Pain in knee joint when walking

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Avatar n tn He was walking normally in the morning and had his breakfast then we he tried to stand up and walk he felt pain in his knee and below and had to crawl. He has no fever and there is no swelling or bruise on his leg. he can bend his knee normally. We are very worried. please tell us what to do.
Avatar m tn Often the person feels a popping sensation on moving the joint. Pain worsens on walking. It can also be tendinitis due to inflammation of tendon at the knee joint. You will need X-rays and MRIs of the knee to find the exact. Treatment will follow correct diagnosis. Do consult your orthopedic specialist at the earliest. Meanwhile do not bear weight on that leg, give it rest, apply ice pack, and take an anti-inflammatory pain killer. Take care!
Avatar f tn the pain moves in joint space, you must feel you are unable to straighten your knee and pain get worst. your knee become frail, swell and stiff. The pain lasts for a long time. If you have any of these symptoms, contact to a Orthopedist.
Avatar m tn Meniscii too if torn or injured cause pain worsening on walking and result in joint instability—that is you are not confident the knee joint will take your weight. Often the person feels a popping sensation on moving the joint. It can also be tendinitis due to inflammation of tendon at the knee joint. So, all these aspects should be looked into while diagnosing your pain. Weakness and pain in the knee can also be due to patellofemoral pain syndrome.
1961313 tn?1326290364 I have problems with my knees,just general stiffness-but one day I had to get down on my right knee and the pain was extreme,it wasn't necessarily in the knee but to the right side of the knee,it felt like the skin was splitting into,I look and the skin looked fine,so I don't know if it's the tendon or the muscle what ever it is,is very painful,in fact I can't get down on my knees any longer
Avatar f tn Ligament injury causes pain to worsen on walking, bending and stretching the knee. Meniscii too if torn or injured, result in joint instability—that is you are not confident the knee joint will take your weight. Often the person feels a popping sensation on moving the joint. It can also be tendinitis due to inflammation of tendon at the knee joint. All these (ligament and meniscal injury and tendonitis) can cause referred pain to calf).
2092579 tn?1332911982 Will a CT scan be able to diagnose the exact problem.The pain/discomfort only happens when I am walking or going down/up the stairs.It is not so much as to require any pain killer.
Avatar f tn s unlikely that you are doing much damage by walking on the leg, but if you in enough pain that you are limping, you should take it easy, and use a cane if need be until things settle down. You should also ice your knee regularly, and stay on your anti-inflammatories until you talk to your doctor about coming off of them.
Avatar f tn Hi there :) have flare-up of osteoarthritis in knee after being diagnosed formally when I had an arthroscopy a few months ago. Just wondered how long pain and subsequently being out of action may last for? Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. Thank you so much.
Avatar m tn For the past few months, I have had a bad burning feeling in my left knee. It is there most of the time when I am at rest or up walking around. I am a Pharmacy Technician so I do not do a lot of physical work. I do sit at a desk most of the time.I do not recall injuring it. I went to my local Prompt care this past weekend and the doctor said it is not bursitis. I have to go see the surgeon who operated on my knee. Any idea's on what this could be?
Avatar f tn s actually not unusual to have an increase in pain after an injection - simply because the injection is traumatic to the joint - after all, they are sticking aneedle into the joint! Quite often, the injections you get in joints also contain a numbing agent, so you may very well feel immediate pain relief - however, once that numbing agent wears off, you experience pain again.
Avatar m tn My mother (age: 56+ yrs) undergoes treatment for Hypo Thyroid, Hypertension & Osteoporosis in left knee joint. Over last couple of days, she experienced some pain (not too severe) in her right (not left) knee joint, which got reduced after using knee cap for past 2-days. 1) Is it expected at the time of 'New Moon' & 'Full Moon' ? Is this scientifically true ? 2) What ideally should she do in this kind of situations ? Is wearing knee cap good enough ?
Avatar n tn So this second injury only made matters worse. The burning, when the knee is bent, like when your sitting in a chair burns so bad my eyes starts to tear. I think you got the idea. Please tell me what the injury is and what is injured within the knee up towards thigh but Not that far up. Please advise.
Avatar f tn The pain will come with walking, sometimes very quickly and sometimes not much at all. When the pain comes, I have a swelling on the outside of the knee joint about the size of half a golf ball. When I rest the swelling and pain go away within 10 or 20 minutes. This doesn't sound like arthritis to me. A two-fold question, would these symptoms be consistent with AO? Or do these symptoms sound more like damage to the meniscus? Also...
Avatar f tn I had (have) pain in the hip joint running down the outside my my thigh and into my knee, just as you describe. Walking makes it better. Sitting can be near impossible. It took me years to find a DX (Diagnosis). It was a D.O that finally DX me, proved it with several tests and treated me. I have chronic SIJD. I also had Greater Trochanteric Bursitis - in simple terms, hip bursitis. This can be caused by trauma to the hip. Very painful but treatable.
587778 tn?1261397118 You should have proper strong ligaments in your knee joint and I would suggest you to go for an MRI and confirm if the healing in your MCL was complete. Ligament damage can contribute to osteoarthritis further. I would suggest you to eat healthy and maintain proper body weight. Do not go for activities where you have to put pressure on your joint cartilages like running and jogging on hard surfaces or high intensity sports.
Avatar m tn Thank you Doctors for your valuable inputs. My pain in the knee is manageable and just inconvenience while walking . I am still in my late 30's and no other complaints so far. I am keen to follow non surgical ways but Doctor here told me that if I delay in surgery,there is a huge risk of ortheritis. its concerning me a lot as I had never been to any surgery so far in my life.
Avatar f tn I have no reflex in my right knee and I was thinking about getting a brace for it. Anyone have similar problems and used a brace?
Avatar n tn Briefly, a joint effusion means that there is more fluid in our joint then exists in normal joints. When a joint is affected by arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis (RA), increased abnormal amounts of fluid can build up. usually the knee will appear swollen but this depends on the amount of fluid in your knee. The fluid is produced by the inflamed tissues that are affected by the arthritis and that line the joint. Usually a physician can drain off the fluid and your pain will improve.
Avatar m tn The regular arthritis pain increases gradually when the patient is walking and prevents walking altogether after about 15 yards. The grabbing pain is additional to the regular pain. The only relief for the pain is sitting. Lying down, getting up, standing, walking, twisting, reaching, any movement may cause the grabbing pain unexpectedly. It seems to radiate from the spine across the top of the hip and down the right leg.
Avatar m tn Hi, I suffered a fall twisting my leg. MRI showed an undersurface tear in the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. The MCL was mildly thickened and edematous. I had an arthroscopy 3 weeks ago and the doctor said there was no tear. I am still having significant pain in the medial knee when standing up. Is it possible the tear was missed ? I'm not sure what to do. I golf quite a bit in the summer and I'm afraid with my knee pain I won't be able to. What do you suggest?
Avatar m tn Though gout normally affects small joints, the possibility of it isolated affecting the knee joint cannot be totally ruled out. An X-ray of the knee joint followed by MRI of the joint may be required. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. Hope this helps. Take care!
722310 tn?1234762137 He will come to know if he has damaged his collateral ligaments, cruciate ligaments or if there is any issue with menisci in his knee joint. There might be a tendon involvement and no ligament tears so all these issues should be put to rest. Take care!
5466288 tn?1410485185 I hardly know anything about fibro but i thought fribro caused similar pain and joint issue as arthritis so it could be related and worth discussing it with your GP. Cheers.........
Avatar f tn I had some hamstring taken from my right leg to be used for ACL re-construction in my left knee 3 weeks ago. My left knee is doing really well, but I am experiencing quite a lot of pain / discomfort in my right inner-ankle bone. The pain is difficult to describe - it isn't a dull ache, but feels more like a burning sensation, or a bit like having pins stuck into it when I walk - especially after having been sat down for any length of time. Does this sound similar to your symtoms.
Avatar f tn I get unbelievable pain from my knee down to my ankles when I jog. After about 40 minutes that pain is some what tolerable and I can jog for 4-5 minutes straight. For the rest of my day my ankles are sore. Does anybody have any idea what this is?
Avatar f tn Hi every1....ive been having major pain in my knee joints which I feel a lot while walking...I am not my 23rd week this a cause for concern n ne1 else feeling the same ?? Any tips on how to get relief from this ?? I am a banker and going regularly to work...