it is arthritis of the knee. Can arthritis of the knee affect the leg this badly, to the point that I cannot put all my weight on the leg and am limping? He ruled out any clots in leg. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
Avatar f tn 51 yo F, diagnosed with Runners Knee, have been in pain, swollen and limping for 7 months. Dr. says to just keep coming back for cortisone, but it really does nothing. I can hardly walk, I am in pain, do I have to live like this? Is my doctor on the right track? Maybe I have meniscus tears??? It affects everything... walking, sleeping, working. Help!!!
Avatar f tn I have this one area on my leg, under my knee and a little closer to the inside, that is super painful to touch. I noticed it last night when I laid down and my other knee bumped it. It looks slightly swollen, but no bruising. I know I didn't hit my leg on anything. Could this be the start of a varicose vein? Should I call the doc? It doesn't hurt to walk or anything just when something touches it.
Avatar n tn Its does not seems to happen when she is baring weight such as carrying our child. It does not happen walking up stairs or when she tenses or leg when she is walking. It is guaranteed to happen the first step she takes after she exercises (stationary bike).
Avatar m tn Thank you doctor, but I just don't understand why I would also be getting this severe knee pain. I thought the sciatic nerve runs in back of the leg, yet I've had nights when sudden severe knee pain hits the right knee. I don't feel this level of pain in the daytime, x-ray done 4 mo. ago was normal.