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Avatar n tn While having pretty rough protected sex with a woman who had short trimmed pubic hair, I felt her pubic hair pinching or poking my skin on my pubic area. Since then I've had an itchy rash in that region similar to small ant bites throughout that area for approx 4-5 days. It has been slowly getting better. My first thought was that I had contracted an STD, but I keep remembering the sensation of her pubic hair on my skin and keep thinking that it was just her hair.
Avatar n tn I have noticed red marks on the skin just above my pubic hair. They are smooth and not raised from the surface, and aren't itchy or sore. It also continues underneath the hair, although it is not as noticable. I don't think it can be anything related to sex, as I haven't had sex in months, and the condition has only appeared recently. I do, however, trim my hair and shave around the edges to keep it tidy - could this be causing it? I can't think of anything else.
Avatar m tn it healed and we went on, about 2 weeks ago he complained about something odd going on down there, he was itchy all through out his pubic hair. he doesnt shave, so he trimmed to find a wide spread coverage ( up down and left to right) red pimple type bumps/rash. they have been hanging around for two weeks. he is covered literally from an inch below his naval to the base of his penis and left to right. is this is a second herpes outbreak?
Avatar m tn When Exactly does your pubic area start to itch when you shave your pubic hair? If I keep shaving my pubic hair before it starts to grow back will that prevent it from itching? Please answer quickly. Thanks!
Avatar m tn It is very weird but I have been shaving my whole pubic area for many years but recently stopped. As my hair got longer above my penis it became itchy. The itchiness went on throughout the day so I shaved and the itch stopped. Well a couple of weeks later the hair began to grow longer again the itch started back. I did not shave and the itch would be bothersome during the day off and on. This went on for 5 days, then I shaved and the itch immediately stopped.
Avatar n tn I stopped and went to bed and woke up to find what I can only describe as a carpet burn like mark from all the scratching (just above my penis - it's the pubic area as opposed to my actual genitles). Then over the next few days the rest of the pubic area became itchy and extremely flakey with dry skin. The carpet burn like sore began to heal but then I'd scratch without knowing and flare it up again.
Avatar m tn About a week after having sex with a new partner, I have an area near the base of my penis with a rash. It is in the hair follicles, with red bumps, some of which have small heads on them, like an ingrown hair. They are somewhat painful/itchy. My question is should I be concerned and see a doctor or is this more likely heat rash etc?
Avatar n tn About a month or more ago, I've noticed discoloration just above the pubic hair region, generally the spots look almost as if they were birth marks and are just slightly visible, sometimes they apear to be a bit dry and seem to occasionally be slightly flaky, they're not very often itchy but sometimes itching occurs. the closest they get to my actuall genitals is just about an inch from the base of the penis, and right on the sides of where the scrotum starts...
Avatar m tn They are flat and almost seem like a razor knick would, nothing inside, nothing to pop. There are none on my penis shaft, scrotum etc... Just in my pubic hair area and the few on my lower stomach.They have been there now for about 6 weeks. One day I noticed a couple little spots, then the next day there were more, but since then nothing has changed at all. I have had only one partner for 15 years. Nothing with anyone else. I have read some places that things can be passed by towels.
Avatar m tn We were both drunk and i did have a condom on but somehow came off and i didnt realise due to been no light. This evening i have had a bath and noticed a red rash in the pubic area and am quite worried what it could be. Ive had a search trying to find out what it could be but am finding it difficult, and i know anyway whatever i read on the internet i wont have a definate answer without seeing a doctor.
Avatar f tn I'm 14, and about a week ago I shaved my pubic hair, but not fully - just to clean it up. Ever since then I have had an unbearable itch around my labia/pubic area, which is embarrassing when I'm at school or out with my friends. What can I do to soothe or stop this itch?
Avatar n tn hi A while back i shaved the base of my penis to rid of growing hair i think it was after this when the hair grew back spots it seems only at the base of the penis came and has spreaded only where my pubic hair is and seems only at the roots of my pubic hairs what is this is it a rash, spots etc.
Avatar m tn I used the cream once and it did nothing to help the itchy and tender pubic hair area. I have taken 1/3 of the pills so far with no positive changes. Can anyone help? Also, am I allowed to post a picture? I feel like this would help.
Avatar m tn It was a light red color and felt slightly tender. Four days later, while I was in the woods, my pubic hair area felt itchy. When I examined it, I found a bunch of little red bumps with whiteheads that would pop easily. These little dots were just about everywhere my pubic hair grows, but there were none my actual penis. Today is two weeks from the initial date I noticed the original red dots, and there are still some itchy red dots in different spots, but they don't look quite so bad.
Avatar n tn At the time apart from the itch in my pubic hair the rash was spreading down my leg. This cream although hurt like hell to put on the first few times quickly got rid of the redness, sadly I cannot get rid of the pubic hair itch completely but this cream helps. Had the problem for about 18 months. So glad to see this page as I thought I was on my own!
Avatar m tn i'm not sure if its a rash reaction or something else,its actually my second time i had sex the first time was the day before(saturday)but nothing happen,i'm thinking that it was the rubbing of my pubic hair and hers,she did say that it hurt for a moment but for me it still hurts,she's been tested for std or any disease,so she's clean,and also i may think that the time had something to do with it,we were in the same position for 2 hours so i don't know if it has something to do thanks
Avatar n tn once a day, and even cut my pubic hair very short to better apply it for about 2 weeks (the hair has since grown back). Currently, I only have a rash under my pubic hair, around my penis. It is in small red patches and is somewhat itchy. There are no open sores, but I keep applying the cream and it does not appear to be going away.
Avatar n tn hi i have an extremely painful rash around my pubic region. it started when i shaved and knicked a bit of skin causing a scab. this eventually grew into a rash somehow. the scabs do not heal, they excrete a watery liquid that forms a yellow scab and gives off a slight smell. its so painful and burns and itchy. the sores are continously red raw and arent healing! help its driving me crazy not knowing what it is or how to treat it!
Avatar n tn i have rashes that started from my pubic hair area and is like all over my laps and breast.
Avatar n tn About two 1/2 weeks ago I developed a red itchy rash in the hair-line of my pubic area. The rash began by waking me up late one night and then seemed to appear by morning. The rash appeared light red or pink at first and then turned darker over a few days. At first it was about the size for a quarter and expanded to about 3 quarters in length within the hairline. It dose itch but not all the time and sweating dose appear to make it itch.
Avatar n tn One thing to add is that i have 2 pubic follicles at the base of the penis that have never produced hair that became inflamed around the same time. I am sexually active but always use a condom.
Avatar m tn greetings, from three weeks ago i was taking my bath i felt a burning sensation and a small itchy feeling between my thigh on my inner thigh nead the pubic hear so i was looking closely i saw red rash, on both so i removed the hair to used a medicine and becoz there is no doctors arround specially that i am away from home and i am in africa, i used for one week flamisyle it didn;t work i started to see some of these bumps that the color is red and when they heel they peel from center it is not
Avatar n tn You can also use a barrier cream with zinc oxide paste or a mild steroid cream like dermacort on the rash. If the bumps are itchy,you can take some antihistaminic like benadryl or Claritin. If the bumps persist then it will be best to get it evaluated from a dermatologist. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.
Avatar m tn I am a sexually active 19 year old, and two weeks ago i noticed an itchy red lump right in the hair above my penis. About a week ago it stopped itching and after shaving the hair off from above it there is brown scar-like tissue and a small bump beneath the skin.
Avatar m tn 1) a rash in my groin folds (been to several doctors and all have told me it was time cruris which makes sense) 2) same spot every few months I get irritated pubic hair follicles. It doesn't hurt until i move it or touch it. Feels like someone is pulling it.