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Avatar m tn Five weeks ago I had a complete tear of my ACL, torn miniscus, and torn MCL. The orthopaedist thinks I'll need surgery on my ACL, and he suggested I wait until summer since I'm a school employee. The other two tears should heal on their own. I've had four physical therapy sessions, and the Physical Therapist is amazed that I have almost complete range of motion and virtually no pain. My knee does feel unstable, though. I have two questions: 1.
Avatar n tn So i use 1 crutch to support me. Is there any possibility that i had torn my ACL? Is it normal that the knee is still swelling? i had a very sharp pain on the medial side of the knee while trying to bend it and it feels very thight. Im quite frustrated because it heals very slowly.i'll be having a big exam in 1 month time and im really worry about it.
Avatar f tn When this occurred I was told that because I was not in my teens or a professional athlete a repair was not advised. I had a scope done and they cleaned up with torn edges of the ACL. It reduced my pain level. I then had weeks of PT to build supporting structures. It took about two years before the knee would not give out on me and about 12 months before the pain was basically gone. It is my understanding that today they do reconstructive surgeries on most ppl with torn ACLs.
Avatar m tn Essentially, you have two injuries to your knee. The first is a torn medial meniscus, or a torn cartilage. The rest is a description of the shape of the tear. A bucket handle flops back and forth inside the knee, like the handle on a bucket, and can cause pain, locking, and swelling. This treated arthroscopically and will require either repair or removal of the damaged piece of meniscus. The second injury is a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament, (ACL).
Avatar f tn Could I have possibly torn or stretched this graft? I have not had any particularly traumatic injuries to my knee that I can recall. I want all this to have been worth it and want to resume playing sports, but simply do not have the stability to do so. Any suggestions??
Avatar f tn Yes, you can injure your ACL twice. Pain, wobbly knee and cracking/popping sound can be due to ACL tears/injury, meniscal tear and injury or due to patellar injury or Chondromalacia patella in which the knee cap keeps rubbing against the underlying cartilage of femur. You may need a MRI to reach a diagnosis. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar m tn 3) Can I continue with sports such as cricket, cycling and swimming if I wear knee braces/supports? If yes then which kind of knee braces/support? (because I usually tend to injure my knee with the elastic knee supports more often than without it). 4) Would Yoga, magnet therapy or any kind of therapy help heal the knee joint? Thanks in anticipation...
Avatar n tn I have had to live with torn ACL for a year and a half due to other issues from a crash due to some body esles bad driving and will be having mine repaired too.Not only have I torn my ACL but PCL and and I think the other is LCL but know that MCL is the only ligament I have that's not torn in two. I wish you luck and will be looking out for posts on your recovery as it will give me a bit of insight of what to expect.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you may have torn your ACL. I did that and if the dr you went to has to do xrays. When mine torn and it was the right also before the surgery my knee would snap back, wabbaly alittle swollen, but get a second opinion, if it is your acl you could have torn it or completey ripped it in half.
Avatar n tn The following day I did ORIF for my fibula and 2 weeks later I did some shavings of the torn ACL.Doc said my ACL only 50% torn therefore there is no need for ACL reconstruction. Sept 2010 I removed the plate from my fibula. Up till now, I still limp a little when I walk as there is still pain in my ankle and it feels like my veins definitely not bone. Is it normal? And my knee can only bend 90% till today. I still cannot walk down the steps like normal.
Avatar m tn I communicated to my doctor about all my schedules, he said that delaying the operation might further increase the meniscal tear as ACL is completely torn out. I have started using my knee support (exoskeleton) so as to transfer minimum weight to the joint.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend was playing football a few week ago and we was hit hard during play and complained of knee pains. He went to the doctor and they said he had a bruised acl and there was nothing that could really be done. Is that really true is there nothing that can be done, and if so how long does it take to heal, and will his leg ever be the same so he can be athletically active again?
Avatar f tn I bet you tore your ACL that will cause your knee to snap back buckle like.
1148201 tn?1262165258 After a MRI they have found that I have only MCL in my left knee in tact and need to have a operation to fix this. I have found many people with ACL tears on you tube but can't find info on the problems I have in my knee. Where could I see an operation to fix all ligaments if it can be done as will see my Doc soon to discuss the options and would like to know what they are before we do speak?
Avatar f tn I tore my acl and medial meniscus two weeks ago today. Actually, the acl was already torn and I didn't know it so the meniscus went out very easily when I twisted my knee too far. The first week I couldn't put any weight on it because it would buckle and I would fall. I am now able to put a little weight on it and can walk with a walker using both legs. I start physical therapy next Wednesday (3/9/11). The past two days my knee seems stiffer and has a little more pain than it did have.
Avatar f tn Now, physical therapy can sometimes work for the pain, and sometimes the meniscus tear is only at the corners where there is blood flow and the ACL is only torn a tiny amount as well, but when you tear both, I just thought that meant surgery and pretty quickly. As for the other foot, don't know of course, but when you can't really use one side of your body your other side will compensate and you will probably hurt that eventually.
Avatar f tn My son hurt his knee in football last Friday night. His MRI shows a MCL tear, partial ACL tear, and a LMT (meniscus tear - 3mm). He'll attend physical therapy in the next week or so. The doctor mentioned that it's not necessary to do surgery right away. Everyone that I talk to encourages me to have him do the surgery due to his age - (18 yrs old - 6'1" - 220 lbs). I want to do what's best for him. Should I get another opinion?
Avatar f tn I went to see a a friend who is a sports therapist - he examined the knee and said that it does look like I have a torn ACL. He gave me some strengthening exercises and the knee is improving a little bit. I will also start PT sessions soon.
Avatar f tn I imagine they were evaluating you for a torn ACL/PCL/meniscus? I expect there is another board with members who will be more helpful :).
Avatar f tn In a young, active personwith an unstable knee, I would recommend surgery as the most reliable form of treatment for a torn ACL. Arthroscopy is very safe, with an overall complication rate of something around 1:10,000. One factor I always recommend checking when choosing a surgeon for this procedure is: how many does the doctor perform a year? Somewhere between 75-100 is a reasonable amount.
Avatar m tn When the MRI report came back it said there was fluid build-up in the acl compartment and the acl might be torn. I went to see and Orthopedic doctor and he said that he didn't see anything wrong with the MRI and when he did the clinical test he said there was a little play but he didn't really see anything wrong. He also did an x-ray which was negative. Does anyone have an opinion on my problem? I think I'm going to go see another orthopedic doctor to see what he says.