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Avatar f tn In December I developed a rash - if it is a rash, more of a red mark - shaped like a literal love heart. It is located on the inside of my elbow (inner arm at the joint) and sometimes fades. It usually turns darker (redder) when I exercise - not raised, not itchy. Just an unusual mark!! Does anyone know what this is, and should I be worried? The only symptom I had when I first got the rash was a lot of stress.
Avatar f tn In December I developed a rash - if it is a rash, more of a red mark - shaped like a literal love heart. It is located on the inside of my elbow (inner arm at the joint) and sometimes fades. It usually turns darker (redder) when I exercise - not raised, not itchy. Just an unusual mark!! Does anyone know what this is, and should I be worried? The only symptom I had when I first got the rash was a lot of stress.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am 16 and from about early-mid april of this year ive had a really itchy rash on the inside of my elbow and on the backs of my knees. i figured going through GCSE exams it is stress related but 2 months after the exams finished i still have it. It is not as bad as what it was before but it is still really annoying. Early on when i had it was really itchy, broken skin and was weeping a clear fluid and blood sometimes.
Avatar n tn i first found one on my right forearm, and, as this faded, one in the exact same spot on my left forearm appeared. then i found one on the inside of my right elbow; as this faded, one on the inside of my left elbow appeared. the same now happens with ones on the insides of my calves, and on the insides of my thighs. although they began to appear individually, i am now noticing small clusters of them - at the moment, i have four on my right forearm within about three centimetres of each other.
Avatar m tn They have increased in number and a week after them appearing on my left elbow they have appeared on my right elbow too. Now there are many skin coloured lumps clustered all over this area, with a lot red and itchy and sore as a result of me scratching them. I noticed that the area was weeping and crusting over with a yellow residue last week but this no longer happens.
Avatar f tn Last Wednesday (20th), she began to complain that she was itchy. Friday a rash showed up on her torso, under her armpits, only on her sides down her ribcage. Nothing has gotten the rash to go away. We have washed everything repeatedly, soaked her in epsom salt, oatmeal, and baking soda baths (not all at the same time). Her pediatrician gave her two rounds of antibiotics. We even gave her Benadryl.
Avatar n tn The rash is elevated, red, not painful and it would seem winter is when it acts up. Its usually gone by summer time. I also get the same rash behind my right ear. I've been using betamethasone on both my elbow rash and behind right ear rash on it and it's clearing up now. I can't for the life of me figure out what I might be allergic to.
Avatar m tn about 2 months ago i had a small red rash inside (both) of my elbow creases. i didn't really worry about it because it wasnt that bad for me to care. but it slowly started spreading. it wasnt itchy but got really dry and scaly if not mosturized. recently about 2 weeks ago i tried a corticosteriod cream which cleared up the rash but instead gave me tons of bumps around the rash area. ( i think it was an allergic reacation) i stopped using the cream and now i'm dealing with 2 problems.
Avatar f tn 4 days later my arms were tingling a lot and at 10 days i was bed bound for a week with diarrhea and swollen glands, my skin went spotty and puffy and i had a rash on my arms including some weird bubble inside my elbow. I tested negative for mono. After i started feeling better, maybe 3 weeks i was sat and my face went totally purple out of nowhere, then never again. Since then i have always had some sort of discomfort in my groin and under arms but no swelling which is odd.
Avatar n tn s say if I lie down on my side and bend my arm to hold my head, the inside of the elbow becomes damp and the rash and itchiness appear. I have tried many different body wash, several deodorants, calamine lotion and nothing seems to make a permanent difference.
Avatar f tn I've been struggling with a red itchy rash under both underarms and my inner elbow for 9 months now. I use an clear and free detergent, mild soap, all natural deodorant etc. My doctor put me on a steroid oral medication and it took it away for about 3 weeks, but then it returned with a vengeance. I have been back several times and even went to the dermatologist and he prescribed a steroid cream. I use it consistently but when I stop, within a few days its back.
Avatar f tn Then about 2 days ago, I started getting two different kind of bumps on my wrist, the inside of my elbow and my upper inside arm. Some clusters are small, pimple like, very sore bumps, and the others are constellation like larger bumps with no head, about the size of dimes, also very sore to the touch. When I woke up this morning, my muscles were sore in that arm, all the way up to my shoulder.
Avatar m tn The bicep bumps are all distinct bumps NOT creating a continuous rash. They are the same bumps, but the elbow bumps are the only ones that form a distinct ring. I have looked at pictures of other skin diseases and found nothing similar (including tapeworm). When it first developed it was extremely itchy but now (2 months later) it is not itchy at all. I have not noticed any other rashanywhere else, nor have I seen any more spreading since the inital move from bicep to elbow.
Avatar m tn My symptoms are exactly the same as Moonsie in a previous post. I have tried many treatments prescribed by my GP and my Dermatologist to no avail. Any news on this condition? Any suggestions? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dermatology/Itchy-rash-moving-to-new-sections-of-body/show/1508237">Itchy rash moving to new sections of body</a>.
Avatar f tn There is a itchy rash at my inner elbow crease its so itchy! I havent see a doctor yet though. Anyone tell me pls what is it..
Avatar f tn For the past couple of months it was really itchy and the rash would spread from hand to elbow to neck and back all this time I never had any other symptoms. It would go away in 2 weeks and come back in 4 weeks. Can you please tell me if this is a hiv rash?
Avatar n tn Last summer I developed its red hands and inside fingers blisters . Once they pop from scratching so much they really become itchy and raw. This summer it started up again. Went through the cycle with hands? It went to my right arm in the crease of elbow. Got a steroid shot. Thought it was going away? Now it's on both arms! Ugg!!!!!
Avatar m tn i have had a rash that consists of itchy bumps on the front of my elbow and appear to be in two lines of four each...i have been using benadryl cream and spray regularly which provides nominal relief but the rash persists for now 3 weeks...any suggestions for clearing it up?
Avatar f tn About 2 days ago my arm started getting really itchy and i noticed so bumps on my arm near my elbow and it seemed to get itcher then noticed it on my other arm my legs feet and chest it looks like litte bug bites but their not always itchy but when they itch it seems like their never gonna stop i recently got over a virual infection of some sort do u think this has to do with the infection
4284790 tn?1359164578 I posted this question yesterday but didn't get specify enough so I am re-posting. I have a series of small bumps on my forearm that are not itchy, flesh coloured, a little pearly looking?, and dry-looking. They HAVE NOT, as I've said, itched, been painful, or grown in size. They go up to the inside of my upper arm, there are only 6, they look like bug bites but are not, again, itchy. The one on the inside of my muscle and on the inside of my elbow look like a rash.
Avatar n tn Nummular eczema as the name implies may present with round and coinlike rash. The rash may be wet and itchy. A fungal infection may also resent with a red rash and itchiness. A psoriasis may not necessarily present with scales. A specific type of psoriasis usually involves skin folds and they may present as a red rash devoid of scales. A complete physical examination will be able to help.
Avatar n tn I have had no symptoms other than small pimple like rash develop on the inside of my elbow and forearm, and tops of feet. They have been there, come and go, for about 3 weeks, and they began sometime a few weeks after exposure. The time frame for exposure to symptoms is consistent with possible hiv exposure and subsequent ars symptoms. Any thoughts on ars rashes expressing itself with my description?
Avatar m tn my daughter has a horrible skin rash on the top of her foot, and right on the bone of her elbow - it is super itchy and unfortunately she scratches it to the point of bleeding. We have tried every manner of cortizone's, antibiotics, bleach baths, etc all recommended by her pediatrician and a dermatologist but nothing is curing it. One Dr says it eczema one says its impetigo but so far no treatment works. It does not look like classic eczema as her skin is just not dry?
Avatar m tn I have a rash on my left arm. It is like a red patch on the inside of my elbow. It has been there for almost 12 days. Is this ARS rash? it is flat and red !
Avatar m tn Its red, blotchey looking and on the inside of my ankles, down the inside of the soles of my feet, inside of my arms at the elbow, inside thighs and some on buttocks. My face seems red, very warm and a little blotchey. The itch is not so bad. No blisters. It does appear to look like photos of Pustules I have seen on line. I would like to know how to tell the difference in Incivik rash and Riba rash?
Avatar n tn Im getting these raised bumps on the side of my elbow that itch really bad. One of the bumps has a bumps has a black center which could just be the hair follicle. My legs itch and around my knees have been itching and developing bumps that have went away, but the ones on my elbow are getting bad. I also have two bumps on my hand now that itches. I have been using cortizone cream but it only helps for awhile.
Avatar m tn Small chain of raised bumps appeared on outer elbow a few weeks ago and am not sure what exactly the problem is. They are not very itchy, but definitely an irritation. Have tried anti-fungal creme, but has not helped.