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Avatar n tn I am my nephew's only blood relative that hasn't been ruled out for other reasons(kidney stones, kidney problems). Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Right now I am laying in my hospital bed on the antepartum floor. Kidney stones small infection ect. Reading through other medical posts makes me want to scream. The misinformation and horror stories. SO IF YOU WATER BRAKES OR LEAKS GOT IN ASAP!! IF YOU ARE BLEEDING MORE THAT 6 GRAMS OF BLOOD OR YOU ARE SCARED GO IN IF YOU SMELL AWEIRD SMELL THAT WASN'T THERE BEFORE GO IN AN GET IT CHECKED IT IS NORMAL FOR SOME WOMEN TO.LEAK BREAT FLUIDS AND OTHER DO NOT.
Avatar n tn I have been very ill since 2003. It all started with kidney stones (multiple) in both kidneys, then lithotrypsy...extreme fatigue, so they put me on levothyroxine (normal levels, but low) extreme bone pain from hips down. I am still passing kidney stones, especially since they took me off allopurinal, which i was on because of high serum uric acid levels. Four years ago, my PTH was within normal limits.
Avatar f tn Excessive and long-term protein can cause chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, and liver damage. Speak to your parents and your doctor first.
Avatar n tn erm i heard it might be the cause of position for many teenagers they say if u lay down more and less protein goes to kidney so there is less bubble or no bubble i m checking to see and i saw on 2 youtube videos they say it is not uncommon and happen to many teenagers i went and bought a urine strip but they gave me the wrong one that only checked for glucose. the video links
Avatar f tn If not maybe try that and see if the GB improves but may take time. I have bonifed stones in both GB and kidney stones, too ..... my thyroid is normal .. actually, I'm on Synthroid for cancer supression and also for life bcz 1/2 thryoid out and other half went poof and won't work LOL ... oh well ..... I've had GB stones before thyroid issues and kidney stones before thyroid issues, too ... they say to keep in mind in my age that GB and kidney stones come with age (40's) ?????
Avatar m tn 18 out of 20 of them were calcified, and the blasted 2 larger stones. My doctors here and I thought he got all the stones, but we were shocked and saddened to learn by my KUB, that the procedure simply took off the type of the iceberg, as Dr. Wolf explained. This has given me a remission, from the chronic pain, and at least for now the infection seems to be under control.
Avatar f tn I have an in law who suffers from kidney stones.. I hear that's tough stuff! Not sure about gall stones though. I hope you're not in pain :( Thanks for your response.. I looked that "Divericlultis" up and I do believe I could have been having more fiber in my diet.. I'm about 20 lbs overweight.. not eating the best I can and not enough exercise, for sure!!.. I'll be trying to get this seen about soon.. will post results asap.. thanks ChitChatNine..
Avatar f tn Did he get rid of the kidney stones? In my humble opinion, if you don't feel that you are ready to do the Tysrabi because you are afraid of the fall out afterwards due to the past history you have had with these meds, don't do them. I would talk to the Neurologists nurse and explain just how ill your husband is and that you just don't feel comfortable doing it just now as your husband needs your help.
199177 tn?1490502134 Its a long story they saw what looked like a none passable gall stone when i first went in in the opening of my gallbladder by the time they went to remove it24 hours later it appeared to have gone back into the gallbladdler .... they check for kidney stones ,they will run a few more tests before we decided to go in by lap and see what is going on .they want to check me for an ulcer first the pain gets very intense about two hours after I eat .
209384 tn?1231171906 I take calcium most of the time, but have had a couple of kidney stones and am not real crazy about taking it in big doses. They don't even hurt until this falls off and then OW! Am getting ready to take a pain pill and go to bed.
Avatar n tn They may also need to check for Hirschsprung's disease, which hinders your bowel from working properly. Pain in your back may be due to kidney stones, cysts, infection, etc. If you have not been referred to a major medical/research facility, then you need to call and request an appointment with an internist, as the doctor needs to start the correct testing for diagnosis and referral to these other specialists.
Avatar f tn Had no idea I had any problems until one night in severe pain, thought I had kidney stones and they found the endometrioma. Well I hope that things continue going well for you. Take care. Thanks for your advice.
Avatar f tn 0 reference range for ovulating women) I am an ovulating 45 year old with osteopenia, kidney stones, weight gain, and major fatigue. My body temperature was a steady 97.1 and my blood pressure was always extremely low (105/50 - 115/65) despite being overweight. I was told by several doctors that I didn't need to supplement because it would just give me male-patten baldness and facial hair. They added that the only positive is that it would increase my labido...
Avatar n tn Like the others have said get a second opinion.There could still be a chance for you to adopt,but first get a 2nd opinion.When I was 20 I had my son & developed bad gull stones that needed to be removed.After surgery I was sent for an ultra sound to make sure everything was o.k.Well the expr. on the techs face was not good she was diging & diging & finally told me "You know you only have 1 kidney"?WHAT!!! I was in shock & disbelif(sp?
Avatar f tn They have check all of glands becaue of the kidney stones i have had in the past. But this pain is no pain compared to a kidney stone. i have passed a stone the size of a jelly been, but this is more painful but with pressure. its really hard to explain the pain. I dont know what left to do. i dont have insurance so going to a ER, id have better luck going to a vet clinic. They dont treat you very well and find every excuse not to treat you as a patient.
649848 tn?1534637300 ) When I do a quick google of who shouldn't be on the Keto diet, I come up with a pretty long list including growing children and teenagers, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people with adrenal fatigue, people with thyroid problems, type-2 diabetics with kidney disease and all type-1 diabetics, anyone with COPD, women with irregular menses, anyone with kidney disease... the list goes on and on.
Avatar n tn old boy (my baby) was just diagnosed with Crohns Disease a month ago and I am experiencing pain worse than childbirth and kidney stones combined. I am an RN and a little knowledge can kill someone. MY son is actually fairly well and has been with his grandmother the past several weeks. I noticed that he was barely growing and one abnormal test result let to another, led to another and Crohn's is the dx. I kept crying everytime I looked at him, so it's actually good he's away now.
888988 tn?1241308541 There are several symptoms I have had in the past yr but overlooked them as other things....the pain I over looked b/c I have a hx of kidney stones and the pressure in my bladder I overlooked as Interstitial Cystitis which I was dx with in 2000. I did have fluid in my pelvis 4 mo ago with the last TVUS but I had a normal Pap and normal uterine bx. I forgot to mention that the mass is unlike anything my doctor or her colleagues have ever seen.
Avatar f tn I was aware of the calcium our our kidneys produce to counter salt (it's why I have to watch my salt because I get kidney stones), but the indepth biology they discuss where the regular enzyme exposed to salt transforming into a pathogenic one is even more intriguing. Doubtful it's a smoking gun, but I'd venture a bet this will be helpful to disease modifiers of the future. I hope too they are careful with their reporting.
Avatar m tn It is very scary, my daughter knows what I did with the Lortab so with her kidney stones she did not want to take them. So we explained to her if it is true pain like that is she needs to take it and only then. I have her do a pain scale based on what she placed hers on in the hospital at the worst and tell her at a 6-7 take the pain med. My husband handles the pills.
1415321 tn?1306973553 I got home and started researching kidney stones. First, the the doctor was very nonchalant in my diagnosis, stating that it was super common to have kidney stones and to just come back in 7 days if I didn’t feel better. Second, they didn’t give me strainer for my urine. Turns out it’s just a little plastic strainer with a filter inside it and I was able to buy one at a local medical supply store for $7.00.
Avatar f tn I had tons of complications. My kidneys weren't fuctioning, I had kidney stones, and repetitive UTI's. Now we know I had a kidney disease the entire time called Medullary Nephrocalcinosis. Anyway, he explained to me that being in the amount of pain I was in was way worse for the baby than to do something to manage my pain.
Avatar f tn I don't want to damage my liver and possibly someday fatally overdose on acetimenophen just to control the pain. I have kidney stones to top it all off and ibuprofen seems to set them off. I have noticed over the last year that my motivation to do anything has decreased. Weirdly enough though the first couple hours after taking Vicodin I feel like I can conquer the day and my activity level is heightened, but after that I get LAZY.
Avatar f tn So spicy foods and acidic foods can really cause a lot of pain. Before I was diagnosed, I'd had a lot of kidney stones (unrelated), and it seemed like I had a constant UTI. Dr had me on antibiotics (even though urine showed no infection), and of course the antibiotics caused yeast problems. I was also drinking cranberry juice like crazy. And my bladder pain and pelvic floor pain were terrible. Turns out cranberry juice is great to try to prevent a UTI...
Avatar n tn I am 39, female and have been burping constantly for over 3 weeks. Literally at least 100x per day. I have: 5cm hemangioma on the right lobe of my liver and kidney stones (one is 1/2" in size). In addition to the MRI and CT scans I've had in the last week, I also had an ultrasound on my gallbladder but it revealed no stones and no other abnormalities with my gallbladder or pancreas. I burp from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep. I do not think I burp in my sleep.
195469 tn?1388326488 On top of my MS, DH who has been the strong one, is now even sicker than he was with kidney stones. His diagnosis doesn't look good for me and I rittled with anxiety about what to do for the future. Here are his synptoms, a swollen spleen, had ultra sound that showed it, has elevated liver enzymes, low RBC and low platelets, has chronic pain on right side near ribcage that radiates into the back and this pain is now also near his left ribcage.
Avatar n tn wen i was at camp somone pushed me into the side of a firepit made of jagged stones...iwas hit right above and partially on my left butt cheek and it hurts like crazy!...i cant sleep on my back and i play volleyball and all the jumping makes it hurt worse..the swelling has also gotten worse and it hurts horribly wen i ice it...wat should i do??
Avatar n tn I have avoided completely. 1. Eggs 2. Liver 3. Kidney 4. Peas 5. Beans 6. Peanuts 7. Soy products 8. Brassicas (brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower) 9 Lecithin and lecithin-containing fish oil supplements 10. SALT (is the main one causing this issue I believe). 11. OIL I am eating lot of vegs and fruits + 3 - 4 liters of water in a day. So basically what ever you eat don't use Direct SALT and oil.