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Avatar n tn I'm not sure what to put it under. But i've come out the bath, and noticed a rash on both sides of my stomach. Which is abit itchy. It's just randomly appeared. I've got completely no idea what it is. But the redness seems to appear more when i've had a bath. Anyone got any ideas?
Avatar f tn A large rash across my right shoulder, on my left breast and is starting to spread onto my stomach. It's really itchy and hurts a LOT!
738822 tn?1264912007 lol you're going to have to live with it. i had the ITCHIEST belly in the world!!! drove me nuts! i was constantly itching it so i started to read up online and it's actually a common occurance for women who are pregnant with multiples. not sure why...but yeah it happens a lot.
1742167 tn?1436475320 So I noticed a rash on my stomach this morning. It's not raised and so far doesn't really itch. (My stomach has been a little itchy from time to time for weeks - no change up or down on that due to the rash). The only thing I can find on-line is a PUPPS rash, but it's definitely not that, it isn't raised. It's more like my skin is just specled red - weird!
Avatar n tn I have had a rash on my lower stomach below my belly button for several months now.It is itchy at times but i have been using anti itch cream which only seems to help once in a while.It is light red and blotchy and is surrounded by what looks like goosebumps.What could it be?
Avatar f tn my daughter has had a rash starting on the hands and goes up the arms and stomach and chest. It is very itchy. She has been tested for food allergys, and everything came back negative. The doc gives her steroids and zyrtec. It starts to go away, then about 2 to 3 days after she is done with meds it starts itching severly again. She has had this going on for about 6 weeks now.
Avatar m tn Woke up at 7AM and rash was gone, got ready for work, cold today, so put on long johns. Now same rash on back of thighs, legs, around stomach and sides, extremely itchy, now has spread to ankles. Area around thighs is the worst very large bumps formed that were all attached together, some started bleeding from itching. Not sure what this is, just came of being ill with severe diarhea for 4 days and low grade temperature.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have an itchy skin rash that I've had for about a month and it is in random places on my body; the sides of my stomach, my back, thigh, butt, knee and now spreading to my genitals. Some of the bumps are big, some little, I even just noticed small bumps on 4 small bumps on my palm. I even took an std exam and everything came out negative, the HIV test is the only one I haven't gotten back yet.
Avatar n tn In just a couple days little tiny bumps have appeared and remained over my arms and legs and my back and stomach. When the rash began, I stopped the vitamins. I have noticed that during the day the itch is not as bad but at night the itch is worse and the bumps appear more read and full. I used some benedryl and cortisone cream one night before bed and I still fell asleep for about three hours and then woke from the itch and had to apply the cream again.
Avatar f tn I have an itchy rash that started under my arms and has spread to my back, neck, arms, and stomach. I went to dr and he gave me prednisone but today is the 10th day on it and the rash has not budged. I have not used a different soap shampoo or soap powder. I use ivory soap, borax soap powder (pure), and a scoriasis shampoo I have been using for a while without any problems. I did buy a comforter and the next morning I woke up itching but this has been going on for 2 wks now.
Avatar f tn But it has other associated signs and symptoms such as cough, runny nose, inflamed eyes, sore throat, fever and a red, blotchy skin rash. Hives or urticaria causes red and sometimes itchy rash on the body such as face, neck, trunk, arms, and legs and perhaps anywhere on the body. They are usually allergic (food, medication and insect stings) but may also be due to infections and stress. Many a times no specific cause for them is ever found.
Avatar n tn A couple days later I noticed this itchy rash on my inside forearm. IT looks like a scratch and under it looks like a circular raised red area. no nlisters or anything, just like hives or something. Then I noticed that a smaller one appeared on my side up near my breast. I thought that it was poison ivy or somthing so I started to put some ointment that my sons dr gave him a month ago on it.
Avatar m tn 16 year old boy complains of itchy neck, chest, and stomach...causes and remedies..
Avatar f tn I'm 37 weeks & 5 days and I have noticed that my body has become VERY itchy! Everything itches: my legs, arms, feet, stomach, boobs, fingers, toes, etc., and it drives me crazy! Anyone else have/had this problem? Suggestions on how to ease it, get rid of it, what it is? Please help!!
Avatar f tn I've been madly itchy, but not on my stomach at all...just everywhere else. Doesn't look like puppp for me due to that, but I have scratched my legs til they bleed. I use lotion every day so dunno why it's so bad. I know the air is getting drier with fall but dang.
Avatar f tn I have also heard that the skin around your stomach and breast can become itchy during pregnancy due to the skin stratching and the additional bloodflow your body experiences. Your doctor may be able to provide with something for relief. Good luck!
Avatar n tn hey i have these tiny red bumps on my stomach, in between my legs and medium sized ones under my bra and they itch like crazy any ides on what they could be
5649814 tn?1374832475 My stomach has been itching like crazy! Any ideas how to make it stop!? Scraching only makes it hurt!
676912 tn?1332816151 Yes! You totally describe me as well. Although I'm only itchy on my stomach and extremely itchy on my boobs, it drives me nuts when the itches attack me in public..ugh so stressful! What helps me is the Cocoa Butter cream I got at wal-mart, you should try it! It relieves the itches a little bit and it helps with preventing stretch marks caused by them. Although I'm already full of the stretch marks I still use it and it helps me most of the time!
676912 tn?1332816151 The top if my tummy is itchy a lot. And then it gets all red and ugly from me scratching but when I put lotion on it usually goes away. So I'd try the hydrocortisone first.