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Avatar m tn Hello, Since the kindey stone is 7 mm, so the symptoms seem unrelated to the kidney stones. Since you are having pedal or leg edema, hence your cardiac, liver and kidney functions need to be assessed for which I suggest you to consult a physician immediately. Abdominal causes like irritable bowel syndrome can also cause such symptoms. Common symptoms include abdominal cramping or pain, bloating and gassiness, and altered bowel habits(alternate constipation and loose stools).
Avatar f tn She was very sick just over a week before she was diagnosed, and they don't know if she was sick from the kidney stones,or if she had the stomach flu,and getting dehydrated caused the kidney stones. However she never really got too "dehydrated" when she was so sick. She did vomit alot, but was still having plenty of urine. So who knows. Any experience on how long these things take to pass? Thanks again.
Avatar n tn recently the problem has become much worse and I have been told I have 2 kidney stones in My left kidney. I had some blood in the urine and pain as well, and may have in fact passed a stone. My concern right now is the frequent urination. Can the 2 remaining stones in the kidney still be causing the urination problem if they are not moveing down the ureter? If the stones are contributing to this problem , would a medication such as Detrol help? Please advise.
Avatar f tn I do have small stones in both kidneys but my left kidney never seems to cause me pain. If it's not the stones causing the pain what else should I have my doctors looking for? Thanks for any help any of you can give me.
Monkey Cause of pelvic pain could be due to kidney stones, pelvic infections, urine infections, twisted ovarian cyst or rupture of ovarian cyst, appendicitis or any other referred pain due to other organ infections. Most of them may not show up on ultrasound. So get all these causes evaluated from a gynecologist to confirm the diagnosis. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn The causes for stone formation are urinary tract infections, kidney disorders and metabolic disorders like hyperparathyroidism. In addition to this a person with a strong family history is more likely to develop stones. So, the stone formation causes need to be dealt with to prevent stone formation. In addition the therapy for renal stones depends on the size, the location and the kidney functions. Certain foods are likely to aggravate the stone formation.
Avatar n tn An utra sound found nothing unusual. The urologist thinks it is either kidney stones or the residual effects of a bad infection. He would like me to get a CT. I am concerned as I have had 3 CT scans after a PE in both lungs 2 years ago after delivery. What are your thoughts? He does not think it is IC because it came on so suddenly. He said that the urine cultures were tainted due to the antibiotics. I can go 2-3.5 hours between void but I am holding it. What are your thoughts?
Avatar f tn Thanks for the reply. I will definitely mention the parathyroid when I have the ultrasound done on Friday. I've actually been to an endocrinologist, urologist and nephrologist and none of them can figure out why I've passed at least 12 kidney stones in the last 4 years and still have "numerous" stones in each kidney. Anytime I mention parathyroid, they all say that couldn't be it since my calcium is normal. I don't know how to get them to investigate it more thoroughly.
Avatar f tn I have primary hyperoxaluria type one my liver does not produce and enzyme that take the oxalates out of my body, causing many stones and kidney failure, if your having cronic stones get checked for it, a nephrologist is who u need to see, urologist only treat the the stones effects on you. Not what causes them, I will one day soon need a liver and kidney transplant they will not do only a kidney because it will be destroyed by my liver.
Avatar m tn It was found that my stone was calcium based and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some fruit and veg. There are 4 different types of kidney stones. Unfortunately, once you have had kidney stones the chances of getting another one are much higher.
Avatar m tn First off, many of the herbs and supplements suggested for kidney stones, at best, may aid in urine flow to some degree, but there is no plant or vitamin that can MELT kidney stones, because all stones are made with varying amounts of CALCIUM, which cannot be dissolved without risking losing other things made of calcium such as bones and teeth! Only Uric acid stones have the least amount of calcium content and therefore CAN be reduced in size through medication.
Avatar n tn Obstruction may be from a urinary stone, a tumor, a blood clot, inflammatory narrowing or external pressure from any cause, including an abnormally placed artery to the kidney. One of the most common causes is enlargement of the prostate gland. Obstruction in one ureter, as from a stone, will affect only the kidney on that side. I would suggest a referral to a urologist for further evaluation of the prostate to ensure it isn't causing the hydronephrosis.
278016 tn?1220194704 I have been having multiple health problems for four years shortly after having mono, and kidney stones which were a year and a half apart. Focusing on the kidneys they are constantly sore. When I eat certain foods, especially salty foods, i urinate even more frequently, and leak urine. I have been to a urologist and my bladder is perfectly healthy.
Avatar f tn Last week I was admitted to the hospital with extreme pain in the right side of my lower back and a possible bladder or kidney infection including an inability to empty my bladder. Since my urine was totally clear, UTI and kidney infection as well as kidney stones were ruled out. I ended up having my appendix removed (which later appeared to be clear of infection) and still couldn't empty my bladder. A renal ultrasound revealed that my bladder and right kidney were completely full of fluid.
635114 tn?1222710503 The ER doctor then did a cat scan to search for kidney stones. He found no kidney stones but did say my atrophic kidney is completely shrived and did not think it was functioning. According to llab results my gfr has decreased by 10% in a year's time. As soon as they did not see infection or kidney stones I was quickly booted out. I reviewed my urinalysis and blood work results when I got home. My ph is 6 and chloride is high at 107.
Avatar n tn Up to 20% of adults with kidney stones may have medullary sponge kidney; the corresponding figure in children is unknown. Among patients with kidney stones, hypercalciuria may occur in 40-50%, and recurrent gross hematuria may occur in 10-20%. Although no evidence indicates that risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) is higher in patients with medullary sponge kidney, up to 5% of males and 35% of females have a UTI.
Avatar f tn I didn't have any problems for awhile, when I was around 15 I occasionally got some pain. I'm 95% sure I get kidney stones and it always seems to be on the right side. Or maybe it's something else with the exact symptoms of stones. I get that kind of pain about once a year. On a daily basis though, I have discomfort now. I just turned 21. It's been gradual and I only started to really think about it recently.
2167803 tn?1338533351 Yes, uretric stones can causes pain which may be referred to the testicles. Hope this information is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn Time to get another urologist- one who cares about his/her patients. A variety of things can cause blood in urine aside from stones. May be even more then this list, but here's some causes I found/or already knew about: infection, diabetes, trauma, hypertension, cancer- kidney, bladder; interstitial cystitis (I.C.), endometriosis in the urinary tract.
1444601 tn?1305305623 The CT indicated at least 3 stones in lower pole calyx of left kidney and 4 small stones in lower pole calyx of right kidney. No obstruction in Kidneys or ureters. My urologist said we can't get those, pain meds are your only option. Does anyone out there know of other treatments?
3183592 tn?1344634338 I squirmed around trying to find any relief, but nothing I did made a difference. I had treated hundreds of patients with kidney stones, but now, I realized, I was the one who was about to wind up in the emergency room. My wife drove me to the hospital where I worked, and I greeted the ER director miserably letting him know that I thought I had a kidney stone.
748728 tn?1277297869 My urine calcium was also elevated but not my serum or PTH,however, I have had issues with kidney stones since I was a teen. Go figure. I never went on thyroid medication and tho I sought help from doctors over the years for the above symptoms, my TSH then shifted into the quote"normal range" or sometime's be a little low, even tho I was terribly symptomatic.
429778 tn?1205276936 If you have a tumor on one of your parathyroid glands causing this mess, the good news is, once it's gone, your pain will probably go too..Just curious...have you had kidney stones? Frequent headaches? Hot flashes?..I know you have muscle and joint pain...The brain lesions may be from calcium deposits..The paralyzed intestine from hypercalcemia as well...If you think you may have a hyperparathyroid, get you parathyroid hormone level checked...and ionized calcium... I am 43 years old.
Avatar m tn I heard that both juices were supposed to be good, but that orange juice was actually the better of the two. But lemonaid was what the dr. recommended. After a year on the kidney stone anti-diet, I had more kidney stones. Told the dr. I had not had any tea, chocolate, collard greens, salad, almonds, beets, etc, etc, drank a gallon of water a day along with the lemonaid. What else could I do, doc.? He said, "We really don't know what causes kidney stones to form.
Avatar f tn Compression of one of the lumbar nerves, the sacral nerve or the sciatic nerve may also be cause of lower left back pain. Kidney stones, kidney infection, irritable bowel syndrome are few other possibilities. Gynecological causes like ovarian cyst, fibroids can all lead to lower back ache. It is important to evaluate the cause of pain before initiating treatment. A clinical examination and ultrasound abdomen may be helpful. I hope you find this information useful. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn Thank you both for your information. It is always nice to hear from others who have kidney stones, and know what it is like. Thankfully my daughter hasn't had anymore pain right now, which again only makes us think it was the stones. The way it comes on suddenly and goes away just as quick. We are still trying to get her to push her fluids, and for now just know if the pain starts up we at least know what we are dealing with. She hasn't done a 24 hour urine, however they just ordered one.
Avatar m tn It can also be due to other things like cystitis, and kidney stone or polyp in the bladder. You would feel the kidney stone but maybe it is a precursor to it coming through. So there are lots of reasons for blood in the urine. Do you actually see the blood in the urine or did the urinalysis show a few red blood cells. If a few red blood cells that isn't anything to worry about. If a large amount seen on the urinalysis, then it could be a problem.
Avatar n tn My daughter went to an Urgent Care Clinic two weeks ago in extreme pain and was diagnosed with a kidney infection. She took Cipro and Lortab. Improved for a few days, then began to experience extreme pain again, although in a different area (right side to front under edge of bottom rib), culminating in a rush back to the Urgent Care Center. She couldn't straighten up. It hurt to breathe, walk or lay down.