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4966610 tn?1362054308 I have a toy/mini poodle named Shadow who is over 12 years old. He weighs 12.5 lbs. He has several serious medical issues including a luxating patella (trick knee) on his right rear leg. Because of his age, and his medical condition, I don't want to chance surgery to repair this as there is more of a risk of fatality from surgery and or anesthesia as he gets older. Unless there is some dire need for surgery, I am looking for a non surgical solution for this problem.
Avatar m tn 3) Can I continue with sports such as cricket, cycling and swimming if I wear knee braces/supports? If yes then which kind of knee braces/support? (because I usually tend to injure my knee with the elastic knee supports more often than without it). 4) Would Yoga, magnet therapy or any kind of therapy help heal the knee joint? Thanks in anticipation...
Avatar n tn Look up orthopedic surgeons in your area and make an appointment today. The longer you put it off, the worse your knee will get. It's possible you could have torn a ligament in your knee. Don't push your knee by doing any hard activities until you see the surgeon. Look up "knee pain symptoms" on Yahoo and see if you can figure out what part of your knee is being affected. You could also look up knee strengthening exercises on the Internet.
Avatar n tn Hi, One of the most common problems involving the knee joint is an anterior cruciate ligament tear. The anterior cruciate ligament is the primary restraint to forward motion of the shin bone (tibia). Thus, ACL prevents the tibia from sliding too far forward and also contributes stability to other movements at the joint including the angulation, rotation at the knee joint.
Avatar m tn First physical therapy is started. Other treatments include knee caps and braces, taping the patella to reduce friction, anti inflammatory drugs, custom designed foot wear to correct arch problems if any and rest to the knee joint and applying ice packs. You need to avoid postures where knee is kept bent for long. Please consult a sports injury specialist or an orthopedic specialist for this. Take care!
Avatar f tn There are braces you can wear that will keep your wrist straight and that should help with the pain and numbness. Mine went away right after I had my baby but sometimes it can take a little while to go away.
645800 tn?1466860955 So now I can finally put my pants on, but I then have to pull the legs up above the bottom of the knee braces as the top of the AFO attaches over the bottom of the knee braces. Of course the AFOs attach with Velcro straps as well and they stick to everything as well. Finally the struggle to get the pants legs down again past the AFOs. So far the fastest I have been able to do this is around 10 minutes. Oh and getting undressed is just as involved. So is all of this worth it?
Avatar m tn Just got back from a docs appt and a bit confused I had several ligament tears at a young age and at 36 had a ACL procedure with the patella tendon- since my first injury ( a patella fracture and ligament tears ) my knee has been prone to collapsing- the docs all these years said it was due to pain and muscle flexing- now last two docs have noted that my Patella has severe arthritis and much smaller ( worn away ) than my other knee.
Avatar f tn He did an ultrasound and drew off some more fluid and gave him another cortizone shot. The first doctor drew the fluid from under his knee and the second drew it from his knee cap. It has been several weeks now and his pain is back he still has a little swelling but now both his knees hurt. He wears a brace on both his knees now. He has trouble getting up if he has to get down on the ground for something. We are not sure what to do now because both doctors has told him all his test look fine.
Avatar f tn patellar dislocation, left, initial encounter and sprain of medial collateral ligament of left knee, subsequent encounter. I was in and out in 5 minutes. He said I could bend it on my own carefully, wear the light brace if it helped or not. He didn’t give me any warning signs, didn't ask me about swelling or continued obvious heat in the knee, nor did he tell me if the dislocated patella had moved back into place, nothing. Do I go forth with the PT or get a second opinion ASAP?
Avatar m tn Now pain located vicinity of lateral collateral ligament and behind knee. Sharp pain behind knee upon straightening/standing. Also pain behind knee hen bending (I.e. Getting in an out of car, drivers side). Flexing foot to put shoe on cause sharpe pain around lateral collateral ligament. Knee slightly swollen an somewhat warm. Any ideas.
Avatar m tn hi im bowlegged to and im 14 i went to the doctors because of my joint pain and he told me they could fix it so i too matters into my own hands and i found out there are knee braces that can help correct bowlegs im am not sure if they work properly because im still wating for mine to arrive so i hope they work and i hope this helped!
Avatar f tn Towards the end of my vacation, I was walking on a road that went up and down in elevation and started to feel pain in my knee. 2 days later my knee was sore and it hurt to bend it. It hurt a lot more when I was walking up stairs or up a hill. I bought a knee brace and took it easy on my knee, but every once in awhile when I go for a walk of a couple of miles, I get the same pain. There isn't any bruising or swelling. The pain concentrates in the front underneath the knee cap.
Avatar m tn Hence first physical therapy is started. Other treatments include knee caps and braces, taping the patella to reduce friction, anti inflammatory drugs, custom designed foot wear to correct arch problems if any and rest to the knee joint. Please discuss these treatment options with your specialist. You probably need an initial period of rest for the knee (maybe strapping it in braces) followed by physical therapy. Take care!
Avatar f tn I dislocated my knee in April this year, went to the hospital and they popped it back in. It took from April to July for me to recover, with different knee braces and pysico. A week after getting discharged from the hospital in July, my knee dislocated again however this time it popped back in by itself, it took until September for it to be fixed. I just got discharged from physio last week (November).
Avatar f tn The pain is below the knee cap on the left and right side and ontop of the knee cap on the right side and on the inside of the knee from above the knee to below the knee. For the last week and a half I've been getting sharp pains on the right inside of the knee and above the knee while walking or turning from right to left. When this happens the pain is so bad that I can hardly walk. I've also been getting needle type pain below the knee cap in the center.
Avatar f tn the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), medial collateral ligament (MCL), and the medial meniscus.
233622 tn?1279334905 I am not sure what AFO stands for but they are braces that go from just under my knee down under my foot. They are for foot drop and help support my legs and hips. They are not bad but it makes wearing shorts or a dress not as attractive as it used to be.
Avatar n tn i hurt my knee skate boarding and my front foot was still on the board while my back foot was on the ground causing me to do the splits in a way with one leg and i got a burning in my knee swelled up horribly and that was a year ago and today i went to get off a ladder and my knee felt like it clicked and made me collapse and now its got fluid in it again.. does anyone know what kind of injury this may ne to my knee?
Avatar f tn s most likely round ligament pain as the baby starts to drop it causes more pressure on your ligaments. Contractions feel like menstrual cramps but it's your entire stomach. If you feel as if you might be having a contraction push on your muscles right under your ribs, if it is rock solid that's your uterus contracting. I'm 37 and have terrible round ligament pain.