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Avatar m tn i have more than usual pubic hair and i think the hair is making me itch. ive tried to trim the hair and it just makes it more itchy. i also have dry skin as well and i dont know if that has anything to do with it.
Avatar f tn s healing I was being stupid and started scratching my pubic area. The pubic area is red and itchy I have one bigger soar on the top edge of pubic hair and there are very tiny ones as well. I went to the doctor to check the knee and prescribed herpes medicine but she doesn't really know what it is as of now she took swabs of knee.
Avatar f tn Hey! I'm a beauty therapist and we get this all the time, it's more than likely shaving rash/ingrown hairs. Shaving rash is more of a redness on the skin and ingrown hairs just look like a typical spot. We always say to pop the spot only if it has a white head, and u should find a hair poking out, just pull it with tweezers, it's pretty hard to get a good look at ur own bikini area. Having sex on the same day as shaving could also irritate the area from the friction.
Avatar n tn I have noticed red marks on the skin just above my pubic hair. They are smooth and not raised from the surface, and aren't itchy or sore. It also continues underneath the hair, although it is not as noticable. I don't think it can be anything related to sex, as I haven't had sex in months, and the condition has only appeared recently. I do, however, trim my hair and shave around the edges to keep it tidy - could this be causing it? I can't think of anything else.
Avatar m tn hi, I am freaking out because I have been having sex with a Russian girl for the past 5 days and now I am noticing an itchy rash in my pubic hair and a couple red dots as far up as just above my pubic hair. There is also some redness and irritation on the bottom of my penis near the scrotom. Also the lymph node to the left and right of my pubic hair is sore if I press on them.
Avatar m tn Herpes is always a consideration for red bumps on the penis, but is not a likely explanation of involvement in the pubic hair area and does not cause diffuse, itchy rash of the thighs, buttocks, or anywhere else. Conceivably more than one thing is going on, but that's unlikely. Aside from folliculitis, other superficial infections (jock itch, a rash called erythrasma, and others) are possible.
Avatar n tn I bought a new soap for that it might be the problem but the rash is near my pubic hair, i waxed and it also made a rash but i think its the SOAP that made it, im not 100% sure... theres no PUSS on pubic hair, its just ITCHY and RED.... i have acne on my back but i dont think herpes go on the back lmfao. The TIP of my penis is a bit red, doesnt itch or hurt when i pee, ONLY A BIT SOMETIMES... NOT CRAZY HARSH PAINS. the itch at my pubic hairs goes away sometimes when i sit down...
Avatar m tn It was a light red color and felt slightly tender. Four days later, while I was in the woods, my pubic hair area felt itchy. When I examined it, I found a bunch of little red bumps with whiteheads that would pop easily. These little dots were just about everywhere my pubic hair grows, but there were none my actual penis. Today is two weeks from the initial date I noticed the original red dots, and there are still some itchy red dots in different spots, but they don't look quite so bad.
Avatar n tn i have rashes that started from my pubic hair area and is like all over my laps and breast.
Avatar f tn It likely is just a rash from trimming. Be sure to keep the area clean, and if it doesn't go away or starts getting worse, get to a doc to have them take a look.
Avatar f tn My pubic hair area gets itchy as well. There is no inflamation on my glans nor scrotum. When the rash goes away, i take care to continue washing and moisturizing the area but they soon appear again. The inflamation on the outrr areas of my jock itch looks like raised red rash. It doesnt fill with pus like the one on my foreskin. When the clean cycle comes, the penis rash disappears completely and the jock itch almost goes away as well. The itchyness feels hot and burns unbearably.
1580591 tn?1296445333 I am a 15 years old Boy that have a rash\or allergies in my genital area its start when my pubic hair grow and got a itchy brownish dot in my right side of my genital area then i shave my pubic hair and use Dr.
Avatar n tn In November 2008, I had a rash in my pubic hair region and the folds of my legs that the doctor said was folliculitis. It took about 1.5 months to finally clear up. This rash appeared right after a sexual encounter. My new rash is only in the pubic hair region. It was itchy, and looked like all those herpes pictures I saw on the internet. My last sexual encounter was approximately 3 weeks prior to the rash starting. I have had the rash for 11 days now and it appears to be healing now. .
Avatar m tn When Exactly does your pubic area start to itch when you shave your pubic hair? If I keep shaving my pubic hair before it starts to grow back will that prevent it from itching? Please answer quickly. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have found a pimple like bump in my pubic hair region. I have done some reading and it seems as though herpes is more of a rash with multiple bumps. Is this correct? Because this is one single bump and it doesnt itch nor does it burn. I often times trim my pubic hair and have even shaved it before. Is it possible that this is an ingrown hair of some sort?
Avatar f tn The next day I woke up with a VERY itchy rash. The rash has not fully gone away and continues to itch off and on. Is it a razor rash, in grown hair or what? Does any one have any suggestions on what to do for it?
Avatar m tn They are flat and almost seem like a razor knick would, nothing inside, nothing to pop. There are none on my penis shaft, scrotum etc... Just in my pubic hair area and the few on my lower stomach.They have been there now for about 6 weeks. One day I noticed a couple little spots, then the next day there were more, but since then nothing has changed at all. I have had only one partner for 15 years. Nothing with anyone else. I have read some places that things can be passed by towels.
Avatar n tn I scratched it and suddenly in a matter of minutes my entire pubic area (just the pubic bone there are no bumps or sores around my genitals) seemed covered with these itchy raised red bumps like hives. Today-5 days later the bumps are starting to scab over but they're still slightly itchy and become deeper red/blue/brown and bumpy/raised after a hot shower. Since the sores are scabbing and they are slightly less itchy do you think I'm healing?
Avatar m tn 2 Nights ago had a long crazy night of sex with my GF, yesterday I noticed a couple bumps in my pubic hair region and they were rather itchy. This morning I woke up and it appears to have spread a little more (not on my penis or testicles) just in the area from the base of my shaft up to my stomach. They are itchy and feel raw to the touch. There is no pain in my urination or penis nor any signs of discharge. She mentioned today that she thinks she might have a small UTI.
Avatar m tn What has me concerned is I have scene tiny white specs very far few and in between in the pubic hairs , however they shake off and come off very easy so im wondering if this is dry skin. They say the eggs of lice attach to the pubic hair and you have to slide them across the hair follicle and they dont just wipe off . I went to the dr after trimming the pubic hair and he said he didnt see anything he thought it was jock itch. I do see white specs from time to time but they come right off.
1461055 tn?1285815147 t seem like i have crabs, but it is itchy and irritating sometimes. it is red right by the hair and it kind of looks like a pimple. help?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have developed a rash which has grown slowly over the last 3 weeks it has begun in my happy trail and has deseminated to some areas covered by pubic hair and the shaft of my penis a couple but not a lot. It is mostly concentrated in the prepubic region. A picture of it can be seen here http://imgur.
Avatar m tn About a week or two ago i developed a red itchy speckled sort of rash in the hair line of the pubic area. It does get quite itchy in hot weather and whenever i tend to sweat there. I was just wondering if you had any ideas of what this could be and what I could do to treat it successfully?
Avatar n tn s the pubic area as opposed to my actual genitles). Then over the next few days the rest of the pubic area became itchy and extremely flakey with dry skin. The carpet burn like sore began to heal but then I'd scratch without knowing and flare it up again. The sore is almost gone now, and even though the itchiness/dry skin comes and goes from day to day, the area is still far itchier/has more dry skin, than before this first happened two months ago.
Avatar m tn It is very weird but I have been shaving my whole pubic area for many years but recently stopped. As my hair got longer above my penis it became itchy. The itchiness went on throughout the day so I shaved and the itch stopped. Well a couple of weeks later the hair began to grow longer again the itch started back. I did not shave and the itch would be bothersome during the day off and on. This went on for 5 days, then I shaved and the itch immediately stopped.
Avatar m tn greetings, from three weeks ago i was taking my bath i felt a burning sensation and a small itchy feeling between my thigh on my inner thigh nead the pubic hear so i was looking closely i saw red rash, on both so i removed the hair to used a medicine and becoz there is no doctors arround specially that i am away from home and i am in africa, i used for one week flamisyle it didn;t work i started to see some of these bumps that the color is red and when they heel they peel from center it is not