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Avatar n tn my 7yro daughter started having an itchy scalp w/ a rash behind her ears & on the back of her neck. This has been going on for 3 days; we recently changed shampoos and we believe that this may be the problem. I have been bathing her in baking soda baths & baby shampoo w/ multiple rinsing, 12.5mg of Benadryl PRN and Hydrocortizone Creme @ hs & in the a.m. The rash has lessened, but, still itching & the rash is milder, but, still there.
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks pregnant and developed an itchy rash on the back of my neck, scalp and around my ears. It doesn't go above my ears or below my neck. I haven't changed any soaps,shampoos, detergents, I haven't been around any poison or don't think I have came in contact with anything. I have no idea what to do. Help!
Avatar n tn My daughter (13) has an itchy neck and scalp. On the back of her neck, under her long hair, is an area with small red bumps. These bumps have persisted for several months, without change. Changing shampoos has not seemed to help. There are no signs of flakiness or redness on he scalp. The itchiness is intermittent, but moderate in severity. We are currently trying a cortisone cream on the back of the neck. Any ideas on how to treat this?
Avatar n tn i have had a itchy scalp for 2 months and now i have a rash on back of neck and is itchy.i just went to my doctor today and she said i had head lice WRONG!!! if i had head lice i would be infested with them and so wouldn't my family.i have tried t-gel,head and shoulders,scalpacin and taking benadryl.i do have a little bit of dandruff and the tops of my ears itch.
Avatar m tn I've had a rash appear after about 3 weeks post exposure (or at least that is when I first noticed it) on my scalp (back of my neck, just above where the hairline starts). It covers maybe 3-4 inches but doesn't come lower then my hairline. On top of that, I've had very swollen tonsils. 1) Is this something you would expect to be related to ars? 2) Odd question, but we actually fell asleep mid-way for about 10 min where I stayed inside her.
Avatar f tn I have developed a rash on the back of my neck and lower part of the scalp there. The rash is painful to the touch, like a burning feeling if i touch it. It is raw and i cant find no reason for it. I have changed my beddings and washed my hair which seems to relieve the pain but only temporarily. Any suggestions.
Avatar m tn I have been having a kind of non itchy rash/pimple on the back of my scalp just little above the neck for the last 2.5 months. The rash/pimple keep coming when the current ones are dried up. Can this be related to HIV? Please advise.
Avatar f tn Not sure why your neck would be itchy unless it's near your scalp/hairline? If so, I started getting this all of a sudden about 3 years ago. I think the doctor called it Seborrheic Dermatitis (a severe type of dandruff). I tried everything (before going to the dermatologist) to get rid of it but I had bad itching, flaking, peeling, and even a little bleeding on my scalp.
Avatar n tn The second worked, she has been feeling fine since other than her non stop itching. She itches on the face, scalp, neck, legs, and arms. She has tried benadryls, calming lotions, and herbal suppliments. Nothing has helped. Tonight i found about 5 unexplained cuts all over her scalp. Im not sure if she should be checked out or if i am over reacting. She is currently taking baclofen and diazopine. Please help me out. She would really appreciate it!
Avatar f tn During that time, another patch started on my scalp just above my hairline(in my hair)on my dorsal neck. This patch is what is bothering me now. It is spreading, has been intensely itchy, it is wet sometimes, like it is weeping and there are large flakes of skin that slough off daily. Sometimes it bleeds a tiny bit. The area seems raised from the rest of scalp. I also think it is important to note, it has a foul odor. It is litterally driving me insane.
Avatar m tn not that long. My eyes are also irritated and itchy which has happend since i got this rash and ive had neck ache..and back ache which ive had for a few years (doctor said that was because of posture) i just feel like my lifes over already if i have maggots inside me. i'm going doctors asap but im really scared and want to know what is going on.
Avatar f tn I've tried using moisturizing treatments and sticking with one shampoo/conditioner. Nothing seems to help. Lately, I have noticed that the back of my neck is itchy, now my breasts, the center of my check and my stomach also itch. I don't have any apparent rash or hives. The only thing I have noticed are a few small red dots on my arm or chest that I scratch and pick off.
Avatar n tn I have been to the dermatologist, had skin tests done etc. The rash is tiny itchy red bumps, only on my face. They seem to have clear fluid inside, but are very tiny. They sort of rise to the surface a bit red, they itch, then when I scratch them, the fluid comes out and they sort of go away. THe doctor said they are not hives and that it is a contact dermatitis. I am only using products I know I am not sensitive to from the patch tests that were done.
Avatar f tn at night time or when he is irratated/crying. It started on the neck and has spread to the side of the scalp and now is on his forehead. I also noticed that he has a small lump on the back of his ear and one on his head. I have taken him to his ped. but he told me that it's a rash, to apply cortozone and wash his head with Senson Blue. I have done both and neither one seems to help for an extensive amount of time. His itching is so intense that it's disturbing his sleep.
Avatar m tn Over the past couple of days my scalp has been flaking more than usual. But over the past day or two, my scalp and the back of my neck and my tops of my shoulders feel like it's gotten a light sunburn, but I haven't been out in the sun. I also noticed that the back of my scalp is red in a very splotchy (medical term...I know) fashion. Could this just be stress? I've been under alot lately...or is this actually something?
Avatar n tn For the past few weeks I have been having a very itchy scalp, and it tends to spread to the back of my ears, neck, arms, and hands. Becuase of my itiching, there is now red spots in those areas except my head and ears. They are beginging to fade but I was wondering is it a rash or allergic reaction? I dont have lice but once in a while I have dandriff problems. But if it is dandriff, wouldnt it just affect my head and shoulders?
Avatar n tn elbows knees lower back hairline back of the neck shoulders buttocks and scalp The rash is usually the same size and shape on both sides of the body and often comes and goes. Before a full outbreak of the rash, you may feel the skin in a rash-prone area burn or itch. Bumps that look like pimples filled with clear liquid start to form. These are quickly scratched off. The bumps heal within a few days and leave a purple mark that lasts for weeks.
1757401 tn?1312692080 A few days ago, my scalp, back of neck, and now my pubic area has become extremely itchy. Everyone in my family has checked my head, but they don't see any nits or lice. My neck has become red in spots I itched it. Cortaid doesn't work, neither does gold bond cream. I could have gotten something when I went to Panama two weeks ago and was in close contact with children there. I was wondering what this could be so I could treat it right away.
Avatar f tn It started out as a red oval shape under my breast and I thought it was from my swimsuit that I was wearing but it became very itchy then a week later my scalp became very itchy and it would become scabby from itching it so much and then I started to get little itchy bumps on my stomach and side and so I went to a pharmacist and he said it was a fungal thing, so he gave me steroid creme which didn't help the itchyness or redness then I went to the doctor and same thing he said it was a fungal r
Avatar n tn red raised itchy welts, blotchy area on inner arm from elbow to arm pit and inner groin lasts a day to a couple
Avatar n tn I discoverd a couple of days ago a red rash on my neck. It itches like crazy. The back of my neck, around my hair line, has been itching for months. I have always just assumed it was dry skin, or my scalp was dry. There are like 6 different spots on my neck. I am wondering if it is Psoriasis? If anyone has any information, its greatly appriciated.
Avatar n tn Looking at me, it doesn't look like anything is wrong, although the itching is unbearable and I'm constantly scratching. The itchy part is around my eyes, temple, forehead and small part of the scalp - all connected, on the left side of my face and hasn't spread to any other area or gotten bigger. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate your help. Have a wonderful day!
Avatar n tn Since that day, i have never applied anything on my hair, but after 5 months, now again my scalp has become itchy and there are some raised itchy spots on my scalp as well as my neck, behind my ears and inside and on my back and these are appearing and disappearing. I am allergic to alcohol. After consuming alcohol my palms and foot soles itch profusely and if i continue to drink, the tiny itchy spots under the skin would start to grow and be filled with liquid.
1186479 tn?1264454109 I have rash itchy skin in the back neck and scalp at end of my head hair, rush are red small dot. I am using medication shampoo "Politer AF" every day, and also I try to use Zinc on these dots but nothing help. I clean the area every day with rubbing alcohol but still this rush sprat from one place to other. please any help.
Avatar m tn it is mainly on my ancles and shins and thighs, but once in awhile attack my arms back of neck. please help it is driving me insane.
Avatar n tn its almost 4am. i can't sleep due to the intense itchy from that red patch of rash on my face.. neck.. this rash started as a small, dime sized irritation just below left side of my mouth 8 years ago.. it started as some kind of itch, burning sensation. i scratched it and it turned to a dime sized red rash patch. it would then go away... only to reappear weeks or months later. 2 years ago, this rash became bigger... it started out as itchiness, accompanied by a little burning sensation..
Avatar f tn My daughter had a baby this week and the day after baby's birth she developed an itchy rash of red bumps on the back of her upper thighs and buttocks, with one thigh having raised welts like hives. I gave her some Claritin which helped the raised welts go down, but the rash is still present. Switched her to Zyrtec after reading about it here, and will try some other remedies mentioned here too. She is soaking in an Epsom Salt bath now, and will try the sea salt bath too.
Avatar f tn I am experiencing a similar issue. I noticed a rash breaking out on my hand yesterday, it stings a bit and is very itchy, there are now dark blue almost black bruises within this rash and my hand is swelling. It is so weird, I work in a hospital and nobody had any idea as to what it was.