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1226479 tn?1267209290 Causes include lesions of the urinary tract, disease of the prostate, trauma, tumors, malaria or stones in the urinary tract. In your case as kidney stones are present, so these definitely need evaluation as nephrolithiasis or kidney stones are known to cause hematuria. Moreover it can cause further complications. My sincere advice would be to consult a urologist. I hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind regards.
Avatar n tn What would the probable main cause of Kidney stones in a 50 Year old female, considered to be in general good health? What treatment should be considered once the stones are gone?
Avatar m tn Kidney stones are very prevalent in the south due to the amounts of ice cream and tea we drink. The calcium in the ice cream is what most kidney stones are made of, and one of the components in tea causes the break up of the calcium and allows it to cause stones. My Grandpa had them all the time..quit drinking sweet tea and ice cream as much, and his number of kidney stones decreased dramatically.
Avatar f tn - calcium oxalate struvite uric cystine The rarest form of kidney stones is Cystine stones. Cystinuria is an inherited condition that affects the amount of acid that is passed in the urine. Struvite stones are caused by recurrent kidney infections. Uric stones are caused when there is too much uric acid in the urine with rheumatic conditions like gout. Calcium oxalate stones can from with too much protein in the diet, too much calcium and Vitamin D and through dehydration.
Avatar f tn My periods do not occur with out a medicine to start them, I cant take birth control of any causes me to form multiple stones daily...a glass of darkcola or coffee puts me into pain with in minutesof drinking. I dont know if MSK is what I have or not....but if I put my issues out there maybe someone can help me with a diagnosis or something I can bring up with my doctor and hope that that can help me get better...
82861 tn?1333457511 They can become elevated if there is a urinary tract infection, a kidney infection or a prostate infection, or the elevations can be caused by damage to the kidney (either kidney disease or kidney failure). A urinalysis with a microalbuminuria test will determine if it is an infection or kidney failute. Lyme disease can commonly effect the kidneys also causing kidney failure. So if it has not been performed yet I would have your dog's urine tested and perform a lyme disease test.
Avatar n tn Ive read that longterm use (6 months or more) can cause conditions such as poor kidney function, kidney stones, inflamed intestines, poor functioning intestines. Now im worried that this is my problem with the ache i have. So my question is, if i stop using the senna tea for good, will these conditons go away? Or have I caused an irreversable problem with my kidneys and intestines? And if this problem will dissipate over time from not using the tea anyomore how long will it take?
Avatar f tn My father has kidney stones in both kidneys. He has undergone both laser surgery as well as actual removal surgery to take care of the bulk of them. As of his last ultrasounds/x-rays, there are still stones present, but they have not been causing any problems. As of yesterday, he has been presenting with blood in the urine. Is it likely that the stones could be causing this blood, even without pain?
Avatar f tn I have primary hyperoxaluria type one my liver does not produce and enzyme that take the oxalates out of my body, causing many stones and kidney failure, if your having cronic stones get checked for it, a nephrologist is who u need to see, urologist only treat the the stones effects on you. Not what causes them, I will one day soon need a liver and kidney transplant they will not do only a kidney because it will be destroyed by my liver.
Avatar m tn It was found that my stone was calcium based and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some fruit and veg. There are 4 different types of kidney stones. Unfortunately, once you have had kidney stones the chances of getting another one are much higher.
Avatar n tn I have been reading many message boards and feel am self educated about kidney stones by my own body. Each kidney stone is unique in severity of pain. The bigger ones don't always have bigger pain. The largest I have passed was5 ml. I just dont know what to do anymore. Im tired of passing them, tired of being in pain, tired of missing work and could be in danger of loosing my job. The painkillers are great , but takes a day or so to get back into functioning mode after taking them.
Avatar m tn First off, many of the herbs and supplements suggested for kidney stones, at best, may aid in urine flow to some degree, but there is no plant or vitamin that can MELT kidney stones, because all stones are made with varying amounts of CALCIUM, which cannot be dissolved without risking losing other things made of calcium such as bones and teeth! Only Uric acid stones have the least amount of calcium content and therefore CAN be reduced in size through medication.
Avatar f tn I know how you feel, although I haven't had spasms everyday, I have experienced them on occasion. It is worse than kidney stones. Undescribible pain!! It could be a number of things. Your kidney could be floating, you could have hydronephrosis, your renal artery could be obstructed and the blood supply is cut off intermittantly, and of coarse the old kidney stone is a possiblity. You really need some test done to see what is going on. I know how hard it is to find a good urologist.
Avatar m tn I heard that both juices were supposed to be good, but that orange juice was actually the better of the two. But lemonaid was what the dr. recommended. After a year on the kidney stone anti-diet, I had more kidney stones. Told the dr. I had not had any tea, chocolate, collard greens, salad, almonds, beets, etc, etc, drank a gallon of water a day along with the lemonaid. What else could I do, doc.? He said, "We really don't know what causes kidney stones to form.
Avatar m tn It can also be due to other things like cystitis, and kidney stone or polyp in the bladder. You would feel the kidney stone but maybe it is a precursor to it coming through. So there are lots of reasons for blood in the urine. Do you actually see the blood in the urine or did the urinalysis show a few red blood cells. If a few red blood cells that isn't anything to worry about. If a large amount seen on the urinalysis, then it could be a problem.
Avatar f tn Ever since the issue with the Kidney stones I have had some issues with my kidneys, the stones did pass naturally. I am now 24 weeks pregnant, and experiancing intense pain in my right flank. I had a diagnostic ultrasound done on my kidney and they didnt find anything abnormal. I was told that I had a simple Kidney infection and was put on Bactrim antibiotic and Vicoden for the pain. It has been a month since that last problem, and I did finish all my antibiotics.
Avatar f tn I am a 45 yr old woman who has had a bout of kidney stones once before. My father was also a sufferer of kidney stones. I can remember hearing him crying i the bathroom and then coming out with crystals in a tea strainer when I was a kid. I now fully understand what made him cry. Alomst two months ago I developed some back pain that kind of wrapped around my sides and under my right rib cage.
Avatar n tn Recently I've been wondering if there is some occassional liver swelling that causes problems in that area. I've had a few enzyme tests and they have been normal. I wonder if gallbladder can "hide" from tests at times. Is this too low for gallbladder? If it was gallbladder would meds cause pain? Any possibilities outside of gallbladder or liver? Why would a med cause pain? After 2 yrs could pain ever = emergency?
Avatar n tn I have a history of kidney stones and basicly try to eat right and all to advoid having them and only have been able to go see a doc about that when they do flare up about every 4 years at an ER. I have been searching online and this is the 1st place that anyone has even hinted at the 3 periods a month is "normal" for being in a menopausal stage.
Avatar f tn My daughter is a cosmetologist and she told me the topo causes the hair follicles to close. What has fallen out, wont grow back, but the hair loss should stop when you discontinue the drug. The Topo really messed up my cycle too. I think my adrenals took a hard hit from just two weeks on the drug. For me it was not worth it. I was stupid, depressed and started having panic attacks on it. I would loose blocks of time. Huge blocks.
Avatar n tn A cystoscopy would be a comprehensive procedure to evaluate the bladder and urethra, however given your son's age, I think that the yield would be low. Infection, trauma, exercise, kidney disease as well as unexplained causes are all potential etiologies. If the cystoscopy is negative, I would suggest a kidney ultrasound for further evaluation.
999101 tn?1249893787 I sent 2 e-mails. OK you state you are diabetic, did you know the two most common causes of Kidney Disease are 1) Diabetes 1) HBP???? It is called "Diabetic Kidney Disease". Most Kidney Diseases attack the nephrons causing them to loose their filtering capacity. Damage to the nephrons can happen very fastly often due to posioning (even OTC meds) or trauma. But thegood news for you is... most Kidney Diseases destroy the nephrons SLOWLY and silently.
Avatar m tn As I understand, Flomax is off-label for use in women to help passage of kidney stones by smoothing the muscles of the ureter, etc. I know exactly how you feel ... A 3.0mm stone has a high chance to pass on it's own, but the waiting is the hardest part. You've gotten terrific advice above.
Avatar m tn So according to test results, I have no kidney infection and no kidney stones because according to my doctor, kidney stones will show some trace of blood in my detailed urine exam. Also note that during the episode of my back/kidney ache, my chest pain was very little to almost gone. Although they came back a little bit but not to the point that i would go crazy.
Avatar n tn Tomatoes and spinach have higher amounts of oxalates and can increase the risk of developing kidney stones. Kidney stones can become serious if not treated adequately at the right time, as they can cause obstruction to urine outflow resulting in kidney damage, injury to the ureters resulting in blood in urine and frequent infections. Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
Avatar m tn I a healthy 32 yr old male, who has a history of kidney stones and based on CT scan (without contrast) and an ultrasound over the last 3 weeks, the doctor could see the presence of a kidney stone in the bottom portion of my left kidney. I was/do have also having a heaviness on my left side. Over the last 3 weeks, 3 different days, I have also visibly seen blood in my urine (usually a darker/tea-like color). I have an MRI (with contrast) scheduled for tomorrow, and then a cystoscopy on Monday.
538697 tn?1218415082 Some individuals are more at risk of developing kidney stones. This could be due to underlying genetic causes, metabolic disorders, or lifestyle habits. It is possible that some changes in your lifestyle could help avoid or reduce the incidence of kidney stones. These include Drinking plenty of fluids - in excess of 2000 ml per day. Increasing intake of natural sources of calcium. Avoiding medications or supplements that increase risk of kidney stones.
Avatar f tn Urologist know what really causes calcium stones but if they told you they would lose 85 % of their business. So i am going to tell you. I've had stones for years and changed my diet and changed lifestyle to no success. I Started documenting when the bouts would begin. After 2 laser surgeries to break stones up (which is straight agony) I have finally found that your drinking water, REPEAT your drinking water is the cause of Calcium stones.
Avatar n tn i have had gross hematura for many months, right flank and back pain, no infection, per several cultures, an ultrasound this week did not show any tumor, mass or stones. can anyone suggest what may be wrong? the pain in flank and back is constant, then every few weeks i will develop a burning in the bladder area and urines turns very dark for days, then urine clears up and pain in bladder goes away, but flank and back pain stays constant. can anyone give suggestions?
Avatar f tn Im a 32 yo otherwise healthy woman with a history of kidney stones, kidney infections and uti's. Ive had stones since the age of 18 and up until about 4 years ago i would only get them once or twice a year and they were always small enough to pass. At 28 i had my first stone that needed lithotripsy. Since then they've become much more frequent. This last 10 mos it has been at its absolute worst though.