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Avatar m tn About 15 years ago, a sports orthopedist gave me some really serious knee braces and said they would stabilize my loose knees. They controlled the pain. But over the last couple of years or so I arrive at this point: Both knees hurt all of the time and it makes it very difficult for me to even walk or bicycle. Prior to having knee surgery (I don't have a surgeon yet) I want to strengthen the muscles that support my knee and lose about 20 pounds (I weigh about 20 1bs ; I now weigh 260.
645800 tn?1466860955 So now I can finally put my pants on, but I then have to pull the legs up above the bottom of the knee braces as the top of the AFO attaches over the bottom of the knee braces. Of course the AFOs attach with Velcro straps as well and they stick to everything as well. Finally the struggle to get the pants legs down again past the AFOs. So far the fastest I have been able to do this is around 10 minutes. Oh and getting undressed is just as involved. So is all of this worth it?
Avatar m tn I underwent CABG during Oct 2007 subsequent to that I underwent a Zplast for removal of a scar on my left knee which was troubling me .I feel OK presently .As per my last check up (my EEF as per Echcardiogram is 45 %) I am leading a normal life .and walk for an hour atleast everyday .I work from home and travel for about a week in a month .
Avatar m tn You need to avoid postures where knee is kept bent for long. Please consult a sports injury specialist for this. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar f tn Drew off some fluid off his knee and gave him an cortizone shot. His knee was better for about a week then started swelling again. So the orthopedic doc sent him to a rhuemetologist. He had an MRI and that came back fine. The rhuemetologist wasn't sure why his knee was swelling. He did an ultrasound and drew off some more fluid and gave him another cortizone shot. The first doctor drew the fluid from under his knee and the second drew it from his knee cap.
4966610 tn?1362054308 I have a toy/mini poodle named Shadow who is over 12 years old. He weighs 12.5 lbs. He has several serious medical issues including a luxating patella (trick knee) on his right rear leg. Because of his age, and his medical condition, I don't want to chance surgery to repair this as there is more of a risk of fatality from surgery and or anesthesia as he gets older. Unless there is some dire need for surgery, I am looking for a non surgical solution for this problem.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was hoping you could assist with the following problem, Following a fall in football, landing on the right side of my left knee, I experienced immense pain and heat across the knee. Immediately after bruising spread up and down my leg and a fluid filled sac developed on the top right side of my knee cap. I visited the doctor and initial was assessed by the two nurses who said they didn't know what it was and asked me to come back to see the doctor.
Avatar m tn hi im bowlegged to and im 14 i went to the doctors because of my joint pain and he told me they could fix it so i too matters into my own hands and i found out there are knee braces that can help correct bowlegs im am not sure if they work properly because im still wating for mine to arrive so i hope they work and i hope this helped!
Avatar f tn I dislocated my knee in April this year, went to the hospital and they popped it back in. It took from April to July for me to recover, with different knee braces and pysico. A week after getting discharged from the hospital in July, my knee dislocated again however this time it popped back in by itself, it took until September for it to be fixed. I just got discharged from physio last week (November).
199882 tn?1310184542 I got 2 knee braces (my knees give way very easily), wrist and finger roll braces (wear for a little bit each day to help with hand and finger cramps), back brace (helps my posture and lower back), gel seat or back cushion, and a gel mattress pad for my bed. I got all this stuff from a medicare equipment dealer. If interested in getting items that may help you, I have the number for Oklahoma residents. I'm sure every state has their own.
233622 tn?1279334905 I am not sure what AFO stands for but they are braces that go from just under my knee down under my foot. They are for foot drop and help support my legs and hips. They are not bad but it makes wearing shorts or a dress not as attractive as it used to be.
Avatar f tn My son destroyed an ACL playing football -- he lives a normal life without one, but uses an orthopaedic knee brace when he runs or plays sports.
1308443 tn?1302693321 I am doing exercise I found online and wearing knee braces during karate. Nothing seems to help. The doctors keep telling me sorry just wait I out take 4 advil when they hurt. That doesn't help at all. Is there something else I should do or suggest to the doctors?
Avatar f tn My doctor told me to wear knee braces whenever I am going to be on my feet a lot. The knee braces help a little but they drive me crazy. My doctor told me that I need to have knee surgery on both of my knees in order to prevent it from getting worse. I have refused the surgery and now two years later they are hurting worse than ever.
Avatar m tn Completed the full rehab, fine. Played football very regularly for years after, high intensity a few times a week as well as attending the gym. A year ago I tore my left ACL and had full reconstructive surgery on that. Did full rehab on that, fine. Now I'm playing football again and back at the gym and sometimes - not all the time, I'm feeling some slight discomfort on my right ACL scar which gets painful if I press on it. It's not painful but it's a noticeable discomfort.
Avatar n tn Another thing that might help your pain is if you ask for and get a steroid injection directly into your knee joint. It can usually relieve pain for about a month or so. Bottom line is, though... you should find out exactly why it is you are experiencing pain at such a young age. If you are having pain after a hard jump or fall, chances are you tore something. Treat the short term symptoms, but also make sure you seek treatment for long term issues.
Avatar n tn I take Black cherry extract for my arthritis. It is the best thing that I have found so far and healthier for you. I take 2 750 mg pill each night before bed. For the first week I took two three times a day to get them built up in my system. Also a brace or ace bandage helps when I am having a bad knee days to keep them a little more stable. Hope this info helps you. Have a blessed day.
Avatar m tn 3) Can I continue with sports such as cricket, cycling and swimming if I wear knee braces/supports? If yes then which kind of knee braces/support? (because I usually tend to injure my knee with the elastic knee supports more often than without it). 4) Would Yoga, magnet therapy or any kind of therapy help heal the knee joint? Thanks in anticipation...
Avatar m tn 1) how do I find out what this is. 2) what can I do to relive the pain.
Avatar f tn The supplement is used to help the body make more cartilage, and to reduce pain; in the knee for example. There is controversy as to how helpful this supplement is in improving arthritic knee pain, but some patients do report benefit with long-term use.
Avatar f tn I was kicking the football my knee cracked and now I can barely walk.. Theres very little swelling but when I try and bend my knee there lots of pain to the out side... I have it resting with ice on it now and I doesn't hurt just sitting there.. The same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago and I thought it had got better... This time is much worse tho.. Last time I could walk with it...
Avatar f tn tear in the meniscus is the commonest reason for clicking in better get MRI of your knee to confirm the diagnosis and then onlyplan the line of management. Dr Punit www.drpunitjain.
1587585 tn?1309432260 If yes then which kind of knee braces/support? (because I usually tend to injure my knee with the elastic knee supports more often than without it). 4) Would Yoga, magnet therapy or any kind of therapy help heal the knee joint? Thanks in anticipation...
Avatar f tn My right knee has been hurting for a week now, and just now, my other knee started hurting! Not sure what going on and I've only gained 18 lbs...what can help? ??