My knee joint hurts

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Avatar f tn It is excrusiating. Do you have any clue what this may be? It hurts primarily in the middle of my knee and right on top of and below my knee cap.
Avatar n tn Ever since then, I have had a bad, achy pain in the right side of my knee on the joint line, especially when standing and I pick my foot up. The worst pain is when I rotate my toes outward with my knee bent. It occasionally hurts when decelerating, and definitely when going down stairs. I got an MRI today and am waiting the results, but does this sound like a tear? I know it's not large since the knee hasn't locked, but I do feel a small pop on that side of my knee when I straighten it.
Avatar f tn hi was after a bit of advice for my daughter she is 15yrs old, she has had right sided back pain for 3 yrs this pain is now in her right knee, left knee also hurts but not so bad, both elbows ache and her wrists, she had blood test done in march 2011 quite a few were abnormal but gp said all ok and was refered to a rheumatoid doctor at the hosp, when we first sa this doctor she only had pain in her back the pain has come on since, they first thought she had rib tip symdrome xrays came back negat
Avatar f tn bt my knee hurts....i usually suffer frm knee pain...and a nerve near waist and hip hurts me....pain go thru my hurts a days i have started exercising...i use treadmill 30 mins every knee is hurtng more...plz tell me jogging is nt good for me...or wat can i do to t away frm this pain..
Avatar f tn Two hours ago, I fell about three metres and landed with all my weight on my left knee. I felt no click or immediate pain, but when I tried to move it, it was shaky. I rested and applied ice, but everytime I put even a little bit of weight on my left leg, it hurts in the area of the lateral collateral ligaments. Have I damaged a ligament or tendon? Approximately when will I be able to walk again? Thanks in advance, Haylee.
Avatar n tn i dislocated my knee. This is my third time doing it. I have noticed that my knee cap is very loose and it still hurts and cramps up when i bend it and stand up. Also, when i am walking my knee gives out. It has been almost a week since the incodent. should i see a doctor. I have a feeling that this may mean something bad! please help me out. My mom needs to know if i am in need of medical help! Thank you.
Avatar f tn The bone scan showed activity and inflammation in my knee and ankle. The PA I went to told me that it is tendonitis in my knee with referred pain. I just want to be sure. I only feel pain in my knee when I'm actually running. After I'm done running, the pain is localized in my tibia. Has anyone experienced something similar? It is actually patellar tendonitis? It just seems weird to me that a injury in my knee doesn't really hurt my knee that much but severly hurts my shins...
Avatar f tn Hi there, A complete clinical examination is essential for correct diagnosis. There can fluid within the knee joint itself, or in the surrounding soft tissue. Acute injuries, anterior cruciate ligament tear, meniscal tears, ligament sprains all can lead to fluid or blood accumulation around the knee joint. If there is no history of trauma any infection in the knee joint can lead to swelling.
Avatar n tn Another thing I wanted to add is that she says her knee hurts the most when she lifts her leg and it pops when she bends it sometimes. I've been really worried about it and I really hope it's nothing really bad wrong with it. They gave her crutches and a thing she has to keep wrapped around her knee when we went to the hospital. The doctor said that it might be a torn ligament and it may take 8 to 10 days to get better. He told us to go to the orthopedic doctor just to be sure though.
Avatar n tn I have looked for patterns to try to self-diagnose, such as hydration levels, with no success. The pain often begins in my knee as a dull ache that can be temporarily alleviated by putting pressure on the patellar tendon, but then will radiate into either my hip or ankle. NSAID's seem to help sometimes. However, today I woke up with excruciating pain in my quad. It is not a cramp because there are no knots on palpation and stretching does not help.
Avatar n tn when I am lying down and move my body to a certain position it hurts. It doest hurt when I cough, and my PA was feeling around down there and didnt feel anything pop or move around. When I was getting xrays done....the lady had me lay down and drop my left leg to its side and it was extremely hurt. Do you have any ideas on what is wrong? My PA was sure what was wrong.
1393879 tn?1288725449 Another reason is rheumatoid arthritis but this has been ruled out in your case. Tendonitis or bursitis of the joint too produces similar symptoms. In the knee joint an injury to menisci can be the culprit. It can also be a muscle injury locking the knee. Generally conservative treatment should help. Anti-inflammatory drugs, alternate hot and cold fomentation should help. Maybe you should get a MRI of the knee joint. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. Take care!
Avatar f tn About a month later my wrists started to feel better, but I started getting the same pain in my ankles, and my left knee. It really hurts alot when I walk or have to lift my knee. My knee almost feels swollen. I have never heard of a joint pain that moves around I am so lost. I am tired of taking Ibprofin and sleeping on a heating pad! I went to my primary DR. He took blood, x-rays and urine, but they all came back normal.
Avatar f tn I am an athlete and I play basketball. I have extreme pain in my knee and calf while running. It also hurts to bend down and then stand back up. I also have discomfort walking up and down stairs, and sometimes walking. I don't know what it is but I would really appreciate some help and answers. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I had some hamstring taken from my right leg to be used for ACL re-construction in my left knee 3 weeks ago. My left knee is doing really well, but I am experiencing quite a lot of pain / discomfort in my right inner-ankle bone. The pain is difficult to describe - it isn't a dull ache, but feels more like a burning sensation, or a bit like having pins stuck into it when I walk - especially after having been sat down for any length of time. Does this sound similar to your symtoms.
Avatar f tn I have an appt on Tuesday the 16th but I just looked at my knee since I have been in a lot of pain. I have bruises all over my knee. The pain is shooting from my knee to my thighs.
16237877 tn?1446544835 I love doing squats but, for about a year and half, i have not been able to perform this exercise because my left knee hurts. Each time I try to squat, there's a clicking sound in my left knee and, it hurts bad. As a result, even when I try, my right leg carries all the weight and, i don't feel the impact of the exercise on my quads. What can i do to remedy this situation or, how can i train my quads without squats?
587778 tn?1261397118 In the last two months, I began having pain on the inside of my knee that is tender to the touch. Even when I palpate the bone it hurts. My doctor sent me for an X-ray and it reveal mild osteoarthritis.
Avatar n tn As soon as my knee hit the floor a sharp pain shot into my patella. It almost felt like I kneeled on a screw or object. I quickly got up and there was no blood, pain, or marks from an object. Ever since then I cannot knee on a certain part of that knee. If I do I get a sharp, burning, stinging pain that quickly subsides once off the knee. I can walk and run on it fine, and have not experienced any swelling or other problems. I cannot feel any abnormalities on the outside.
Avatar f tn I have MS, and associated pain in my knee from spasticity in my leg. Happy New Year!
Avatar n tn For about a week now I have been getting a knee cramp in my left knee joint. I feel trembling and one second into the trembling I feel pain similar to when you get Charlie horse cramp in your leg, instead right in the knee.
Avatar n tn If I leave my knee bent too long It starts to ache. then I try to straighten it out it hurts a bit then I feel and hear a pop. Then the pain and ache goes away. What could this be?
1310435 tn?1273598077 How overweight are you? Joint point is not a common symptom of PCOS, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's not linked somehow. Your joints will hurt if your carrying allot of excess weight. I guess it's different for everybody. I'm overweight, and I never suffer from any joint point...which always shocks my doctors. I'm thinking you might have another issue on your hands, and this may not be related to PCOS at all.
Avatar f tn I am feeling pain in my right knee for 7 years now and all the doctors say they don't know the reason. One of my doctors did say I have bruising on the inside of my knee and gave me medication. After a few days, it wasn't working and the pain kept coming. I have a pain on the inside of my knee. It's constant unbearable pain. It hurts to where my whole leg gets numb and my feet gets cold. My knee also has this stingy feeling and they give out on itself.
Avatar n tn You likely have bruised meniscus. These are the shock absorbers in the knee (two per knee, medial and lateral, medial inside, lateral outside). Good policy is to give every muscle and joint one day of rest for every day practicing/training. You can work out every day, but work different things. Wait 3 days and if it still hurts see a doctor. Skip your PCP if you can and go to an Ortho. Sounds to me like you'll be fine with rest...
Avatar n tn the next morning i couldnt walk on it the it gradually got better through the week then i went to a skatepark yesterday and when jumping off something it came back it wasnt fully healed yet anyway but it is swollen about 1/2 the size of my knee cap and hurts when i squat, or do things that put pressure on it. Its a hard swollen knot.
Avatar f tn He told me to cut down on the number of reps for my exercises and to continue icing my knee. After about two weeks of physical therapy, and still seeing no improvement, I began to experience the same exact pain in my left knee. This obviously confused me because I was pretty much inactive minus my PT exercises yet I was having the same horrible pain in my left knee now. I told my physical therapist who instructed me to now do the exercises on both my knees.
1207048 tn?1282174304 ve had knee pain and catching for awhile and just found out two days ago, when they x-rayed it, that I have bone-on-bone arthritis in my knee!! Hard to believe that all the aching around my knee and down the rest of my leg is from arthritis. Tendon problems can cause aching (worse at night) too--I was previously diagnosed with posterior tibial tendon syndrome, which runs from the inside of the ankle down the bottom of the foot into the big toe. Have you seen a podiatrist about your ankle pain?