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Avatar n tn If I leave my knee bent too long It starts to ache. then I try to straighten it out it hurts a bit then I feel and hear a pop. Then the pain and ache goes away. What could this be?
Avatar m tn Sudden onset knee pain can be due to ligament tear, bursitis (A bursa is a small sac of fluid. It cushions the outside of knee joint so that tendons and ligaments glide smoothly over the joint), meniscus injury or due to dislocation of patella. The pain can be severe enough to be felt throughout the leg or make it impossible to straighten the leg. Please consult an orthopedic specialist ASAP. Until then do not put weight on the concerned leg. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn they stiffen whenever i sit for a period of time. the also ache bad during the night. the outside bone on my right knee is tender but nothing like that on the left knee. This started with sore muscles that i thought was from not being in shape and playing tennis. it has progressed to almost constant pain and stiffness. even with 800 mg ibuprofen i was up half the night in pain. if i warm up a lot i can still play tennis but it will come back worse later in the evening or next morning.
Avatar f tn I have hashi and joint pain, muscle ache, stiff body, frozen shoulder. You get a feeling as if joints are connected in a crude manner. When you have prolonged pains like this, our brain tries to avoid any movement that can cause pain. This kind of makes you less mobile and lethargic...
Avatar m tn I also get pain on the top of my right foot. Currently the new one is joint pain on right knee. The pain seems to get worse with low activity and taking walk seems to help sooth most of the symptom, but the right knee pain. I also have numbness of my left finger tips, but this has been happening for years now.
1310435 tn?1273598077 Hi, I have PCOS and have had it for over 20 years, I also have severe PMT and I am on PROSTAP, over the last few months I have joint pain in my legs all day and at night, it is so annoying and painful, I feel tired at work and I have quite an active job, i am not lazy in any shape or form but it is really getting me down and I have been advised to lose weight, however, I find it very difficult as I also have an arthritic knee which needs surgery to a new knee, although, I can deal with the pain
Avatar n tn Hello, The knee pain can be associated with any condition so a proper examination and diagnosis is required if it bothers you. It can be knee injury due to knee sprain , prior knee injury ,dislocated knee , dislocated patella, femoral condyle fracture, torn ligament , knee overuse , knee infection due to any bacterial infection , knee inflammation due to synovitis or bursitis or Knee arthritis due to arthritis , osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis or gout and any tumor. Take care!
Avatar m tn 5 months before, I had tremendous pain in my knee joint along with inflammation and pain in the muscles above the knee. Some days later, the pain subsided but ever since that time my leg muscles have been feeling weak. There is the occasional tremor in my left hand and fingers when I try lifting up something. I have muscle cramps and aches in my right leg especially in the front of the thigh and to the sides, just below the hips. There is however, no pain when I am at rest or asleep.
Avatar m tn I had intercourse before 2 months , condom broke , now i have like knee ( joint ) pain and wrest on my hand , pain in tge side of my neck , please advice as my knee having like burning sesation Thanks
Avatar m tn The complexity of the design of the knee joint and the fact that it is an active weight-bearing joint are factors in making the knee one of the most commonly injured joints. It's not necessarily arthritis; you're 23, you're young. I'm sure you do activities such as sports. This can result in a pulled muscle.
Avatar m tn run in my family and many of us have experienced knee pain in our twenties. I have fistulas on the underside of my patellas (knee caps). You could have the same or have an inflammatory process going on in them It bears seeing your PCP for a clinical examination. Are you taking any OTC NSAID's? It may be beneficial. You hand pain sounds like you may have a tendonitis or carpel tunnel syndrome. Repetitive use of your hands can aggravate both.
Avatar m tn The knee is a complex joint. There are numerous conditions including structural issues that effect the knee. Your pain could be from arthritis or a patella problem. Some imagining will probably be required to determine the source of your pain. I am sorry I cannot be more specific. If you offer more information we may be able to provide you with additional information. Can you describe the pain? Is it always a burning? Does it ache also? What makes it better?
Avatar n tn I have looked for patterns to try to self-diagnose, such as hydration levels, with no success. The pain often begins in my knee as a dull ache that can be temporarily alleviated by putting pressure on the patellar tendon, but then will radiate into either my hip or ankle. NSAID's seem to help sometimes. However, today I woke up with excruciating pain in my quad. It is not a cramp because there are no knots on palpation and stretching does not help.
Avatar m tn anxiety does not normally cause joint pain unless your anxiety causes you to hold your joint rigidly for a period of time. any ticks in your area when you are outside? some tick bites can cause joint pain and fatigue.
Avatar n tn Then if the knee is actively used, or through physiotherapy, the muscles around the knee joint strengthen and lend support given by the meniscus. Generally this approach to treatment takes care of the symptoms. Surgery is only thought of if these conservative methods fail. So though the tear is not fully repaired, in most cases it heals enough to allow normal joint function.
Avatar f tn However fast forward a week on and I started having shooting pain from my Achilles heel and up my calf every time I walked, this also put pressure on my knee joint thus causing more pain( I have no knee, as this was taken out in 2001) on top of this, my leg feels heavy with tingling/ pins and needles sensation when I rest it...?
363110 tn?1340920419 I spent 8 days in a coma and after coming out, my left quad muscles were weak and the feeling from hip to knee was gone on the surface with a deep ache. some numbness contiues down the front of my lower leg towars the ankle. I fell several times on my left knee following release, and my doctor says I've got fluid on my knee.
Avatar f tn When it’s goes cold all my joints ache they have done for as long as I remember. A while back I feel and hit my knee and couldn’t straighten it or put pressure on it for 5/10 minutes however it stopped then just felt bruised. Yesterday it turned cold again and after work my leg started throbbing and hurt to put weight on it (all my other joints ached as well). I’m 18 should this be happening?
Avatar n tn Hello, I have constant joint and bone pain - a dull ache. The pain is throughout my body but especially worse in the shoulders, ankles, knees, neck, and BACK. It is worse in the morning when I wake-up ~ I spend 15 to 30 minutes every morning stretching in order to try and relieve some of the pain. I'm a 30 year old female with no health issues. My father was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago. I do not experience any joint swelling or redness/warmth to the joints.
Avatar n tn First i thought that the pain came randomly on same few spot but then i notice on, every time i use and part of my body(Joint bone muslce)on any simple task i feel like the bones/muscle/joint hurts. For an example, when i am typing this i feel like my elbows hurt and my fingers are feeling a bit strained. or when I play a video game for less than 10 mins i feel my fingers gets strain like it is overused and never had this feeling even though i used to play it for more then 2 hours.
Avatar m tn We're not orthopedic surgeons, unfortunately. From my own experience with a bad knee, this sounds more like either tendon or cartilage problem rather than muscular, if it is in fact in the knee. That's a joint, not a muscle. If you hurt muscle doing squats, it would most likely be in the glutes or the thighs or possibly the periformis, and it would probably just be sore, not injured unless what you don't say is you were doing this exercise with heavy weights.
Avatar f tn hi was after a bit of advice for my daughter she is 15yrs old, she has had right sided back pain for 3 yrs this pain is now in her right knee, left knee also hurts but not so bad, both elbows ache and her wrists, she had blood test done in march 2011 quite a few were abnormal but gp said all ok and was refered to a rheumatoid doctor at the hosp, when we first sa this doctor she only had pain in her back the pain has come on since, they first thought she had rib tip symdrome xrays came back negat
Avatar f tn Im currently living on strong co-codomal im prescribed for my spinal and joint disorders and it doesnt touch the pain above my knee.....
Avatar m tn for example crossing my legs (only right left aches), but today i was running at the gym and my left knee began to ache. same for my fingers -my upper abdomen has been aching slightly too..
Avatar f tn Severe joint pain in the knee and later also in the fingers. The knee thing turned out to be ostenecrosis where the femur of my right leg was dying. now I think this was all caused by the Tamoxifen, but what matters is that my vit D was very, very low, and it is in many people with cancer and bc. After I found supplements that were effective, and the D normalized, my leg and knee went back to normal. it just started one day without any injury or provocation and it stopped the same way.
Avatar m tn t have any other symptoms apart from the right knee pain (near the joint), left arm pain (bi-sips, forearm and sometimes near the joint) and head ache for 1 day. This is first time in my life I have got this kind of knee and arm pain. I am really scared!!! I am afraid to go to clinic for HIV testing. I am planning to get married next month, I have not told my girl friend about this incident yet. Please help me and advice what I should do.